Chapter 4 Rose Liliy Potter, the so called 'Ravenchild'
(Flasbacks from chapters 1,2&3)
Chapter 1: " She...Is Rose Lily Potter. Your long lost baby sister."

Chapter 2: No matter what i had done., i could count on Ginny." You help him with his girl/boyfriend?Even tho you love him yourself ? You truly are dumb." Hermione nodded in agreement.
I couldn't believe it. Ron being a stubborn git,i could 'Mione?I was shaking with anger." Can i come with you?" Ginny asked me.I nodded quickly. She was my friend.I loved her and she was here.
With me and my sister.I would be forever gratefull.

Chapter 3:
A young girls voice complained. In shock, we turned around. Only to be faced by my sister...

(chapter 4 begins here)
Ginny 's p.o.v I saw a girl slowly walking out of the darkness. Her hair, it was curly, but not so bushy as Hermione's. Her hair was black, just like her was clear she had been brought up in the sun. She had a tan.
Some of her locks where twirled together and spun around to make her face clear, as some kind off headband. Rose was a black and breathtaking, dangerous and innocent at the same time.
She looked as a beautiful fallen angel, coming to take your long black dress was longer as her and slid over the ground. It was as black as black could be. It suited her. We where her prey.
She looked at us, with a questiong look upon her face. She was a beauty no one would probably ever forget. A dark godess. Her dress reminded me of ravenwings, how shiny they are;and how black as midnight.
Her childish face was could she not be?She would sure make Hogwarts an unforgettable place for our generation. Not only because she was a potter girl. No. She smiled. It was also very pretty.
" Hello." She said with a little accent. It looked Spanish or voice was childish as well. So innocent, nobody could probably refuse her walked ,confident.
Like royalty. She stopped a few feet before us." Are you my brother?" She asked towards Harry. He nodded. Somehow she reminded me of Thomas. Not Voldemort but his child years.
Confident, unforgotable pretty and looked dark. Never forget dark. I couldn't shake of the feeling that she was the angel of death, coming to take my soul. " You are?'' She asked afraid.
She was probably scared. " Don't worry Rose. Don't. I am Ginny Weasley." I tried to smile. Then i was shocked. She put her hand on my cheek and stroke it. " He loves you Ginerva. Realise that.
Realise that young one." She spoke as if she was an old mother. Then she slidded pass us. " Coming?" She said cheerfully. She almost danced out of the room. Like a waltz. She was indeed a rose.
But also a ravenchild. She reminded me of an raven, with her haunting presence, her darkness and the way she had a look far passed n her eyes. One that said, i am not afraid to kill you.
I even heared that there where indians in america that believed the reaper was presented by an awful creature, half an human old man,half raven. They where right on some point. She was death.
A lullaby, she haunted me. I was afraid. Truly afraid. All caused by one young girl.

Harry's p.o.v " Come! It is breakfast!" I yelled. " God has it been so long?" Ginny asked. I nodded. " Yes, but first we are going to Dumbledore and you are going to take a uniform." I spoke to my little sister.
I already knewed half of the Hogwarts boys would be after her. She had a nice face and looked like a young cheery angel. An angel with a deep soft side. I thought back at what she said to Ginny.
My sister was a mystery that wasn't easily solved.

Hermione's p.o.v I wondered what Ginny and Harry had discussed with Dumbledore. I did and then he announced, " Everyone we have great news." He spoke. News? Exams?Yes! But that didn't matter those two.
" Hogwarts will give education to someone lost and hidden, a lost family member, someone nobody thought that existed, but does." Wait...Who does exist? Suddenly the sorting hat appeared.
" Be welcome, to a long lost sister, somebody that disseapered fifteen years ago... Welcome, to Rose Lily Potter!" He yelled. The whole school fell quiet. Rose...?
Harry had a sister?! The doors opened and everybody quickly turned around, scared or excited to see her. There she was. In the shadows she strode out. Her uniform was something that didn't suited her.
She was . She slowly walked confident to the hat. Her black appearance turned gold. The blak hair looked dark brown with red in the magical sunlight. Her eyes matched her.
Gold-brown with a little bit red. Her pink lips where stiff. Her eyes where big of curls waved after her, just like with Luna it looked as ocean waves. Peacefull. But she had something dark.
Just like the bible said, Lucifer was the most beautiful of them all. Her she stood, like a young Succubus, a daughter of the devil, so pretty. She looked as day and night. I was afraid but amazed at the same time.
Then i saw something, a look in her eyes when they slided past the Slytherins. Peace, like she made peace with everything around her and was ready to die. Like she would embrace and kiss it like an old friend.
She wasn't afraid of the darkness, something inside of me told. She would never be.