It was only the first week of school and already things were crazy, he had never heard of the Triwizard Tournament and now Hogwarts was hosting this amazing event; even better there were now loads of new faces around the castle with Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic staying in Hogwarts during the tournament. He knew his best friend was disappointment when it was revealed that only those who were seventeen or older could apply for the tournament but in truth he was quite relieved because it gave him a perfect excuse not to enter his name, he was sick of being famous and was quite happy to sit in the background and watch the three champions battle it out between them. Another reason he was happy to have these other schools here was due to the lovely ladies of Beauxbatons Academy, when he watched them walk down the Great Hall he was very impressed although he was slightly worried about the fact he didn't have the same reaction his fellow classmates had but either way he was looking forward to what this year had to offer.

Walking down the corridor he made his way for transfiguration, he was looking forward to the class even though Professor McGonagall was a strict teacher and pushed them hard, he did enjoy her lessons, despite the fact they were always with Slytherin which meant that the boy he hated so much was going to be there. Before last year he didn't really care that much about Draco but after the blonde haired boy tried to get Buckbeak killed he really despised the older boy. Then he saw him at the Qudditch World Cup and he was reminded of how much he disliked him, when he saw that arrogant smirk on his face and the way his father spoke to them gave him the chills, he still remembers the butterflies he felt in his stomach when he met those cold grey eyes, butterflies he had never felt before but he was sure they were only there because he hated him.

"Harry!" The voice of his best friend forced him back into reality and when he saw Ron waving at him he smiled fondly.

"Hey, what's up?" He asked when he caught up with the red haired boy and they walked to class together.

"I just walked past those French birds and oh my Merlin they are gorgeous! I have to ask one to the ball." Ron smirked as more girls walked past them.

Harry let out a snort of laughter and shook his head. "You asking one of them? I don't see that happening any time soon."

"Shut up!" Ron frowned as he flicked his long hair out of his face. "The ball is ages away anyway so I have plenty of time to work on my opening lines. Who are you going to ask?"

Harry just shrugged in response as they walked into class, looking around they decided to sit at the back so Professor McGonagall would be less likely to ask them any questions, after a summer of no work everything they had learnt had slipped from their heads and they could do without being embarrassed by their head of house. Suddenly a heavy textbook was dropped beside Harry causing him to jump and whip his head up; standing beside him was a frantic looking Hermione.

"I can't believe this!" She whined before slumping down in the seat beside her two friends and burying her head in her hands.

The two boys looked at each other and shrugged. "What's wrong?" Harry finally asked, looking at the text book he realised it was their transfiguration book for the year and he suddenly realised he hadn't even opened it never mind read the first few chapters.

Hermione let out a huff of breath before removing her head from her hands and pushing her unruly hair behind her ears. "I haven't even read half of the textbook yet. I mean normally I would have read it twice even three times before the first class. This is not like me." She moaned as he looked down in disgust at the huge textbook.

Ron simply rolled his eyes and dropped his head on the desk; Harry let out an exasperated sigh and placed a reassuring hand on her back. "Hermione don't worry about it I mean look and Ron and I, we haven't even opened our books yet."

"Yeah but that's you two." Hermione blurted out as she shrugged Harry's hand off her back.

"Jeez thanks…" Harry mumbled as he too dropped his head onto the desk, he had forgotten how obnoxious Hermione could be at times.

"I just mean you would expect you two not to have worked over the summer but everyone is going to expect me to know everything." She quickly said trying to cover her earlier remark.

Ron let out a snort and raised his head. "You are going to know everything anyway."

Before Hermione could retaliate they all heard the bitter voice of Draco Malfoy echoing around the room. All three of them rolled their eyes at the same time and turned around, the tall boy swaggered into the room with his head held high, his bright blonde hair hanging over his brow and a cocky smirk plastered on his pointed face. Looking around his grey eyes stopped on Harry for a brief moment and much to Harry's dismay he felt a jolt of excitement in his stomach, his mouth went dry and he suddenly found it difficult to breathe. Malfoy smirked darkly at him before picking the seat beside the three friends, Crabbe and Goyle slumped beside him as they always did, they never let him out of their sight.

Hermione and Ron turned away from Malfoy and started chatting amongst themselves but Harry found he couldn't look away; his mouth was slightly open, his breathing heavy and his eyes transfixed. Swallowing hard he forced himself to look away, frowning he didn't understand why he was suddenly feeling like this, why was he so fascinated by Malfoy all of a sudden? He hated the boy; he shouldn't be feeling like this. Before he had time to dwell on his thoughts however Professor McGonagall entered the room and everyone fell silent at once.

"The holidays are over." She stated as she reached the front of the class, twirling on her feet she faced the students and allowed a small smile to crease her face. "Now turn to page three of your new textbooks and we will get started."

Harry and Ron looked at each other with pained expressions; this was going to be a long class.

After what felt like an eternity they were finally released from transfiguration and even better it was now lunch time. Harry wiped the sweat from his forehead as he put his wand back inside his robe, he never remembered Professor McGonagall being that strict or her classes being that hard, they were meant to turn objects into birds and of course Hermione picked it up straight away and on her first attempt turned a chair into a beautiful owl while Harry and Ron struggled and struggled, neither able to come close to a bird. The three walked towards the Great Hall, as soon as he could smell the food his stomach began to rumble and Harry only noticed how hungry he really was.

Walking through the grand archway they stood for a moment and allowed the amazing smells to wash over them, they could smell all kinds of food, shepherd's pie, mash potatoes and sausages, chips, chicken and burgers; it all smelt so good. Harry was suddenly shoved hard from behind in the shoulder, he didn't fall but he stumbled forwards.

"Move Potter." Malfoy spat as he shoved him once again and barged into the hall.

"You better watch yourself Malfoy." Hermione warned as she bent down and picked up Harry's glasses.

Malfoy turned on his heels and eyed the girl up and down for a moment before walking slowly towards the trio. "And what exactly are you going to do mud-blood?"

Hermione didn't need to say a word she simply raised her fist which immediately caused Draco to flinch and back away. Ron and Hermione laughed wildly at this, it was brilliant to see Malfoy scared of a girl.

Harry however didn't laugh, he pushed his glasses back on and looked at Malfoy for a moment, the second their eyes connected he felt his knees turn to jelly and his breath hitched in his throat. Green eyes locked with grey the two boys gazed intently at each other until Hermione pulled Harry by his robe towards the Gryffindor table away from Malfoy and his thuggish bodyguards.

"Did you see the look on his face? Brilliant." Ron smiled happily as he sat down ready to eat like he had never eaten before.

"It was funny." Hermione agreed as he grabbed herself a piece of Shepherd's pie.

Harry had suddenly lost his appetite; he licked his dry lips and tried to control the beating of his heart. What was happening to him? He couldn't understand why he was suddenly getting these feelings and emotions when he saw or spoke to Malfoy.

"Harry are you ok?" Hermione asked before taking a drink of pumpkin juice.

Harry blinked a few times before forcing a smile on his face. "Yeah I'm fine; he just took me by surprise is all." He grabbed a chicken sandwich and took a small bite. He really wasn't hungry anymore.

"What do you expect? Its Malfoy, of course he is going to push you from behind the bloody coward." Ron grunted through a mouthful of mash potatoes.

"Ronald don't talk with your mouth full it's disgusting." Hermione chastised shaking her head at her friend.

"Yes mum…"

The three began to laugh softly; it truly was great to be back at Hogwarts. Harry who was feeling relaxed once again found he was suddenly starving and ate sandwich after sandwich, it was good the Great Hall was full because it meant that he couldn't see Malfoy anywhere and that made him feel at ease.

"What class do we have after lunch?" Ron asked whenever he had finished his food.

"Potions with the Slytherins." Hermione answered immediately without having to look at her timetable.

Harry suddenly felt like he was going to throw up all his lunch. "Are you serious?" He snapped before he could stop himself, he didn't need to see anymore of Malfoy today.

"Harry most of our classes this year are with the Slytherins, haven't you looked at your timetable?" Hermione shrugged as she bent down and picked up her bag.

"I don't want to be with them for most of our classes." Harry whined folding his arms over his chest looking like a child having a tantrum.

"What's the big deal?"

"Nothing I just hate them." Harry lied pushing his hair out of face.

"Well we all do so we are just going to have to deal with it." Hermione stood up and checked her watch. "Come on it's a beautiful day, let's go to the courtyard."

Harry and Ron stood up and the three made their way out of the great all towards the courtyard. Despite himself Harry glimpsed over at the Slytherin table and couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed when he saw Draco was no longer sitting there. Frowning he wondered where the older boy had went. It didn't take long to find out; as soon as they walked into the courtyard he immediately spotted the blonde haired boy sitting with his pathetic followers.

Why did he suddenly find himself interest in Malfoy? Shaking his head he walked with his two friends until they found a sunny spot, leaning against the stone wall he caught himself once again looking in Malfoy's direction. Ron punched him in the arm forcing him to look away from the Slytherin and at his best friend.

"What?" He barked as he rubbed his now sore arm.

"Look at them Harry." The red haired boy pointed towards a group of Beauxbatons ladies strutting past. "They are amazing." Harry looked at the girls and yes they were stunning and beautiful but he didn't feel anything.

Feeling eyes on him Harry turned around; green eyes connected with grey and the sick feeling quickly returned. Malfoy was staring at him with an unusually soft expression on his face. Harry frowned and looked away. Why was Malfoy looking at him like that?