Hey everyone,

So you may have noticed that many of my stories have not been updated in a long time. This has occurred because of various reasons. The biggest reason would be that I've just been out of it. That might sound weird but if you've ever been there then you'll understand. If you haven't then just take my word for it.

Recently I have been trying to get out of that funk. That why I will be coming back to fanfiction. I am hoping to use my time writing as a sort of get away from the stress of life. Now I can get to the point of all of this: As part of my return I will be starting all of my stories from scratch.

I just wanted to give my stories followers a heads up on the news if they are interested in starting over with me. All of the new stories will share the same name and concept as their predecessors (in case you were wondering). I just feel that I have grown a lot since I left and want to share that with you.


Troll :)