The beat was slammin' as they came through the lobby of Poison. Tommy chuckled and the throb it sent through his whole body. He had missed these days…ok, not really. He'd gone to plenty of parties and clubs while Oliver was gone, but to have his pal back with him, beside him, his heart thumped with renewed vigor.

"This is gonna be killer," he said.

"If Max Fully sees me here, I agree."

"Ah, if you wanna run a business, you gotta take a few risks."

They were stopped by Dig calling for Ollie. They turned around so Oliver could talk to the bouncer and Tommy took the opportunity to take a glance at Oliver's very smokin' backside. His thoughts started to run on the dirty side as Oliver "straightened the matter out"…which meant he left Diggle standing at the ropes. He couldn't help but laugh at Oliver's antics.

The moment he saw Laurel, he knew the night was going to be different than he'd planned. When Laurel was around, everything changed for Oliver.

"Oh, wow! Doesn't you going out and having fun violate some kind of law? You know, like the ones that are carved on a stone tablet?" he asked sarcastically. He really was pissed that of all nights, she was here. If anything, her being at the club gave Oliver yet another reason to be out of sorts in the place. Oliver was already stressing about meeting up with Max Fuller. Laurel's presence just made the night less fun than a Jag with a flat tire.

"That's cute, Tommy," she said with a grimace. Obviously, she had not expected them to be there either.

"Thanks!" he said with a cheeky grin.

"I can see you two are up to your old hunting patterns."

"Just seeing what passes for fun in Starling City after five years," Oliver said.

"Ah! Well, I'm sure you'll find it just hasn't been the same without you!" she said with a bitchy smile.

"Big brother!" he heard from half way across the room. Thea came running up to Oliver. 'SHIT!' Tommy thought, 'Just what we all need! Drunk-ass little sister with the big mouth!'

He turned to the bartender and ordered a shot of tequila for himself and Laurel. He had a feeling they were going to need it. Laurel looked up at him as he slid the second shot to her. They weren't talking, but he could see the apology in her eyes. He nodded at her while Oliver and Thea talked. He wasn't really trying to listen completely in on the conversation, but even with the thumping beat and the hundreds of voices, it wasn't difficult to hear Thea's drunk voice over the noise.

"Thea," Oliver said tightly, "you're hanging with the wrong people."

"You're one to talk," Thea said on a derisive laugh. Laurel looked at Tommy with a tinge of panic in her eyes, "How much do you know about your so called friends over here?"

'Shit,' Tommy thought again, 'It's about to hit the fan.'

"Whoa, Thea maybe you shouldn't-" he tried to interrupt.

"Tommy," she cut him off, "I think your BFF has a right to know!"

"Thea," Oliver said, obviously not really wanting to hear what she had to say, "Let's go."

"I guess they never told you that they've been screwing while you were gone!"

'Shit!' Tommy looked at Oliver and tried to assess what he was thinking. His face was completely blank. No emotion. Either he was deeply, deeply hurt or he felt nothing. Thea looked over to him and Laurel with a smirk. Tommy looked at Laurel before he felt compelled to explain.

"Look, man, I-" he started.

"Tommy," Oliver interrupted, "It's okay."

Tommy was in a panic. He couldn't take his eyes off Oliver. He begged him to forgive him without words. He'd heard the anger in Oliver's tone. Suddenly, he couldn't find a place to look. Everything he feared was happening. The bad part was that Tommy didn't really know who Oliver was angry at: him or Thea.

"You and me," Oliver said to Thea, "we're done for the night!" He grabbed and started to drag Thea toward the door. Suddenly, Tommy couldn't take his eyes off Oliver again.

"Take your hand off me!" she yelled, shoving his hands away. "You're not my father, and you're barely my brother!" she growled just before she stormed away.

Oliver stood absolutely silent; absolutely still. The hurt was evident on his face. All Tommy wanted to do was find a way to comfort him, but he was sure that any words, let alone a touch would be accepted from him at the moment. He was saved from his dilemma when he heard Max Fuller's voice.

"Well, well," the club owner, "Look at this! Oliver Queen!"

He watched as Oliver turned. Ollie threw him a look that said, 'See! I just KNEW this was going to happen!' and Tommy cringed. Oliver schooled his face to a polite indifference.

"Max Fuller," he said with a half smile, "How ya been?"

"Happy you drowned," the man said with a straight face.

Ollie's face dropped and Tommy hung his head. This was going to be a really long night!