Remember Who You Are



Chapter 1

Dawning of a Kingdom

She was nothing much to look at. His bride to be.

Foul in colour and in personality. Nothing more than an exotic concubine.

But no. His father was not willing to battle the white lions for a betrothed for his beloved son, nor the jungle pride that lived so close to their home by the mountain. So the daughter of a passing rogue would have to do.

If it was good enough for his father, it had to be good enough for him.

He remembered her as a teenager, and how he would make fun of her accent and the way she spoke, with her funny pronunciations of worlds.

She was a great deal older than him- as in; when she was a teenager he was a cub with not even a tuft of mane on his head.

And now... she was a huge, thickly built lioness, smoothly muscled and tall, standing at the same height as him, staring at him with those cold green eyes.

She would never forget the way he had treated her, those eyes told him so.

And here he was, about to be married to her.

The pair were to be joined under a full moon, when the sky was black and devoid of life. To Achashverosh it matter very little if the moon was full or not, it was always the same to him.

He had one task to perform in this place, and that was to create an heir. It mattered not that his queen to be, hated his guts.

And as his father spoke the ancient words that united the two lions as one, Achashverosh pouted and thought about all the things he could be doing if only he wasn't a prince.

It wasn't as if Adimu was having any easier a time.

To be married to a spoilt son of an abusive King, pah. That was a living hell for her.

Why her of all lionesses in the pride? She was his elder by many moons, yet the youngest lioness by far.

Her own mother had been nothing more than a concubine for the old king, and she had assumed the same fate for herself. And it had come true of course.

She would be mounted, mated and forced beneath her king, her mate and told to bear a son to take over the kingdom when he was gone.

Adimu privately hoped for a daughter.

Then there would be no way that Achashverosh's line would continue.

A daughter was a failure. The pride would spit on her and her cub and declare her unfit to be a queen.

Ha... A queen.

A pseudo queen...

Adimu could hope for something more. Something better. But it would never come true...

"May the Great Spirit bless both of these children, and may they honour their vows to each other..."

Achashverosh closed his eyes and sighed.

Would this night never end?

His father did prattle on so.

It would be more interesting to watch the cicada's buzzing around at dusk, when the mountains glowed red and the sun ran to hide behind the vast expanse of mountains.

"Herr Hurrrmmm..."

Achashverosh started and looked up at the sound of his father. "Yea...?"

"Your paw."

The prince blinked and then glanced to his side, where she sat. Adimu had one paw raised off the ground and was rolling her eyes and tutting under her breath.

He sighed and looked away, raising one leg in distaste.

His father frowned, but continued never the less, the lionesses helping him to tie the green vine around the forelegs of the couple. The knot was messy and by no means neat. But it would do...

It would do...

"And so by the vows you make to one another, and by the ties that bind your bodies together, you are ONE. For all present here to know. Now, forever and always. ONE."

The rest of the Pride dispersed to the land around.

Yet they sat there together.

Bound by their forelegs all through the day's heat until the cool relief of dusk and nightfall.

And as the prince led his new bride away to their wedding bed, he felt, perhaps for the first time- guilt.

Not just at the thought of having to... touch her, but also in the way he had treated her.

But how to apologize?

How to make it up to her without giving his pride false hope about them?

How to make her not hate him? Something he could never achieve.

He led her away, into the still dampness of a cave. And felt sick.

He could not think of anything to say to comfort her. To calm his nerves

And to his shame, to his eternal shame... he said nothing.


And so it was only when all was done, and Adimu lay beneath him quiet and sated, did Achashverosh let his anxiety leave him.

He did not truly want Adimu, nor she him, and the idea of being joined as one for life and beyond left a bad taste in his mouth, horrible images in his mind.

But he was young yet. Perhaps with time...

It was a farce.

It was a farce and he knew it.

And while around the others he would be forced to smile and nuzzle and pretend to care for his mate and her feelings... for now he did not have to.

At least she was asleep, so that she did not have to see him sulk.

Achashverosh sighed and closed his eyes, dropping his head to the cold stone floor and willing sleep to come quickly.

He could only hope he'd performed his royal duties well enough to conceive a child. A son.

In the half darkness one pale green eye opened, a single tear budding and sliding down fur, before landing silently upon the ground...



Authors Note:-

First update :D

And yep, it's a kind of weird chapter this one.

The story starts with the wedding of the first "King and Queen" of the pridelands. only they aren't really the pridelands yet. More like a big expanse of land, jungle and desert. No kingdoms. And no Priderock. Not yet ;)

So this it the start of my first mini fic about the King and his daughters mentioned briefly in the "False Ancestor" comic. Hope you guys will like it as much as I like writing it. So many ideas for this its unreal!

Name meanings

Achashverosh- "Great warrior" or "Lion King" (Hebrew)

Adimu- "Unique" "Rare" "Scarce" (Swahili)

Their designs can be seen here - gallery/36242960#/d5jqfil

Hope you enjoy ;)