- The Sportsgirl -

You look around the empty, light blue apartment. It has a open doorway into the kitchen area and a little living room with a low table, a sky sofa and a TV stand, a overall good apartment for the price tag. You were actually a bit surprised it was this low with the view and everything, but it was probably because it was mostly student who rented the other rooms. He had heard at least five different types of music drumming behind the doors in the hall. It doesn't bother you too much since you're a late-night person anyway and you are used to loud noises after living in Fillydelphia for the most of your life. After having a heated discussion with your parents you finally decided that it was time to leave the nest. Well, that and getting away from your ex-girlfriend which had been a complete fucking diva. Thinking back you can't really remember why you ever hooked up with her in the fist place. She had two good reasons, but then came her endless shopping streaks and even longer conversations about boring gossips.

"What do you think about the apartment so far?"

The previous owner came from the kitchen with a small note-board and quill. She had long, flaming red hair and a cream-white dress with a shot skirt which made her look older than she really was. Her wings had a darker red colour than her hair and was firmly folded on her back.

"Its pretty good and the noise wouldn't be a problem. When can I move in?" Renting a room at the inn back in Ponyville had been okay, but nothing permanent.

"Later today actually, the furniture left behind comes with the place. All that remains is the last boxes to get picked up and your signature." She hands you the note-board and quill to him for signing and you quickly scribble down your name. You hand it back to her and she checks your name.

"Nice doing business mister... Feather racer."

You don't much more than a few bags of clothes, a few of your favourite books and a console so moving in would be easy.

It has been a few weeks after you settled in and manage to get a job at the rainbow factory where you were one of them who made the purple colour. As a part of your job assignment you had been shown that they collected light into a giant crystal which sent out rays of the rainbow colours into sectioned-off areas where they got transferred into liquid form. They had gone on about some complicated explanation about how they made it floating, but you dossed off at that since it wasn't very interesting. One thing they made absolutely clear was that it was a bad idea to taste it in any way and of course it was the first thing you did. At least they had been right about one thing, it was a bad idea.

You spend most of your breaks over by the Pegasus stadium for Coudsdale University. The reason for going there almost every day was because it wasn't many young people to talk to in the break room and flying up and down between Ponyville and the job took too long even though the sweets at Sugarcube Corner was quite tempting. You buy you're regular sandwich and bolt energy drink and go to find a seat in the empty tribune. The usual five girls who trained here from time to time was stretching legs, arms and wings before doing their usual speed-laps. It consisted of one round on feet and then another on wings. As they lined up you pick out your favourite runner with the rainbow coloured hair and cyan wings as you make a personal bet for yourself that if she won, you will build up enough courage to go talk to her and buy her a drink.

A sixth girl stands with a red flag ready to signal the start. The sprinters goes into ready and the flag falls as she yells "GO!" They where off with a girl with dark blue and pink hair who you are sure you have seen down in Ponyville as an earth pony, probably her sister or something, a girl with dark brown hair you remember from middle school called Wild fire, the rainbow haired lying tied with one with messy, yellow hair and white wings for fourth place and last you recognize the mailpony Ditzy or Derpy as people tended to call her. They finished the fist lap in the same order and started on the wing sprint as they past the starting line. Your favourite dashes forward and manage to getting up beside Wild. Derpy started catching up to fourth place when she suddenly starts swaying out of line and crashing into the girl in front, sending them both out of the tracks. The three other continued and held their positions until halfway trough when she picked up speed and started creeping up on first place. She noticed her coming and tried to speed up herself, but not fast enough and got past right before the finishing line. She took a lap of honour as Wild fire caught up to them. The blue and pink haired girl started arguing about her cheating, but the rainbow one was just as perky. She went over to a bag and pulled out a cyan towel to dry her sweat when she sees you staring at her.

"Seeing something you like?" She yells to you with a smirk.

You noticed that are standing with your wings spread. You hastily try to calm down you wingboner, but the damage was already done. The other girls were whispering in between themselves and giggling hysterically. Great, now you are marked as the creep at the stadium.

"We know you have been watching for a while now so why not just give us your name." She leaned over the railing separating the tribune from the field.

You're not sure if it was intentional or not, but as she leaned over the railing, she gives you a clear view of her cleavage. The tight training top and shorts leaves little to the imagination. You guess her bust is double D but you snap out of it before you are caught staring again.

"Ehmm... Feather racer." You say sheepishly and try to keep your wings still.

"Well Feather, how about showing us your moves." She challenges you and takes a swig from her water bottle.

You throw a quick look at your watch to see how long you had left of your break. It was still fifteen minutes left, just enough time.

"Okay, but if I win you have to give me your name." You know that you're not in the position to make demands, but this was an opportunity you couldn't let pass.

She thought about it for a second. "A mano el mano race uh? Fine, let's do this."

As you position yourself at the line you think that you should train a bit more often, but it was better to have tried and failed than to never try at all. The flag girl lift the flag again and you tense your muscles to try to get a good head start. Even if you can't beat her, you decide that you'll at least give her a good run for her money. You look over at her to see a self-secure smile on her lips.

The flag fell and you jolt forward to take the lead. You start to feel your own heartbeat in your throat halfway through the first lap, but you keep pushing yourself to stay in front. You reach the start line and spread your wings to tart the flying part. Flying had always been something you did for entertainment, evening flying and stuff, but now it was time to see what they really could do. You lift yourself slightly off the ground and manage to pick up even more speed. A quick look over your shoulder shows you that she is right on your ass so you try to go faster. In the last turn your wings start to ache and you feel her breathing in your neck, but you clench your teeth and force your wings to carry you past closer to the goal. Just a foot away from the line she somehow manage to push past you and win with mere centimetres.

You collapse onto your back as you heap to get back your breath. She stands over you with her hands on her knees and looks just as exhausted as you are. After a minute of of just gasping for air, she finally talks.

"I gotta hand it to ya, you're fast. Tell you what, I'll give you my name just because you manage to stay in the lead for so long, sounds good?"

You are still out of breath so you just nod in agreement.

"Names Rainbow dash. Say, doing anything special Saturday?"

You had forgotten about the other girls, but now you hear one of them whistling at them.

"Oh shut up Surprise, he at leased manage to keep up with me."

"Saturday's good." You manage to cough up.

"Good, see you here then." She reaches you her hand to help you up and you accept.

Five months have past since you went out with Rainbow dash for the first time. It turned out that she was also working at the rainbow factory in the sky cleaning apartment and even though she looked like an egghead, she had almost every book of Daring doo that outshines yours. She had invited you to some of the parties her friend Pinkie Pie had thrown and you in return had take her to a concert. Thanks to your high-school friend Vinyl scratch you manage to get back-stage. She had shown you her obsession with the Wonderbolts, but since you has a small thing for the lead flyer its okay. You two had gotten quite close and you have kissed a couple of times, but nothing more.

You are sitting at home at home late at night, reading the new book "Daring doo and the golden unicorn." when your cellphone rings. You pick it up and answer with a smile when you recognize the number. "Hey there Dashie, whatssup?"

She had left Cloudsdale the day before to go for an audition to join the Wonderbolts in Canterlot. You would of course had been there and sheered her on if it hadn't been for that you already had said yes to take Skyras shift.

"Emm.. hello, is this Feather racer?" A strange man voice asks.

"yes, who is this?" You ask a bit suspicious.

"My name is Healing bandage, I'm a doctor at the Canterlot hospital." You feel something clench in your stomach and your head making up worst case scenarios. You pray to Celestia that she is still alright. "I am sorry to inform you that your friend Rainbow dash had a flying accident. She just woke up and has been asking for you."

"I'll be there as soon as possible." You hang up and hastily start packing.

The next minutes passes in a blur as you partially focus on what you put in the bag. Your main train of thoughts is still making horrible pictures and makes your hands shake. What if she had broken her wings? Peoples wings were fragile things so people took good care of them, but Dash loved flying over everything else and for her to lose them would be like losing her voice. What if it was even worse and she was ... no, you wouldn't even think about it. You finish packing the bag and rush out the door.

Normally a flight to Canterlot would take an hour and two with train, but you make in just over half an hour. You run into the hospital and up to the counter.

"Where.. where is Rainbow dashes room?" You pant after flying full speed all the way here. The training with her had finally paid off.

The nurse starts typing on the old machine to find her name in the register. You start tapping the desk impatiently.

"She is at room 203, go up the stairs and in the end of the corridor on the left." She points towards the stairway. You start running up the stairs.

"No running in the halls!" She yells after you, but you ignore her and continue upwards.

You half run half fly down the corridor to get to her room faster. You reach the door and swing it open without even thinking about knocking. The room is split in two with a white sheet wall. The left bed is empty, but the right bed was surrounded by five familiar people. It was Dashes closest friends, Rarity, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Twilight and Spike. They had gone with her as her support group and you wish that you had gone too.

"How is she?" You ask a bit exhausted by the last sprint.

They exchange some looks before stepping aside for you to see for yourself. In the bed lies Rainbow dash with a white eye-patch and a bandage around her head. She gives you a weak smile and as she sits up you see that her left wing is bandaged as well.

"Hey there Feather." She greets you as you place your bag by the bed end. "Guess I should have been more careful." She tries to laugh, but ends up coughing.

"How did it happened to her?" You ask her friends.

"Well she was trying to do a triple looptiloop followed by a Sonic rainboom, but failed and crashed." Applejack said strait forward as always. "To be honest, you were tempting fate with all those fancy moves sugercube."

"She has broken a few ribs, some small bones in her foot and damaged her wing." Twilight explains to you. "Its nothing permanent, but she can't fly for a couple of weeks." You sight in relief and it feels like a heavy burden getting lifted from your shoulder by this.

A doctor came in with a checklist. "Sorry, but visiting hours is over. One of you can stay for the night if you want." He says and checks his list.

"I'll stay." You say quickly before the others starts to argue. "You girls has jobs and important stuff back in Ponyville. I got a few free days ahead so I will stay."

Another exchange of looks between themselves before agreeing. "Just try to do any funny stuff okay?" Pinkie says playful while waving her pointing finer at you. You can't tell if it were meant seriously or not, so you just nod.

The next two weeks passes by as you spend most of your time at the hospital. Some of the things you brought with you was the book you were reading, your 3DS and some spare clothing. Since Dash hasn't read it so you choose to read it for her. You take turns on playing on the console and the game you left in it last time, Ponymon purple. The only times you leave her alone is when you have to go to job, but you always return back to her after that.

After the two weeks have passed, Rainbow dash gets written out of the hospital, but she is not allowed to do any crazy tricks or speeding for a while. You take the train back to Ponyville and take the short flight up to Cloudsdale. Even the small distance up is difficult for her with one wing.

"Are you sure you're gonna be okay?" You ask before you reach the sky town.

"Yeah, I can take care of myself." She says while making a slight grimace due to the pain.

Suddenly the damaged wing collapse and she starts falling, but you manage to grab hold of her.

"Maybe you watch me a little longer." She says and blushes slightly. You look at her a bit confused when you noticed you grabbed her under the arms and are now holding onto her chest. Your first reaction is to let go, but if you do she will fall so you just continue as your face gets more and more red of embarrassment.

Its late evening when you unlock the door to Rainbow dashes place and turn on the lights. A small bit of dust swirls up as you place the key on the counter. You have been at her place before for a couple of movie nights so you know your way around the house. You help Rainbow dash over to the sofa and make her lat down without putting pressure on the wing.

"Now you just rest while I go make us something to eat." Without waiting for her to answer, you go out on the kitchen and start looking through the cupboards for something to eat.

Most of the food has expired, but you find enough to make a easy salad and some side dishes. After half an hour trying to do your best you made a good selections of bowls with mixed vegetables. Since Rainbow dash was such a sports freak she preferred to stay as healthy as possible. You bring it all out on a tray and place it on the table.

"Wow, I'm impressed you manage to find anything eatable at all out there." She said and sat up.

"Well I made the best I could out of what I had."

You find a movie to watch while you eat with a good mix of action and some romance. As you finish the light meal and halfway through the movie she snuggles up besides you and rests her head on your chest. You put your hand on her shoulder to try to comfort her.

"Hey Feather." You look down at her. "Thanks for looking out for me."

"No problem really, I'm just-" She interrupts you mid-sentence with a deep and passionate kiss. The sudden kiss caught you completely of guard, but you quickly recover and return the gesture. She has a slight taste of salad, but it doesn't bother you. She keeps you lock in place with her lips for what feels like a minute before breaking the kiss with her mouth slightly open.

"Have you been practising without me or something?" She said with a sly look.

You don't get any time to answer before she goes in for another embracing kiss. As she works her tongue around in your mouth you feel her hand slide down your body to the bulge in your pants. She unbuckles your belt and reach inside and gets good grip on you while still keeping up her tongue work.

As she slowly starts to stroke you, you begin massage her sensitive spots on her good wing. Since peoples wings are such vitals organs they have lots of feeling points, some of them being pleasure sensitive. She moans into your mouth when you find her wings g-spot, a little bump between the outer and inner wing part. Her grip on your member tightens when you carefully try to stroke her damaged wing.

"Ops, sorry." You break the kiss and quickly pull your hand back.

"No its okay, I kinda liked it actually." She says panting slightly.

"Maybe we shouldn't do this, you're fresh out of the hospital." You don't wouldn't to stop, but you don't wouldn't to hurt her either.

"No, I want this, I need this. On the other side, I don't think doing it on the divan is good for my wing." She tries to lift it, but gets it only half way.

"Your room?"

"Lead the way." She smiles while biting her underlip.

You lead the way upstairs as you keep kissing on the way up. You make it up with only a few stumbles and you go into the bed room. You stand with your back to the bed as you embrace her in another kiss and run your hands through her smooth, long rainbow hair. She suddenly pushes you onto the bed without any warning and you slump down on your back. You tilt your head up to see Rainbow dash grab the end of her shirt and pull it over her head, leaving her with just a cyan-coloured sports bra. She pulls down her jogging pants to show of a thong in the same colour. On her right hip she has a tattoo of a cloud with a red, yellow and blue bolt.

She climbs onto the the bed and starts crawling over you until her head is just above yours, her hair tickling your nose. She gives you a warm smile and you reply it before she starts kissing you again. You feel that you're tongue is getting tired from all the tongue wrestling, she shows on sign of wanting to stop. She slid her hands under your shirt before pulling it over your head, making you both topless.

It seemed she had gotten tired of the kissing as well since she turned around, placing her knees on each side of your head and starting to loosen your pants and boxers. She slowly starts to stroke your length as you get more and more erect.

"Geez, you just keep getting bigger- aah!" She yelps as you press your thumb against the wet spot on her panties.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, just warn me next time you do something like that."

"Like this?" You say slyly and dig your tongue into her moist spot.

She moans out loud in pleasure as you find her clitoris and starts twirling it through the thin fabric of the panties. She repays the favour by licking the head of your dick before taking your whole length inside her mouth. The feeling of the wetness around your cock from her deep-throating you and rolling her tongue around it is almost enough to make cum right there, but you manage to keep it in.

You pull her cyan panties down to expose her soaked pussy. A tiny patch of rainbow-coloured pubic hair lies just above her slightly swollen clit. Rainbow dash speeds a bit up when you place your index finger and middle finger on each of her lower lips before spreading them apart. You start teasing her by licking slowly around her outer lips which makes her hum in pleasure. She takes your member out as she gasps for air, but continue to jerk you off.

"Oh stop teasing me and just do it." She pants over her shoulder.

You obey her and drive your tongue deep into her dripping cunt. You take her by surprise and she throws her head back as she squeal in ecstasy, almost sitting on your face.

"Oh yes, dig your tongue deep inside me!" She moans and start pinching her erect nipples through the bra. You grab her ass and squeeze it slightly. She starts to move a bit up and down, driving your tongue deeper inside her. You remove one of your hands from her rear and start rubbing her clit with it. It seems to do the trick as her rapid panting goes over to a scream of pleasure. "Oh yes, I'm cumming, I'M CUMMING-" She manage to yell before she ached backwards, spreading her wings fully out and release her juices trait into your mouth. She locks your head in place and cuts of your mouth and nose, making it hard to breath. It happened so sudden that you almost choke on her release, but you manage to swallow most of it.

"Oooh yes." She sights in relief before noticing she sat on your face, almost suffocating you. She quickly remove herself and you greedily gasp for air. "ops, sorry." She excused herself.

"Its okay, I'll survive." You pant.

"Now that you have re-leaved me, Its my turn to help you." She crawl back to your erect penis, standing strait up in the air. "I bet your are ready to explode all over me by now." She aid in the most lustful voice she could make. She starts jerking you off again with more thrusting movement than before. You feel a pressure building up in your balls as you getting closer to the edge.

"Dashie, I think I'm about to-" You can't hold it in long enough to finish the sentence as your hips bucks up and shot your load onto Rainbow dashes chest. The first white stream hits her between her eyes and the rest lands on her tits. She use her hand to wipe the sticky goo from her face before licking it off her fingers and swallowing.

"Mmm, salty." She reach behind her back and unbuttons her bra, releasing her breasts from the tight clothing. "Wow you're still hard as a rock." She drag her nail along the back of your cock, sending shivers up your spine. "Time to have some real fun." She says while giving you a devious grin. She starts cleaning off your dick with her mouth and while bobbling her head up and down she gives you the puppy-eye look, turning you even more on.

She finish cleaning it and pops it out before dragging your foreskin down. She place herself across again with on leg on each side and angels your throbbing member into her wet pussy. She tease the head of it partly inside and you feel her juices coating it. Without any warning or sign she suddenly drops down on your cock, taking the whole thing inside her in one jolt. The sudden penetration sent a shock of pleasure through both of you, making both of you extend your wingspan fully. You have to clench your teeth to not release inside her right there. After a second or two, Rainbow dash slowly sits back up again and sends waves of pleasure of the slow release. Her inner walls clenches tightly around your rod, making the retreat even more enjoyable.

She rise until just the head is inside before slamming down on it again. As she starts to speed up, you grab her hips to try to help her and thrust up to meet her. Her mind starts drawing blank as the pleasure increase with each thrust and her tongue dolls out. "Oh, I love your dick Feather, please don't stop." She squeals. You slide your hands up along her slim side until you reach her bouncing chest and grab hold of them. You start twirling her stiff nipples with your thumbs which makes her moan even more. "Oh yeah, keep fucking me, faster harder!" She yells in her own world of pleasure, getting closer and closer to another climax. She falls over and place her hands on each side of your head. For a quick second you just look at each other before locking your mouth together in a kiss just as wild as your thrusting. The smell of her sweat is intoxicating and you start to feel the pressure building up again.

"Dash." You manage to grunt in a warning and she understand.

"Do it inside me, fill me with your delicious sperm!" She yells. This dirty talk is the last thing you need to push you over the edge and you put all your strength into the last thrust inside her. You feel your cock twitch as you spray your second load deep inside her. "OH FEATHER, I LOVE YOU!" She creams and digs her nails into your shoulders. She clench her inner walls around you as she also orgasmed, mix her juices with yours. She arches backwards again and froze in the pose as you finish up inside her.

After you empty yourself, she falls onto the beds besides you, panting heavily as some of the cum leaks out of her cunt. After a while she finally is able to talk. "That was.. wow." Is all she manage to say.

"I didn't know you could be so slutty." You reply.

"Only in bed." You lie there for a while before she turns over to you.

"Do you love me Feather?" You give her a confused look.

"Of course I do, more than anything in the world. Why are you asking?"

"Just had to make sure." She smiles and gives you a last kiss before falling asleep.