Title: Humans

Author: nostalgia

Rated: G

Summary: Annoying monkeys with guns.

Catagorise me, baby: Drabble (100 words)

Spoilers: Umm...no.

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Feedback: Yay!

Archive: Sure, fine, whatever.

Etc: Short and evil, but it was either this or my ENTfic debut was a shippy NC-17, so this made it to the world first.

- - - - - -

I hate humans.

Emotional, I know, an insult to the logic and intellect for which my people are known.

But the smell...

I tell him all the answers, I give him solutions. But he is too primitive to understand.

My sense of duty is the only thing that prevents me abandoning my mission. Someday, maybe, he will listen to me. Someday he will defer to my greater understanding.

But not yet.

He smiles at me, as patronising as ever, I snap to attention as my training demands.

His eyes light up, he commends me; "Good dog, Porthos."

Stupid human.