He watched as Oliver slid open a door to the old Queen Industrial Steel factory. The place had not fared as well as Ollie in the past five years. The buildings around were dilapidated and weather worn. All he could think was 'What a dump!' So Tommy was a little surprised when Oliver asked him what he thought of the place as a night club.

"Sweet!" he lied. 'What the hell?' he thought, but he said, "Though, I gotta tell ya, man, if you're thinking about calling it Queen's, I don't think you're gonna get the clientele you're hoping for," Tommy joked.

"Private office," Oliver said, pointing at the office that sat up above the main floor.

"For the private, one on one meetings, I would imagine," Tommy smirked, as he slapped Ollie on the shoulder. He felt the slight flinch in Oliver's arm, but didn't think much of it.

"Hopefully the occasional two on one meetings," Oliver snapped back. Tommy laughed. Hopefully, he would be invited as one of the two someday. It had happened before, but then, he'd been focusing more on the girl between them. Then, he hadn't realized that he was in love with his best friend.

"Man," he said with a grin, "Are you sure you want to do this? It's not like you really have any experience running a b-" he hesitated, he was going to say bar. Then he was going to say business, but he ended up saying, "well, running anything."

Oliver shot him a look. Tommy saw the determination in his eyes. There was a reason he needed to make it happen. There was a reason this place needed to succeed. So, Tommy knew he'd support Oliver any way he could.

"How about, tomorrow night, the two of us we go and scope out the competition? There's a new club opening downtown. It's called 'Poison'. Max Fuller owns it."

"Max Fuller?"

"Uh huh."

"I slept with his fiancée."

"Yeah, before the wedding," Tommy smirked.

"It was at the rehearsal dinner," Oliver said seriously.

""The rehearsal dinner is technically before the wedding, right?" he said on a laugh. 'Ah! The good old days!' he thought. How he couldn't wait to get back to those! His heart almost stopped as he saw the first real smile and heard the first real laugh he'd heard from Oliver since his return. He was even more stunning than he'd thought.

His phone rang as he said, "Besides, who stays mad at a castaway?" He looked at his phone. When he saw who the text was from, he said, "Ah damn it, I gotta roll. Anyway, I'll see ya later, man. Good place," he headed towards the door, so many things running through his head as he prep himself for the meeting about to come.

'His lair. That's what it had to be,' Tommy thought. What other reason would he have to create a club in the middle of nowhere, in his father's old factory? If Oliver Queen was the green-hooded arrow guy, he would need a base of operation away from friends and family, right? And a place where he was supposed to be that hid the place he needed to be was the perfect cover.

He'd have to explore that some more in the coming days. But first, a little meeting with dear old dad…