Rhydians pov

Im supposed to be doing football practice but all I can think about is her ,I cant help myself I love Maddy and there is nothing I can do about it . Her smile her laugh ohh her laugh its so beautiful just like her ,her deep brown eyes and smooth hair. "FOCUS Rhydian"

Maddys pov

Damm he can read me like a book always knows what to say and do all of the time he seriously needs to stop being perfect it kills me. When we are together my world is ...

bell rings

"madds wanna go to berneys with me and tom dad cooking and its not going to be pretty" shannon pleaded

"sorry shan promised mam i would help her with ... COOKING "she bit her lip she didnt know if shan would belive her when rhydian came and saved the day.

"come on mads we gotta go ... "like now"

it was the night of the full moon and they didnt want to take any risks this time round and there previous experiances on the full moon are quite complicated.