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Chapter 1: The Capture

Tails was astonished to find Sonic like this. Sonic kept nudging him with his nose. Sonic kept growling and jumping around with loud thumps to try to communicate with his friend. Tails was trying hard to understand what Sonic was saying but he couldn't understand growling noises or dragon language.

"He ended up as a dragon after we got hit by the lighting when we flew the plane." Tails thought carefully.

They crashed after their plane had been struck by lightning. They were flying the plane around to test how fast it can go and new gears that Tails added to it. After having a few stunts such as doing loops and diving, they decided to head home. On the way, it was very cloudy and dark. The smell of water came from the clouds. Thunder rumbled which left an echo after that. Flashes of lighting could be identified from all directions. The speed demon was at the head of the plane near the propellers. He observed his surroundings cautiously.

Suddenly a flash of lighting hit Sonic in the chest, electric flew through his body and he slowly collapsed to his knees while screaming in agony. Tails cried out as he tried to dive to escape from the lightning. The lightning stopped electrocuting him and leaving him unconscious. Due to the dive, Sonic fell off the plane and was plummeting straight towards the clouds.

As Tails angled his plane to reach out to Sonic, the blue blur disappeared within the clouds. It was as if the cloud swallowed him up.

"SONIC!" Tails cried.

He searched desperately for his friend and unknowingly, a flash of lighting came quickly and hit the plane's engine. Tails gripped hard on the joystick to control the plane into a steady position. The plane swirled as it hurtled towards the beach near the ocean. The plane landed toppling over from the impact. It made a loud crash and burst into flames. A certain fox crawled out while gasping for air.

"That's how we ended up here but it doesn't make sense how Sonic transformed into a dragon out of nowhere." Tails thought quietly in his mind.

Sonic still in dragon form suddenly stopped moving and turned his head towards the trees. Behind the trees lays a city with bright colourful lights. The orange fox tried to get the dragon's attention by snapping his fingers. Suddenly, Sonic leaped into the forest and into the city.

"Wait! Sonic where are you going?!" Tails yelled as he deliberately tried to catch up.

The blue dragon continued to dash through the forest until they made it into the city. Sonic skidded to the ground as he stopped himself. Sonic was still and staring at something. Loud bangs could be heard as the two tailed fox got closer. Sounds of lightning crackled and thunder booming in the sky. Tails caught up to Sonic but soon was reacting the same way Sonic did. The scene was terrifying. Lightning striked at all directions in the city leaving burn marks on the concrete of the sidewalks, buildings and roads. The place looks as if there was war going on that was destroying the city. Policemen were scattered all over the area and were aiming guns at something in the sky. A dragon figure flew in the sky and vanished slowly. The dragon swiftly dived down and headed for the blue blur. It shot a lightning at Sonic but Sonic wasn't able to catch a good glimpse of the dragon. Sonic pushed Tails away and used his wings to cover them in defence. A cloud of smoke formed and the dragon silhouette could be seen. Red eyes gleamed as they stared straight at Sonic.

"You'll never awaken the danger that lies with you and I'll make sure of that." A deep voice from the unknown dragon said.

Sonic and Tails were confused by those words but shortly the dragon flew away. The smoke cleared slowly. As the cloud of dust evaporated, they were suddenly surrounded by policemen with their guns up. Sonic gave a low confused snarl. They threw ropes across the blue dragon and pulled the ropes down hard. The dragon was forced to the ground and Tails looked at the situation with stunned expression. Sonic struggled against the ropes and moaned as his mouth was tied up. The men were busy trying to tie up his legs and wings.

"Chief, we brought the dragon down!" The men said into his walkie-talkie.

"Wait! Officer! There must be some mistake! That's Sonic but he somehow changed into a dragon! He didn't create lightning and attack the city!" Tails said as he pried with the officer.

"Don't play games with me kid! You saw the dragon in the sky and how it landed here! Sonic is a hedgehog and not a dragon!" The officer replied back sternly.

The men that surrounded Sonic had started to lift him up and carry him away.

"Where are you taking him?!" Tails shouted with concerned.

"To his death and go home kid! This creature is dangerous!" The police roared fiercely at him.

Tails watched helplessly as the blue dragon was put inside of a truck that arrived shortly. The truck drove away and the police officers got into their cars and followed the truck.

"Sonic…No…" Tails whispered as he saw the vehicles disappear.

Tails shook off his fear and had determined eyes.

"They won't kill him for no reason!" Tails muttered while he clenched his fists.

He ran after the truck that headed down the street.