"Here you go squirt, this should be good enough to last three days at your club house." You see Rainbow Dash giving Scootaloo the backpack she had filled with food and some snacks. She took it with a big smile as Dash stood up a bit problematically.

"Thanks Mom, but we're going to be on the apple farm so we won't be too far from people." Dash smiled a typical motherly smile and ruffled her purple hair.

"I know, but I also know you girls want to be grown-ups and show that you can take care of yourselves. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do, okay?" Scootaloo tilted her head.

"And what wouldn't you do?" Scootaloo asked. You try to hold back the laughter, but fail. She gives you a slightly irritated look, but Scootaloo smiles at the joke with you.

"Haha, funny. Now go, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle are probably waiting." Dash scoots her forward and she walks over to you. You hand her the orange jacket.

"Hey Scoot, I got something for you." You kneel down and put a small pin on her jacket. It is an orange wing on a blue background. "It's a bravery mark. It's something I have had for a long time and wearing it has actually given me more courage than I used to wear. I know you are too old to really believe in these sorts of things, but I want you to have it regardless." She throws her arms around your neck, giving you a hug.

"Thanks Dad, it's very nice. Maybe I could get it as a tattoo like Mom?"

You chuckle. "Yeah, you wish." You stand back up and she rubs the cheek you've hugged her on.

"You really should shave Dad, your beard is prickly like a tiny cactus." You place a hand on your chin, feeling that you've had a slight fuzz which you should have shaved earlier on. You are at least set on keeping the rest of your goatee which makes you kind of look like Tommy Stark, a famous superhero that Dash had taken a liking to. Only difference is that his is purple blue while yours is ember red and shorter.

"I will, now fly off to your friends." Scootaloo hurries out of the front door and gives you a quick wave before flying off into the orange sky.

Dash walks up beside you and rests her head on your shoulder as you watch your little girl disappear beyond the clouds. She might not be your biological daughter, but that doesn't mean you don't love her as your own.

She had been a bit difficult to convince to wear a white dress at your wedding but she had been smiling, even shedding a tear in the ceremony. That was about twenty weeks ago and since then Dash had gotten visibly larger now that she was with child. They had given Dash's friends quite the shock when you both revealed the news. Pinkie had even insisted that you and Dash were merely trying to pull a fast one of them.

You put an arm around her shoulder and the other on her belly. She smiled and put a hand over yours. "You're starting to get quite round," you say jokingly.

"And who's fault is that?" she joked back. "Last time I checked it was yours."

"Guilty as charged. So now that we've got the house to ourselves, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know, what do you want to do?" she says teasingly, but you give her a long and drawn-out yawn.

"Well, I kinda want to catch up on some sleep. To be honest the last few days have really taken a toll on me." You stretch your arms far above your head in a tired manner. Dash looks at you disappointed.

"Feather, do you still love me?"

You look at her in disbelief. "Dashie, of course I do, more than anything else. Why would you even need to ask?"

"It.. It's nothing, don't worry about it."

You of course immediately fail at not being worried. You take her pretty face in your hands. "Dash, if there is anything troubling you, you'll tell me right? I don't want you going around and having bad or hurt feelings when I might be the cause. You'd tell me, right?" She puts a hand on yours again.

"Yeah, it's just a personal thing." She clearly doesn't seem okay and there is something she's not telling you, but you let it go for now. Pushing at it won't make it easier for her and she will tell you when she feels comfortable with it.

"If you say so. Just don't go holding onto anything bad alone for too long, okay?"

"Yeah, I got it." She gives you a mundane smile. "Now go sleep on the couch already you old man, you don't wanna strain your back or anything."

Even though you are just two year older than her, she still find it fitting to call you old. You have also been training regularly and are almost as fast as her, but after becoming visibly pregnant the flying had taken a dive for her. Maybe that was what bothered her, the lack of flying you two had done lately. You realize it has been over three weeks since you've last flown together. You make a note to yourself that tomorrow you will go for a flight.


The next day you and Rainbow Dash stand outside on the clouds and look out over the sky. You unfold your wings and kick off into the air. You look back at her and wait for her to do the same but she hesitates.

"Come on now Dash, you're plenty strong enough to fly despite being pregnant. You can't be held back by some extra weight."

She stares at you, sending daggers. "It's more than just 'extra weight', it's another living person."

You fly down beside her. "Honey I know, but just because of that doesn't mean you shouldn't fly. Let's just take an easy sunday flight, okay? You won't want to get stiff wings, do you?" Stiff wings mostly mean you haven't used your wings for a while and that they would have stiffen up. You know that for Dash to get stiff wings is like giving up her flying so she takes a deep breath.

"Only a small flight."

"Only a small flight," you reply. She unfolds her cyan wings, gives them a few tempting flaps before kicking off and taking to the sky.

You follow her and notice she's a bit out of balance due to the increased weight in front. You fly up and support her as she is about to fall. She looks somewhat irritated.

"I knew this was stupid, let's just land already."

You shake your head at her. "Dash, it has been ages since you came out flying last. I know you are concerned about being with child, but you should still be able to do the things you enjoy, just a bit more carefully than normal." She sighs, but seems to mentally preparing herself.

"Okay then, let's do this for real now." You let her go and she seems more determined than before.

For a second it looks like she needs support again, but suddenly proceeds to dive. It is a very smooth dive with less of an angle than she'd normally have, going down and through a small cloud that shatters into smaller parts and then disappear. She raises her arms in the air before flying back up to you. She now has a big smile on her lips that suddenly are pushed against yours. This comes as a bit of a surprise on your path, but you lean against her and repay it. You just hover in the air for a bit with your mouths together before she pulls away.

"Thanks for getting me on my wings again. I've been thinking of doing it but I guess I needed some encouragement to actually go through with it."

"No problem hon, that's why I'm here. C'mon, let's take a flight to Centrum." You start to head for Cloudsdale's plaza but despite the smile on Dash's face, it seems that something is still off.

You land in the centrum of Cloudsdale, a shopping street for those living above the ground. There were stores specifically for wing treatment, wax and polish and feathering coloring stores which were the same as a wing tattoo.

Other than this it was it was just like the normal shops found on the earth. You are walking down the facade together, holding hands and you feel a stick of nostalgia from when you used to do this when you were living separately. You have just passed a perfume boutique when you hear someone yelling behind you.

"Hey Dash, is that you?!" The voice was clearly used to yelling a lot and had a very boyish tone to it even though it was a woman's voice. You see Dash freeze in place.

"Oh no, not her. Anyone, anyone but her." She seems to want to run away, when the person yelling comes up and puts an arm around her shoulder.

The woman had white hair in a very heavy-metal fashion, a bit too much eyeshadow and was wearing a deep brown leather jacket. She had the type of cocky smile few people could stand and a pretty big wingspan, meaning she must be griffin. You immediately recognize her as Dash's ex-girlfriend Gilda. She certainly hasn't changed from the pictures.

"Hey Dashie, who's this guy, a new man-slave for the bedroom?" She puts her in a headlock and rubs her knuckles into her head. Dach quickly breaks free and takes a few steps back.

"Hi Gilda, nice seeing you again," she says bitterly, but the griffin just ignores her tone.

'Nice seeing you?' What happened to you. You're suddenly being all formal and shit? The Dashie I knew would have started making out with me on the street."

You look to Dash who's too busy staring down the self-centered bitch. "That was another 'Dashie', this Dashie has learned her lesson about you and your type." The comments seem to peel off on her like old paint.

"Aww, c'mon sweetie, don't be like that. Don't you remember all the good times we had?"

You are about to break in but Dash stops you. It seems this is something she wants to take care of herself. "The only thing I remember was you violating me and cheating on me," Dash almost hisses.

"Pffft, that was like, three times, can't you just put the past behind you?"

"You put me through hell. I had my heart broken every time I gave you a new chance. You used me and I bet, no, I know you never even loved me honestly." She was on the brink of tears with all of her emotions towards Gilda coming out at once, but she remains as charismatic as before.

"Well I might admit that I kinda goofed it up but in war and love everything is legal, even forgiveness."

Dash flinched at this. "Wait, you're saying that I should forgive you? After all YOU did to ME?! You can rot in hell for all I care!"

Gilda faked a sad face. "Don't be so mad Dashie, I still care for you even though you've gotten a bit chubby and are covering over your loneliness with this dweeb who clearly uses his facial hair to look manly." She gestures to 've just about had enough of this self-arrogant piece of shit.

"Hey watch it, you never-" Dash stops you again. She clearly doesn't want you to be involved.

"You think I'm chubby?"

"Well it's not easy to cover over. I mean, you almost look like you're pregnant." She reaches out to touch Dash's stomach to make a point, but Dash backs off. "Of course I have an idea of how to burn away that fat."

"Thanks, but fuck off, if you've forgotten we aren't a couple anymore and I believe I made myself perfectly clear that I won't have anything to do with you. Ever."

It seemed that Gilda's patience had run out as she made an irritated look and grabbed Dash's shoulder. "C'mon Dash, don't be like this to me. There must be a way to make you forgive me." Dash tried to pull free from her grip, but her grip only tightened.

You finally snap from being just a spectator, clutch your right hand and plant it with heavy force in Gilda's left chin. It catches her off guard, mostly since she was too focused on Dash, and she falls to the ground. She sits up, still in shock, and puts her hand over the chin that you've hit which is already turning red. People around you turn to see what this sudden riot is all about and crowd around you.

"You keep your filthy hands off my wife you skank!"

She seems to be in utter confusion when she notices the ring on your hand. "Y-you're married!?"

The question was aimed at Dash, but when she didn't answer it pissed her off. "Here I thought you couldn't teach a bitch new tricks."

You grab her by the collar on her jacket and force her up. "You shut the fuck up," you yell in her face. "From what I've heard you have been the worst excuse of a lover to her and meeting you in person hasn't improved my vision of you in the slightest. All the pain and suffering you have caused her, her friends and everyone else close to her, it is something you will never be able to repay in a thousand years, but you don't give a shit. You are a horrible, despicable person that doesn't deserve a sliver of the care Dash may ever have shown you." You stop for a second to see her reaction which was just the one you were expecting. You push her back, making her bump into the people at the other side of the circle around them. "Get the hell out of here before I really get mad."

"You have your man do the fighting for ya now Dash," she sneered, undermining your threat. "The Dash I knew would have fought for herself."

"It's called showing compassion," Dash says, taking her hand in yours and standing beside you. "Standing alone against things might be a sign of strength but sticking up for each other is something much greater, something you never understood. By the way, the 'extra weight' is because I'm pregnant."

Gilda looks like she wants to say something about her being pregnant but ends up just giving you both a furious glare and hightailing it past the people who've cleared a path for her.

As Gilda takes to the sky, some people in the crowd start clapping. They are quickly accompanied by others until most of the people around are applauding, some even patting you on the back. You don't noticed how many have actually gathered around and you feel your face going red. In the middle of a handshake with a stranger Dash drags you out of the group.

"Okay mister popular, time to move on."

"Thanks, one more minute and they would have given me a Major's sash." She giggles as you walk away from the group who've starts to spread out.

"Well I hope you're not too high horse to buy us lunch." You see her dragging you to a cafe. "Watching you stand up for me made me hungry." You smile.

"Fine you glutton. You eat enough for two people, you know that?"

"Yeah, I know." She stopped outside the door to give you a quick kiss.


You arrive back home later in the day, the sun setting with a light buttercup yellow over the sky. The 'short flight' had dragged out a bit longer than you'd thought, mostly since Dash had been boltering in the clouds and pulling you into it as well. It had been fun though and she'd seemed happier than she had done in a long time.

"Well that was quite the workout," you say, wiping beads of sweat from your forehead. "I haven't been flying like that in forever. Hey, do you want something to drink too?" You walk into the kitchen and take out two water bottles.

"Feather, can I have a little talk to you?"

You quickly close the fridge and turn to her. She usually wasn't the the person to start a serious talk so you knew to listen when she did. "Shoot honey," you say and give her one of the bottles. "What is it?"

She didn't open it, just held it as a sort of comfort. "It's about the question yesterday, when I asked if you still loved me. I guess it came out of nowhere and was pretty confusing."

"Somewhat yeah, I mean, you asked and didn't seem quite happy with the answer." She drew a circle with her finger along the lid.

"Yeeaah, you see, after the wedding we just sorta, became a family. A family with things to do and a kid and house duties. I just feel like we might have moved too fast with it all." Your heart sinks like a stone in your chest. Is she saying what you thought she is saying?

"So you're saying you need a break?"

She looks shocked at you. "What?! Sweet Celestia no, I never meant that at all."

You let out a sigh in relief. "Then why did you word it like that? Geez, you scared me."

"Well sorry, it's just that we haven't really done anything we usually do and this whole being pregnant part makes me get the impression that I'm less sexyl." She looks down but you suddenly grabbing her shoulders makes her head shoot up again.

"Dashie, my sweet, loving Dashie, you are still the most wonderful thing in the world to me. We've both have been busy with being a family, you more than any of us, and you've been doing a wonderful job. We haven't been making time for only us for a while, but now we've got time and let me tell you, you are still sexy as hell even if you're pregnant." You see her blush a bit.

"Thanks, you're not too shabby yourself minus the swollen belly part."

You smile to her and put your hands on her bare stomach. "Just another way for you to be more sexy than me." You lean in and kiss her long and lovingly.

"You really think so, you think I'm still pretty being swollen up like this?" You take her face in your hands and look straight into her sky blue eyes.

"Dash, I married you because I love who you are, not how you look, although you look wonderful no matter what."

"D'aww, that's sweet of you to say." She rubs your rough face with a warm smile. You return it as you snuggle your nose against her.

"So then Rainbow 'Racer' Dash, are you ready to get down and dirty?" Her smile gets devious, revealing that her mind was giving her tempting images of what to do.

"You're putting me in charge of our nightly activity?" she said, putting her arms around your neck and tilting her head teasingly. "You know I have quite the hunger nowadays."

"I never back down from a challenge." You lock your lips with hers again, trying to put all his love into it.

As you run your hands through her hair, feeling it slip between your fingers, you lean in on her and make her take a step back. She bumps against the counter in the middle of the kitchen but you show off your strength by lifting her onto it. You continue kissing her slowly trailing them down to her neck and to her collar bone. She lets out a small pleased moan from your kisses and tugs some of your hair.

You feel like it is your first time all over again as you tuck your fingers under her shirt and start to lift it. Lifting her arms to let you undress her, you notice she's wearing a rainbow bra you'd got her a long time ago. You were sure you had gotten it in the right size, but it definitely looked too small on her. Cupping her soft melons, you can make out the texture of her perky nipples through the cloth on your palms. She gasps as you give them a squeeze and suddenly feel a bit of moistness on your hands.

"Dash, are you-"

"Yes, I am," she says sharp and her cheeks lit up. "That's what boobs are for in the first place dummy, they're to contain milk so obviously they will lactate when I'm pregnant. Honestly, why don't-" You stop her talking with another kiss.

"It's fine, I'll help you take some off your chest." She gives you the 'really?' look which comes up for every bad joke you make, but there is a smile there too.

"You really have to make bad jokes now?"

"Didn't it say somewhere that you had to laugh at all my jokes when we got married?"

"No." She guides your hands back on her chest. "But maybe you can convince me otherwise?" She then engulfs you in another tongue wrestle while you tends to her breasts.

They are heavier than usual but you keep on working with them, letting your fingers sink into her soft skin. You sneak your hands under the multi-colored bra and push it up, freeing her breasts from the undersized bra with a slight jiggle. First you just feel her form slowly following the curve of the breasts which sends a small shiver through her as you do. She lets you go from the salvia exchange so you could instead move you mouth to her chest.

"Don't bite too hard, they've gotten more sensitive the last week."

"I'll be gentle," you say as you put her left nipple in your mouth, carefully caressing it with your tongue.

A little milk gets on your tongue and you taste some of her sweet milk. It has a mild taste of sweetness to it and you suck a little to get a better taste. While sucking on the left one, you make sure to massage the other to balance it out. Dash comes with a long, drawn out moan of satisfaction from your work. Carefully, you start to nibble on her pink nip and she comes with a slight gasp, but no sign for you to stop. Her breath grows heavier when you suddenly stop.

"Shouldn't we do this someplace more comfortable?" you suggest.

"You're right, this counter is gonna kill my back." She jumped down from the counter and put her fingers between yours. "Let's do it just like when I hurt my wing and you took care of me." You smile.

"Maybe not exact, but I will try." You start to lead the way upstairs while exchanging kisses and stumbling a lot.

You finally reach the second floor and you enter your bed room. It's dark of course and you don't plan on having lights on for what you're about to do. What happened from here was a blur for you but she seems to remember as she pushes you onto the bed. She strips out of her pants and throw them carelessly on the floor before crawling into bed. Her head comes up above you. Her hair hanging like colorful curtains around her face, a face you have come to love more than anything and that always gives you warm and loving smiles just like now.

"I love you Feather," she says.

"I love you too Dash." Another kiss, shorter than the others, but full of compassion.

In the embrace of your lips, Dash starts to pull off your shirt. Your training have kinda fallen out due to wedding planning and general new family business but you still have visible muscles. Dash gives your body a longing look.

You let your hands travel up her legs, taking in the smooth skin. Getting to her hips, she pulls the string on the thong she's wearing teasingly before lowering the small covering part to just above her slit. You notice that she seems clean shaved but it's difficult to tell in the dark. You have not been doing any bush cutting, but you are still short from last trim.

She pulls it off, taking one leg out at the time and tosses it onto your chest as a tease. She sits just below your belt and you feel a dampness slowly soaking through your pants. It's been clear for several minutes now that you are aroused, but it seems like she's first now noticing it as she unbuckles your belt and open the zipper.

"Why hello there little fella," she says as your dick springs free from his imprisonment. "My, you're looking quite big tonight. Probably since It's been forever since I've seen you." She wraps her fingers around your shaft.

You crawl a bit backwards in the bed until your back hits against the head of the bed. Giving you a seaxy look, she follows before lowering her head into your lap and gives you a few strokes before licking the head long and slow. The pleasure feels amazing due to the long fall out you had and you groan, much to her satisfaction. Her hand's speeds a bit up as she lets her tongue roll around your glance, having you tense up a second.

Growing tired of the teasing, she goes in for the kill and takes about half the length of your almost fully erect meat. Her tongue rolling around your length and quickly soaking it with her saliva. Another groan escapes you from the feeling of her wet and warm embrace on your cock. She starts bobbing her head, coming with a few moans and slurps as she works her way further down your shaft. You decided to repay the favor and reach for her half-extended wings, finding her pressure spot immediately. She loses rhythm for a second as you grab her wings, but continues and you begin massaging her sensitive wing part.

Now downing you to the hilt, she hums as your grip tighten on her wings. She seems to gag slightly on your length, but she keeps on going nonetheless. Your breath heavily, but continue to please her. You feel that your limit start approaching already, but it seems like she notice it too since she stopped and took it out with a wet pop.

"Oh no, you don't dare be a loose cannon on me now. Here," she manages to pull you down onto your back again and swings herself over your chest, putting you in the sixty-nine position. Strutting her ass somewhat, she presents her moist sex to you. "A little payback for my efforts would be nice." Letting your hands slide from her back pelvis, around her soft round rump you place your thumbs on her lower lips and spread them apart.

"It would be my pleasure."

You stick your tongue past her lips and slide it along her slit, making her gasp. "Oh mmm," she moans. "You don't know how long I've wanted this."

You respond by giving her another lick from top to bottom for you and finish it with toying with her clitoris that make her groan more. She goes back to giving you a blowjob this time more slowly and not so deep to make your session last longer. In contrast to her you're doing your best to get her to your level of pleasure. You dig your tongue into her sweet pussy and rub her clit vigorously with your pinky. The taste of her pre-juices filled your mouth and gives you the taste of skittles. As you continue to drive your tongue deeper into her love caverns, you feel her start to pant and hum on your dick, making slight vibrations down your shaft.

She feels heavier than last time but of course she wasn't pregnant so it was just to be expected. Her tight butt has faded but as a replacement it is more plush and as you squeeze her bottom your fingers sinks into the smooth skin. Her sweet cent tingles in your nose, a sort of sugary smell that gets mixed with sweat. A groan escapes you as she starts to play around with your jewels and you repay her by locking your lips to her lower ones as let your lower lip rub against her swollen love button. Her panting is just short gasps now and her pussy walls starts to twitch around your tongue. You know what's to come and it puts you on the edge as well.

"Hmm, oh god yes Feather," Dash moanes. "You're so good at this, it feels amazing! I'm getting close, I'm getting- hnng!" Her whole body tenses up as you insert three fingers inside her.

Her muscles tightens around your fingers as she shudders and yells out in climax. Entering a world of liss Dash lets her tongue loll out and she grips the sheets as a squirt of liquids soaks your fingers and your face. Growing weak after the release she lets herself fall onto you. She's heaving for air and quickly gains her normal breathing pattern again.

"That felt sooo good, thank you Feather. I can't believe how long it's been since last time."

"Glad I could help you get out some tense." You make a motion for her to move, but she doesn't seem to idle to let you go.

"Hey, you're not thinking of leaving already, have you? You're not going anywhere until I have pleased you so stay down." You follow her order gladly as she turns herself around to face you again. "Get ready to get pounded."

"Oh no you don't." You top her over and she squeals surprised. Now you're on top. "It's you who will get the pounding here."

"Oh wow, you're taking charge now? What are you going to do to me?" You give her a lustful smile as you let your eyes travel down her beautiful body.

"I'm gonna fuck you so good, I'll show you how much I love you." You give her another passionate deep kiss.

"Well then." She throws her arms around your neck. "Let me feel your love." Her challenging look removes any doubt you might have on being demanding and you prop yourself at her soaked entrance.

With a long, drawn-out moan you push yourself inside her warm and tight pussy. You enjoy the warmth of her tunnel as you slowly go all the way in her. You bury your cock almost to the hilt but are brought to a stop as you feel her womb. You start to back out before slamming it back in a bit more forceful, making her gasp of joy. Leaning over her, you start to rock back and forth in steady motions as her chest, and slightly inflated stomach jiggled in rhythm. Her squeals and happy panting drives you to put more force in your thrusts which makes her cries of pleasure grow more high-pitched.

The smell of sex and testosterone is strong, together with a hint of sweat making you more immersed in the moment. Trailing kisses down from her collarbone to her cleavage leaves you with a slight salty taste on your lips. You place your hands on her hips to make your movements more and you can't help but caress her tattoo, reminding you that she'd managed to talk you into getting one yourself, a lightning with a red wing crossing over it.

You feel her legs cross around your lower back and pushing you close into her. You try to back out to continue but she has you locked in her wet and warm love tunnel. Her breath is heavy and her face is red with a few beads of sweat but also a happy and excited smile. Hinting with her eyes she tells you that she wants you to give her breasts more attention. She didn't need to tell you twice but as you put your hands on her delightfully smooth chest, she grabs you on the shoulders.

"Reverse time," Before you can do anything, she flips you over to your back just as you did to her earlier. "How do you like them apples?"

"I'd rather say they're more like big water balloon," you say with your hands still on her chest.

You squeeze them a bit bard which draws a slight dribble of milk from her. "Mmmm, you really know how to move me." She lets her whole body relaxes on top of you. "Now then, is there anything special you want to do with me?" You can think of many things and it seems she reads your mind.

"I got one thing in mind."

"Only one? I was hoping for a lot more."

You give her a sly smile. "Oh trust me it will be good."

She leans down close to your face and repays the grin. "Then show me master."

"Turn around."

She looks a bit confused and disappointed but she slides off your stiff member. After turning you start to guide her ass back down mostly to have a hold of her. She sits back down and lets out a pleased gasp as your cock goes back inside her. You sit up as well and put your arms around her stomach, rubbing her somewhat pudgy belly.

"You okay?" You say while resting your head on her shoulder.

"Yeah, it's just a bit different not having you in front of me." She leans her head back to give you a kiss. "Now please fuck me."

You gladly obey as you start to move with small thrusts. It feels like you are about to pop out of her every time you go back but you manage to stay inside. You feel the backside of your dick grinding against the top of her entrance and the tip rubbing just below the entrance to her womb. She immediately tugs your hair from the thrusts and she lets out loud moans between her clenched teeth.

"Oh sweet celestia, you're hitting my g-spot so good Feather, oh my god yes."

This must have been the quickest you have gotten her to this point. You keep on thrusting deep inside her as your let your hands travel up to her bouncing chest and grabbing them firmly as you run your fingers around her hard nipples. The pleasure running through your body drives you to new heights as ecstasy rivers your bodies. Your grunts grows heavy while her gets higher and louder as you put more pressure on her breasts and makes more sweet liquid leak. The pressure you know so well starts building up inside your balls and her inner walls tightens around your throbbing member.

"YES, oh yes Feather, I love you so much! I'm getting close sweetie, I'm close!"

"I'm too, oh god, you feel so good. I can't hold it anymore Dash, I'm coming!" With one last thrust you go deep inside her as she comes with a high scream of pleasure and climaxes with you.

You feel yourself burst inside her, spraying her clenching pussy with your thick semen. Your hips buck by themselves as you unload big streams of cum into her with heavy pleased groans. Dash shudders on your lap as she reached her limit as well. Letting out a long relieved moan. You can feel her hot juices flow over your cock. The mix of your juices quickly overflows and seeps onto the bed. Out of power Dash leans back on you who falls back on the bed and comes out of her with a small wet pop. She lies in complete bliss on top of you for another minute or so before placing herself beside you.

"You really know how to still give me a good pounding, don't you?" she says still catching her breath and puts her hand in yours. "Thank you."

"No Dash thank you. Thanks for bringing my focus back to what's important. You." You turn to her and give her a loving and somewhat tired kiss. "I love you so much Dash."

"I know Feather, I know. I love you too" She gives you a warm and loving look before you go to sleep with Dash nuzzling herself against you.


Four months later you sit in the waiting room of the Ponyville hospital with Scootaloo. You barely manage to keep still and you're frantically twisting your hands as it calms you down. Scootaloo sits at least more calmly than you, but she definitely looks as worried as you while she looks at her swinging feet. Just when you stand up to go and look for a doctor one opens the doors from the birthing hall.

"Now? How is she? Is she okay? Can we see her?" The doctor looks confused at you for a second.

"Excuse me, but don't I know you from somewhere? Have you been in the Canterlot hospital?" The question throws you off and you stand a bit perplexed as you think it over.

"Y-yeah, I mean no, my wife was there a long time ago."

The doctor smiles. "Yes I remember, you came running in and make quite the ruckus." Scootaloo comes up on your left side.

"Please, can we see Mom now?"

He kneels down to come down at her, something she doesn't like any other person than you and Dash doing since it makes her feel small. "Yes sweetie, you can just step inside."

She gives him a fake smile before dragging you after her into the room. Sitting up in a hospital bed with a pale green blanket and fuzzed hair is Dash, holding a white bundle in her arms. She greets you with a tired but warm smile as you step up to her bed. Tilting the cloth heap and taking a bit of it away, she reveals a little sleeping face. You can't hold back the tears of happiness as Scootaloo leans over the bed to look closer at him with big eyes.

"It's a boy," Dash says a bit hoarse. "A little flyer with tiny purple wings."

Scootaloo puts her finger in his tiny hand and he automatically locks his small fist around her finger. "Hi there little man, I'm your sister. I'll make sure you'll fly just as dangerously as Mom does." Dash chuckles a bit. "Have you guys decided on a name for him?"

"Yes we have actually." You put your hands on her shoulder as you look at Dash. "We've been thinking of Cloud Jumper."

Scootaloo seems to ponder it for a second. "Cloud Jumper... I bet it'll suit him perfectly. He'll probably be the best thundercloud maker with a name like that."

You lean over her and give Dash a kiss on the lips. "I bet he'll be a real troublemaker just like his mother." She gives you a slightly upset look, but she smiles nonetheless.

"With you as the father he's sure to be."