The children ran, the elders did, too.
Destroying, destroying, is that all he can do?
The eye of hatred rightfully his,
Man has thought they were protected from such wrath.
Rash, they are,
Very rash.
He will let his demons rise,
Others will fight.
Beware, land of peace
For peaceful it shall no longer be.

"Xanthe, please listen!"

"You have betrayed me once, but never again!" Xanthe responded walking quickly away.

"I have not betrayed you!" Hawke shouted running to catch up with her. "Xanthe, please!"

Xanthe spun around. "What?!"

"Don't do this. Please. It means a lot, doing what you're about to do. A lot of bad things will happen."

Xanthe stared at him coldly. "I am an elf. You are a man. We can't do this any longer. You have other girls waiting in line for you." She proceeded to walk to the gate.

"Xanthe, I'm not going to let you leave," Hawke stared.

"Do you love me so much that you would do anything?" Xanthe started, sounding touched.

"Yes!" Hawke exclaimed.

"Would you like to join me?"

He nodded. Xanthe snapped her fingers. Hawke had turned into a hawk. "You know what? I'm going to stay!" Xanthe chuckled. She put out her arm and Hawke landed.