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Wails of suffering were all that he could hear. He couldn't move himself, but he found that he was strapped upright to a wall, his wrists and ankles cut open from the pressure of the rope. He couldn't see a thing. It was as if a pitch black wall was placed directly in front of his face. All of a sudden brightness filled the world, blinding him even more than darkness ever could. Damon screamed from the pain his eyes were experiencing, he could not even save himself by shutting them. Eventually the pain faded to a dull ache, and he opened his eyes. He slammed back against the wall when he saw what was in front of him. Mangled, sliced open bodies strewn across the floor, blood splashed everywhere, and faces that still bore expressions of utter terror. Standing among all of this was man, wearing a red suit, and it seemed as if someone had poured blood on his body. He had a hollow face, yet his bleach blond hair and vibrant violet eyes had an irresistible pull.

"Damon Salvatore. How nice of you to give me your attention, I've been waiting for it all day," He sneered. "Well, I try to please my hosts, but sometimes they're just too much of a bore to interest me." Damon smirked as he gave his response. "I would be careful with the way you speak to me, Mr. Salvatore. Perhaps a little pain will wipe that lovely smirk off of your face." He approached Damon and held up a small kitchen knife that Damon had not noticed before. "We'll see how much you can take before you start begging me for mercy." This time it was the man who was smirking, and Damon glared at the knife, then looked back up and stared into the man's eyes in an attempt of defiance. The man then lunged and stabbed the knife into Damon's ribs in a matter of milliseconds. He then began to drag the knife slowly down to Damon's stomach, as Damon let out an ear shattering scream.

Damon was still screaming as he ventured back into the conscious world. Elena's head snapped up from her book, as Damon struggled to figure out where he was. Elena super sped over to his side, and he looked up and snarled, his eyes wild and crazed. He calmed down as the recognition that this was the girl he loved swept over him.

"Stefan, he's awake!" Elena shouted. A rustling was heard in the next room, and then a tired looking Stefan walked in. "Damon, finally. I've been through about a hundred books and spent hours on the internet trying to find out what happened. Elena and I have been taking shifts watching you. You've been screaming on and off all night," Stefan said gravely. "What…..what did happen Damon?" Elena asked. "Um, I don't know. Out of-"Damon was cut off as a wave of pain came, making him cry out and fall back down onto the bed. "It just-" He had to stop again as the pain all of a sudden tripled, this time forcing him to allow a scream to escape.

Alarmed, Stefan called out "Elena! Go call Bonnie, and Klaus. We need both of them to help us figure this out. Go, now!" Elena stumbled up from the chair she was sitting on, and super sped out of the room. Stefan took the empty chair, and gazed over at the suffering Damon. He didn't know what to do to bring an end to his brother's pain, and half of him wanted just let him suffer for eternity. But he knew Elena would never forgive him for that. Stefan couldn't help but smile at the thought of his Elena, she was so beautiful, and she was his. He was brought back to reality by Damon's shrieking, and he stood up go make himself some coffee.

Glancing back into the bedroom, he muttered "Oh Damon, what the hell is happening to you?"

About fifteen minutes later, Klaus, Bonnie, Elena and Stefan entered into Damon's room. At the sound of their footsteps, Damon turned his head, his face in a sweat, and his eyes wide. As he noticed Elena, Damon's face returned to its usual sarcastic look, in an attempt to hide his moment of weakness. "Glad you all decided to join the party," Damon said derisively. Stefan just rolled his eyes. Bonnie face bore a look of disgusted annoyance, and Klaus looked impatient. Contrary to all of them, Elena looked worried.

Damon regarded her expression that was directed towards him, and he smiled, knowing she cared. "What are you smiling about?" Bonnie asked. "Oh, nothing. But I'm so…touched at how visibly upset you are for me. It just means so much." Damon replied, with a little smirk at the end. "It's fortunate for you that I lost my powers, or you would be suffering for that," Bonnie angrily said. " Alright, enough little children. Now, what was I dragged all the way here for?" Klaus broke in.

"Damon has been on the receiving end of some apparently intense pain. He's been subject to fits of constant screaming all night." Stefan said, almost skeptically. "Interesting, very very interesting." Klaus said as he slowly walked around the room. "There's another thing," Damon began. Klaus looked at him expectantly. "I dreamed last night. I was tied up to a wall, and a man was talking to me. He was short, with blond hair, and strange eyes. They were violet." Klaus stiffened as Damon uttered the last sentence. "He started to torture me near the end, and I could feel it. I could feel it! What the hell is that about?" Damon continued. "Are you all right Damon?" Elena asked. "Does it look like I'm in pain right now?" Damon responded. Elena hesitated, and then shook her head. "Well he won't be alright for much longer." Klaus said. All eyes were now fixed in his direction.

"If no action is taken, the man with violet eyes, known as Auryn in my early years, will slaughter Damon in less than a week."

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