Remember who you are...

(A TLK fanfiction)


The savannah was peaceful at night; the herds grazing softly, or simply standing in tight groups, chewing all the while. The sun had hurried away behind the horizon, and as it did so the tops of the mountains had glowed with brightness.

All was disrupted suddenly as the pair of lions raced across the grasslands, splashing through the puddles left over from the recent rain.

The huge male lion bounded easily ahead, his auburn eyes glowing- stopping and turning back for the young cub that trailed him. The cub mimicked his every move, chasing his tail.

The pair raced around comically for a time, until the cub managed to pounce upon his adult counterpart, tugging at his ear. The two wrested for a while until they broke down in fits of laughter.

The cub giggled and settled into the vast expanse of flowing mane.


The older lion stirred underneath him. "Hmmm?"

"We're pals right?"

The older lion chuckled. "Of course."

"And we'll always be together right?" The cub continued, grinning.

The big male frowned softly and sat up; the cub sliding backwards down his head fought to climb up again.

"Upendo..." He said, his musical and lilting voice resounding in the air. "Perhaps it is time for me to teach you something."

"Aww daaad..." Upendo complained, burying his face into his father's mane. "Another lesson?"

"An important lesson." The older lion confirmed. "Let me tell you something my Grandmother taught me. Look up at the stars Upendo. The great kings of the past, are looking down on us from those stars."

The cub's ears flattened against his head in awe. "Wow...really? Right now?"

"Yes." The male nodded, looking up at his young son.

"Even Great-Grandma Kiara?" Upendo questioned.

"Yes." The lion smiled.

"Great- great- Grandfather Simba?"


"Even Great-great-great-Uncle


The huge lion shook his head, his bangs falling across his face and then settling back again. "Not Scar. For Scar is long dead now." He smiled. "Only Taka lived on to join those who waited for him above."

"Then which star is his?" Upendo asked, staring up at the sky.

"So many questions!" The big lion chuckled and continued. "It is said that Taka's star is joined to the one belonging to his sister. Huru. They appear together, and shine the brightest in times when all hope seems lost and darkness is all around. They are there my son to remind us of the bond between twins. To remind us that monsters are created by a single moment when time stands still. Their stars hold a warning my son. And hope. Eternal hope."

Upendo pulled a face. "That's complicated."

His father chuckled softly. "Perhaps it is hard to understand now. You'll understand the true meaning someday..." He stopped a moment, considering something. "Would it help if I told you a story about it?"

The cub's ears perked up. "YEAH! STORY! STORY!"

"Hush..." His father chuckled. "Shall I perhaps begin with the story of the first King? And his three-"

"The first King!?" Upendo interrupted. "COOL! I bet he had a huge army of lions and stuff. And he fought battles with loads of hyenas and, and-"

"Hush!" The older lion interjected, his voice held a warning that only the cub would interpret.

Upendo fell silent.

"This first King was great and powerful. But he did not have an army to fight his battles. Instead he left the greatest of gifts to follow in his pawprints..." The King's voice trailed off.

"Who, who?!" Upendo squeaked.

"His three daughters."

The cub pulled a face. "Daughters?! But girls can't run a kingdom!"

"I think you'll find that they can..." The lion chuckled. "Let me tell you about them then. See if I can change your mind, huh?"

Upendo shrugged. "Whatever. But three stupid girls still won't be as awesome a King as me!"

His father chuckled and began speaking again, his deep, rich voice rolling around the night and filling ever corner.

And it seemed as if the stars themselves winked and leaned in to listen to the tale, the older lion spoke of.

"There was once a time when even the darkest of souls was filled with laughter and light...when time hardly mattered...and the future was so far away..."

Authors Note:-

Jesus this cub is annoying XD

Hey there ;) and thanks for reading the first installment of what I plan to be a...long series...
I will also be posting this story and some pictures to go with it on my deviantart page here - art/Remember-who-you-are-Prologue-331156979

The prologue features my version of "what came after" Kiara and Kovu and Kopa etc.

This Lion King is Kiara's grandson Burusa and the cub is his son Upendo. More will be explained about them later on in the stories, but the basic idea of this entire fanfiction is that Burusa is using the stories to help teach his son to be King.

Anyways, more on the way soon

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