Beyond the reaches of all Time and Space

This story begins, beyond all reaches of time and space, where one man dares to go, where no one else in the sentient universe will.

Obsessed with winning the love of Death herself, he toys with the primordial forces of the universe. His singular goal, ultimate power! He is Thanos, the mad Titan.

Having won a victory against the inter-dimensional entity known as Hunger, Thanos was last seen months ago, his plans for the future unknown.

That is … until now…

As he walks calmly, in measured strides, Thanos looks out of the space station's windows to the eternal vastness of space. This is the Kyln, the outermost edge of space, where all the energies of the cosmos collide and are regulated. The visuals are stunning, as bright eldritch streams of various energies collide, in a stunning display of celestial pyrotechnics. But Thanos is not amused, for this is but a trivial sight to his eyes. He has seen things that would defy the minds of Gods themselves; in the entire universe, there is only one being in existence, who can claim more knowledge of the secrets of the cosmos than he, but the devourer of worlds is far away, and Thanos has no desire to tangle in another fight with him. Not now.

The being who walked next to him, bowed his head in reverence at the sight, even as he pulled the hood of his cloak to cover his face.

"She stands beyond there, Titan, go, but be on your best behavior, for all our sakes, for the sake of the entire universe," the man spoke with reverence in his tone, while Thanos grunted, "duly noted, cleric."

As he stood at the edge of the window, gazing out into the space, a figure slowly materialized behind him. Clad in all black, it took the figure of an 8 year old human female child.

"Remember, Titan, be on your best behavior," the cleric warned again, as he walked past the child, after proffering a deep bow to the newcomer.

"Indeed," the child like figure spoke, in a deep tone, which still retained its child-like tenor. As the young girl made her way next to Thanos, who was watching the view, he whispered softly, "Breathtaking view, isn't it?"

"So, you came here for the view?" the girl asked, with amusement rife in her tone.

For a second, Thanos became still, even as he forced his emotions to calm down.

"So, now you speak, after everything, after the countless eons of my service to you, now you deign to speak?"

"Now I have something to say."

"And if I don't want to hear it?"

"Exquisite symbolism, Thanos of Titan. Where better to contemplate recreating oneself, than at the crunch of the universe?"

"The Genesis Cascade, the very edge of the universe…" Thanos mumbled quietly, while the girl smiled, even as she held his arm tightly, and leaned towards him.

"Genesis cascade… I like that, very … romantic"

"I no longer serve you, Mistress Death," the Titan replied curtly.

"Nor have you ever, remember that. It is breath taking," Death whispered quietly, even as she looked at the view outside with a forlorn gaze.

"If you have something to say, say and be done with it," Thanos retorted, reaching the edge of his limited patience, even as he wrenched his hand out of her grasp.

"Don't be like that," she retorted, with a thin smile on her face.

"What have you given me, for all I have ever given you?" Thanos rounded upon her, with anger evident in his tone.

The Lady Death stared at him, with the faint stirring of anger behind her eyes, "Think Titan. What have you ever given me, but Death? Did it never occur to you that Death would be the least of my needs? That I would know desire past my essence?"

"Must you wear that infernal skin?" Thanos retorted, as he looked at the waif like figure, that his love had used to adorn herself.

Death looked at him with amusement, as she looked at the child-like appearance that she had adorned.

"Does it make you uncomfortable? Do you find it discomfiting to hear this form, speak of dark desire?"

"Very" Thanos retorted, even as he scrunched his face in revulsion.

She smiled grimly, "Lesson learned, Thanos of Titan. I am Death, I am not of comfort."

"Good to know."

Even as Thanos turned his back to her, she smiled.

"All that I did, I did in your name. How can you throw it away so cavalierly?"

"You would have made it a gift to me, would you not? A universe devoid of life … and to what gain? Without life … there is no Death."

Thanos stood still, as the gravity of the words sunk into his mind, before he turned away.

"I no longer serve you, Mistress Death."

She sighed in exasperation, "And back to that … the things you mortals cling to …,"

"I am far from mortal," Thanos retorted quickly, with anger lacing his tone.

"Not to me…," she retorted calmly, even as Thanos forcibly acknowledged the truth in her words. For her, everything was mortal.

Death slowly approached him, with sadness rife in her eyes.

"I have always loved you, Thanos of Titan, to the extent that I am able," she whispered even as she held his arms, and looked at his face, with the barest smidgen of affection in her eyes, for the first time since ever.

"Learn how to love me … I am well worth the effort."

"What would you have me do?"

"My station prohibits me from abandoning my duties, but, if another were to take over my station, then at last, I will be free, free enough to grant you your desire, and in doing so fulfill my own."

"You are Death, is it even possible for you to abandon your station?"

"No, none can replace that which is irreplaceable. I am a primordial force, only one who is born of me, can take my place, and grant me the freedom I desire…" she mumbled, while Thanos whirled around in shock.

"You …," he whispered, aghast at the implications.

"Galactus … is not the sole survivor of the Big Bang, and of the universe that came before… there is another, one who survived. Long ago, in the universe prior to the current, I made the mistake of falling in love with a mortal, and sired a child. Though dormant, my essence remained within that line, until it awakened within the last survivor. A boy, who managed to harness my powers, and laid claim to the position of my heir."

"You have an heir…," Thanos growled in anger, anger at the fact that someone else had taken what should have been his right.

"Do not get angry. It was long before your existence. Billions of years have passed since then."

"What do you wish of me?"

"He along with Galactus, were the sole survivors of the cataclysm that destroyed the old universe, and birthed this one. Galactus, took upon himself the role of the universal balancer, and became the devourer of the worlds. The boy, who was of my line, by virtue of his prowess was declared my heir and the Master of Death."

"Master?" Thanos whirled around, with fierce anger coursing around in every single vein of his body.

"MASTER! MASTER? MASTER OF DEATH? OF YOU?" he roared in anger, even as he shook with rage, while she laid a hand on his shoulders to calm him down.

"This was the will of the Cosmic Conclave, of the elders of the universe, and in accordance to the wishes of the other primordial forces of the cosmos. I am and will remain Death, but he was to be trained, to take over from me, and grant me my reprieve from my eternal prison that is my station, when I deemed him worthy. I love him, Thanos; he is … for all intents and purposes … my son; the only one I have ever loved, apart from you, as much as I am able."

"Do this, Titan. Bring my son to me, so that he may take over from me, and free me from my station. Then the rest of eternity will belong to you and me." She whispered, while Thanos stood still.

"He is willful, and impulsive. He has my abilities, and my powers, but he has never known the true love of parents. I have not been much of a mother to him, given what I am, and he has no father, no one to guide him, no one to give him purpose. Bring him here Thanos, become to him the father he never had, and ensure that our family is complete. The family of Death … the mother … the son … and the father."

"Do this … and you will have no more need to address me as Mistress Death, you will have earned the right to call me as what you have always desired … wife," she whispered, while Thanos was overcome with emotion.

At last, after so long, he had what he desired within his grasp.

"Tell me what to do?"

"He has hidden himself in the Planet Earth, go there, find him, and bring him back. Here, this will aid you," she continued, even as she waved her hand, and a brilliant blue cube formed of pure energy shimmered into existence.

"This is the cosmic cube, use it to find him, it will aid you …" she whispered even as she faded from existence, while Thanos held the cube in his hands, with a chilling smile on his face.


Is a mix-up between the movie, and the books, with trace elements of the comic world. This is the prologue. Will decide to continue this story depending on the response.