Hey guys! This is my first fic I've ever written, so be gentle, but reviews are always appreciated, whether good or bad! Anyway it's about after Elena chooses Stefan, a sadistic killer, and how Damon copes with everything. It's gonna be a multi-chap eventually. This is set sort of in season 4, and before 4x06, but without Connor the hunter. Enjoy!

I've lived a lot of different lives

Been different people many times

I live my life in bitterness

And fill my heart with emptiness

The first time it happened was when Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore strolled into the mystic grill, hand in hand. Damon looked up from his flirty conversation with a young college girl, and his smirk faded into grimace. "I'll see you later," He abruptly said, and started sauntering over to his not-so favorite couple in the corner. After sitting down uncomfortably close to Elena, and grinning a sardonic grin, Stefan asked "What do you want, Damon?"

"My my. No need to get angry with me, brother. I've just come to see how your day is going. Tell me, I'd like to hear about how life is all rainbows and sunshine for you guys now!" he replied sarcastically. "Anyway, how's Elena's transition been?"

"Fine, she just hunted for the first time, and brought an elk down on her third try!" Stefan said proudly. He reached out to hold Elena's hand. Elena smiled back.

Damon rolled his eyes. "Save the lovey dovey coupley stuff for the bedroom. What do you think about life as a vampire Elena?" he said, giving her one of his seductive looks.

"Oh! Well, um, I think it's great! Now I can see things so much more clearly and….." She kept going on, but Damon had quit listening. His eyes were fixed on the interlocking fingers that were on the table, and he was trying his best to keep the anger down. He was tired of being unrequitedly in love with her, but yet he could never let the feeling go. But when he was around them, rage clawed its way up from inside of him, and he started to become the former Damon Salvatore. The bitter, the empty hearted man.

"Ow!"He suddenly exclaimed, stopping Elena in mid-sentence.

"Is something wrong Damon?" Elena asked.

"Um, no. Nothing. Continue with what you were saying" he replied. What the hell just happened? It felt like someone had stabbed me in the temple with a knife, Damon thought. He just shook it off, and went back to angrily glaring at Stefan and Elena's hands. Elena continued talking, still not aware that Damon wasn't paying attention.

Damon couldn't bear it anymore. The expression of love on Stefan's face directed towards Elena was making him see red, his nails starting to dig into the wooden table.

"And Caroline told me that-" Damon cut Elena off by standing abruptly.

"You know what? I actually have better things to do than listening to your perfect little life. Excuse me while I go get drunk." He told them.

Stefan sighed, "Damon", but Damon had already stormed off, and was headed towards the bar.

"Bourbon." Damon said to the bartender, his anger already simmering down. He turned an ear towards Elena and Stefan, listening to their conversation while he drank.

"You know Stefan, I feel bad for Damon. It seems like he's suffering. I mean, he didn't get Katherine, and he lost rose. It just seems like he never gets what he really wants." Elena commented.

"But, Elena, all Damon's done leading up to this point is the reason for that. Maybe if he had stayed the way he was when he was human, he would be able to be loved back by someone. But he changed, as do we all, and he changed into a coldhearted man." Stefan replied.

"Yeah I guess so."

Snarling, Damon turned away from the conversation. Dammit Elena, you'll have to love me sooner or later. A safe and uneventful boyfriend isn't enough for you. He lifted the glass to his lips. His vision jarred, and the glass slipped as the pain hit.

The glass shattered as it hit the floor, echoing across the room. Damon eyes widened as he let out a scream, a scream of unimaginable suffering, as his body convulsed, and he collapsed to the floor. He lay there, still screaming, the pain coursing through his whole body. Stefan and Elena and many others rushed towards him, wanting to know what was happening.

Stefan looked down to see blood trickling down from where Damon's hand clutched his head.

"Jesus Christ, Damon."

Well anyway the story is just developing, and there will be Delena and some klaroline in later chapters! Hoped you liked it! R and R, if you please.