The Secret Companion

by AngelG93

A/N: Well, here it is! Fullmetal Alchemist fused with Doctor Who. This could be the start of a potentially never-ending fanfic (oh, joy! We'll see…) Oh, and no yaoi. I'm just saying…

First of all, I'm using Ten(nant) as my Doctor, and I'm picking up the story right after the space Titanic incident (the first episode of Season Four), so it's before Donna becomes his Companion. From there… expect nothing to be the same as canon Doctor Who plot, because I haven't even watched that far. *hides face in shame* For that same reason, please be gentle with me if I make up some fact about the Doctor Who universe that is incorrect; I can only write about what I know, which is all of Nine, most of Ten, and some of Eleven.

Next, I'm using the manga/Brotherhood universe as my FMA basis. I love the 2003 series as well, but FMAB suits the purposes of this story better.

Lastly, hang onto your hats because I'm throwing you a curve ball in this first chapter.

Chapter 1: The First Encounter, the Last Encounter

It really hadn't been his day. After the Master had died in his arms and Martha had left him, he'd had to land himself on an interstellar reincarnation of the Titanic and watch far too many people die.

Merry Christmas.

Now, he was alone again. He'd told Mr. Copper that travelling alone was better, but… that might have been a lie. The Doctor ambled about the TARDIS's control room, running his hand along the console.

"I guess it's just you and me now," he crooned to the ship.

Just then, everything lurched. How could that be? The TARDIS wasn't moving. No, it was like something else was being drawn inside the ship, into the very room. What could it be – some sort of spacial distortion? The Doctor examined his scanners, but steam billowed from the controls and blocked his view. Coughing, he waved a hand in front of his face and stepped back to find… a boy.

He was, oh – fifteen, sixteen – with blonde hair pulled back in a braid and eyes as golden as the heart of the TARDIS. He was garbed in black topped by a vibrantly red duster, and his boots were padded on the bottom to aid his lack of natural height. But, what really drew attention was the long blade that was sticking out from his right forearm… which was made of metal. For a long moment, he and the Doctor just… stared at each other… and then-

"Who the hell are you? Where the hell am I? What the hell's going on?"

The Doctor cocked an eyebrow. "That's an awful lot of 'hell's, don't you think?"



"I'm asking the questions here!" thundered the boy, leveling the attached knife toward the Doctor's throat.

"Now, now, Ed, can't we be civil about this-"

The boy jolted back from the Doctor in surprise, "How'd you know my name?"

"I… uh…" How did he know that name? He racked his brains; it was buried in there, somewhere deep, somewhere he'd forgotten since his many regenerations. What was it?

"Who are you?" Ed asked, a little more calmly this time.

"I'm the Doctor," the owner of that name responded automatically. "And you're Edward Elric, right? Fullmetal Alchemist? Hero of the People, all that?"

"Yeah. You say you're a doctor; are you in on the Homunculus's scheme or something, 'cause that nutty gold-toothed doctor must have sent me here through the Portal or-"

"Oh!" cried the Doctor as he began to remember something. "Of course! The Portal! That's how you got here!"

"That's what I just said," huffed Ed. The boy seemed to be getting the mistaken impression that the Doctor wasn't all that bright.

"But, don't you see? The Portal is another method of travel throughout space. It's just that no one really uses it much because it's so dangerous, so closely tied to the very fabric of the universe. But, the Time Vortex intersects with the Portal, and the TARDIS spotted you and brought you here. Oh, ho, ho! That's brilliant!"

Now Ed was the one who felt stupid. "Huh? Do you mind… explaining all that in the Fuhrer's Amestrian?"

Fuhrer… Amestris… it was all coming back to him now – everything. The Doctor smiled at Ed for a moment, but then his face fell.

"Wait a minute. You said you were in the Portal because a scientist working with the Homunculus trapped you there?"

"Yeah. I think it was taking me somewhere else before this… tar-dis thing got in the way."

"TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimension In Space."

"So… it's a time-travelling spaceship?"

"Exactly! Oh, you're quite smart, aren't you? Usually, I have to spend an hour or two trying to justify the possibility of my existence…"

"Nothing is impossible," Ed insisited, with the side note of, "except bringing back the dead."

"Oh, but I've even gotten around that a few times, what with parallel universes, paradoxes, you know."

"But, anyway," said the Doctor, bringing himself back on topic, "the point is, the TARDIS pulled you away from your planet at that moment, almost eighty years ago from our current stand-point." His eyes widened. "I've got to send you back, right now."

"You mean you know what's supposed to happen, and if I'm not there, it all goes to hell?"

"Basically. I mean… I could send you back after the Promised Day, but then you would miss an opportunity to get Al's body back."

"W… what?" Ed looked as though he might pass out. After flipping several switches and twiddling a few dials, the Doctor placed his hands on Ed's shoulders and gazed into those fiery eyes.

"Listen to me, Ed. You can do it. Before this day ends, you will send the Homunculus back to the nothingness, and Al will be human again. Trust me, I know."

"Because you have a doctorate in this time-travel business?"

"Something like that." The Doctor grabbed one final lever. "Good luck, Ed. I wish we had more time to talk, but that'll have to wait until after you finish this battle." He adjusted the lever's position so that the TARDIS would reverse the process of diverting Ed's path, and the boy immediately began to deconstruct.

"You never did tell me… how you knew my name."

"I know lots of things. I'll have to tell you another time."

And then, he was gone. It had all happened so quickly, but it had been just what the Doctor had needed. He had felt so alone, knowing he was once again the last of the Time Lords, and the TARDIS had empathized with that pain and brought… Ed.

"Oh, you sexy thing. Out of all the humans you could have transported here to cheer me up, you just had to go and remind me about him. You beautiful, brilliant machine."

The Doctor slumped against the wall of the TARDIS and closed his eyes, letting the distant memories wash over him…

"Hello, Trisha," said Van Hohenheim as he crouched in front of her grave. "I'm home." He smiled to himself. "So, get this: Ed actually called me his father… although, he did preface it with 'rotten.'" His body was finally starting to give out, having been forced to live for so long. "Living through all of these endless years, I always felt like I'd been struck with a curse… but then, I found you, and we had our sons, and I suddenly felt blessed for the life I had. I've had a fulfilling life… thanks to you. It's been enough. Thank you, Trisha." It wouldn't be long now; he could barely move. "But now, believe it or not, I actually want to keep on living. I guess I'm pretty hopeless, aren't I, Trisha?"

"Hohenheim! I didn't know you were back!"

That was Pinako's voice. Hohenheim opened his eyes and smiled at her. "Hello, Pinako. I think… I've finally reached the end of this long road."

Pinako shook her head. "Silly old fool. It's far too early for that." She reached into her apron and brought out a pocket watch with intricate carvings on one side. "I've carried this thing around for years now, just so I'd be ready when the time came."

"What do you mean, Pinako?"

"You still have a long way to travel, my old friend. Open this, and you'll understand." She handed him the trinket, and even though Hohenheim was confused, his curiosity got the better of him.

Inside the watch was… everything. Everything he had been before. It poured into him with such intensity that he could feel his body breaking down and regenerating. When, at last, the watch had emptied into him, he stood as a new man… or, more accurately, as a Time Lord in a new form.

"Well, I'll be," gawked Pinako. "I wanted to believe those instructions in that letter all those years ago, but I didn't know if I'd get the chance to see it with my own eyes."

"Thank you so much, Pinako," said the Time Lord. "I'm afraid must ask one more thing of you."

"Of course."

"If you would… make a grave for Van Hohenheim beside Trisha, I'd appreciate it. I wouldn't want the boys thinking I've just run off again. Especially Edward – he'd probably get furious with me."

"I understand," nodded Pinako. "I wish you a good journey, Mister-"

"Doctor," corrected the Time Lord pleasantly. "Just, 'the Doctor.'"

"Well then, Doctor, thank you for coming into our lives, if only for a short time."

"And thank you." He shook the small woman's hand before setting off. He had left the TARDIS back in Xerxes. Hopefully, four hundred years wouldn't have left it too dusty.

The Doctor emerged from his retrospection and smiled again.

"Oh, Ed. I know… because I was there."

A/N: Well… are you still there? Seatbelts buckled?

Ed saying "the Fuhrer's Amestrian" is like someone saying "the King's English."

I got Hohenheim's monologue straight from Episode 63 of Brotherhood, so it doesn't belong to me at all. Well, none of FMA belongs to me anyway… or Doctor Who

The chameleon circuits on the TARDIS hadn't broken when Hohenheim regenerated, so there wouldn't be a police box sitting in the middle of the ruins of Xerxes.