Prologue Lily Potters p.o.v

After i shortened my pregnancy, everything went fine. I couldn't risk it having a second child being born at the end of the seventh because that was when the child would have been born.
When i found out i was pregnant for the second time i drunk many possions and did many spells. Result? On the 24th of December, officially the second month of my pregnancy, my daughter was born.
She truly looked a LOT like James. Brown hair, brown eyes...Only she had the curls that my mom used to. It was her first Halloween and Harry's second. I had the feeling the dark lord was close.
Noboby, not even our friends, well except for Sirius because he also was her godfather, knewed of her existence. I was insure if we would make it 'till next year so i had a plan.
A plan involving a lot of broken laws. I had hexed somebody. A muggle. He had taken care of a house. A house guarded with magic. Their where books and an portet. He would teach my children how to speak.
I mean kids aren't allowed to raise themselves, but with all the magic i had the people convinced that they where exceptions of that law. The two of us would set a fake trap and later they wouldn't find my kids.
We would maybe be death but they would not. Everything for my kids...I just brought my daughter to the house. Now only Harry was left. Then HE came. " No please,take me!
Not Harry, please not Harry!" I begged. " Go out of the way woman!" He growled." No, no, no!" " As you wish... " He laughed like the maniac he was. " Avada Kedavra!" Then i died.
Only thinking, my children. They would grow up without each other. Harry probably was alive by my sacrifice but he would never get to her. My sweet little...Then i truly left my body.
Not knowing the future or my childrens' safety.