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PS: The lyrics are from the song Hysteria by Muse.


Lying on the bed, I try to sleep but I can't. Tonight it's her birthday, finally becoming 17. And ready to fight Voldemort.

It's impossible to think anything else. Anyone else. Her beautiful brown eyes haunt me. The way she laughs. Her stubbornness and her will to live. Her faith that one day everything will be fine.

I'm her worst enemy. The Ferret. The Pureblood Prince of Slytherin House, son of the most well-known Death Eater. Hell, my aunt is Bellatrix Lestrange, second of the Dark Lord. Possible Death Eater, like my father. There is no reason for her to like me.

But again, she isn't the one tormented by visions of her. I want her. I need her, with a ferocity that scares the hell out of me. One might even say that I love her. But the thing is that she will never love me. Me, Draco Lucius Malfoy. Yeah, that would be funny.

What was that Muggle song says?

"I want you now, I want you now, I feel my heart implode. And I'm breaking out, escaping now, feeling my faith erode."

Oh now I remember. My favourite Muggle band, Muse.

And those lyrics describe me completely.

In the end, why should I follow a mad man in his way to destruction? Why should I torment people? Because he tells me it's my right to? I have nothing to be blackmailed with. The only thing that made me I agree to this oh-Draco-kill-Dumbledore-because-I-told-you-so thing was my mother. But my mother –with the help of Snape, of course- is hidden somewhere in USA, away from everything and everyone.

Finally, when the lightning strikes outside and rain starts to fall, I realize it: there is no reason for me to go with him. I choose the Light. I choose freedom. I choose HER.

Tonight, Malfoy dies. Draco emerges with a might and strength I didn't even knew I had. And Draco will do anything, everything, to be with Hermione Granger. Nothing will stop me. Nothing.