Chapter 1: New Students

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Nina's POV:

We are all sitting in the living room talking about our summers.

"I went to Paris with Alfie." Amber exclaimed. Fabian looked at me. I looked at him and smiled.

"Aw. How was it Amber?" Joy questioned. Joy and I have been on good terms. I don't completely trust her though. After all that happened do you really blame me?

"It was so beautiful and romantic!" she stated and looked at Alfie. Aw. Trudy entered.

"Alright everyone. Welcome back. I have some great news. We are having six new students. Their names are Rebecca Jones, Allyson Giovanni, (A/N: You didn't put a last name so I just guessed.), Peyton Lawrence, Jake Champman, Josh Murphy, and Jason Jonson." she stated. My eyes widened at Josh Murphy. It can't be the same ex-boyfriend that cheated on me and broke my heart. Fabian looked at me confused. There was a knock on the door and Trudy went to go get it. She came back with the six new students. Josh smirked at me and Fabian noticied.

"Welcome to the House of Anubis! These are your housemates Nina, Amber, Joy, Patricia, Mara, Fabian, Mick, Alfie, Jerome and Eddie. Everyone this is Rebecca, Allyson, Peyton, Jake, Josh and Jason." Trudy introduced.

"Now I will be giving you your rooms. The rooms are Nina, Amber and Patricia, Joy, Mara and Rebecca, Allyson and Peyton you will be in the attic. Jake, Eddie, Mick and Fabian. Last but not least are Jerome, Alfie, Josh and Jason." Trudy finished. She then left. I looked at Amber and Patricia and smiled as did they. The new people sat down and Josh came over to me and sat down on the other side of Fabian. I turned to Fabian and he looked jealous.

"Hey Nina. I missed you." he exclaimed putting his arm around me. I yanked it off. I then stood up.

"Really Josh? We were done years ago! After you cheated on me with my enemy! Honestly you coming here is not good. We are never getting back together! Ever so get that through your head now!" I screamed and then stomped upstairs and slammed my door. I then laid down on my bed.

Fabian's POV:

After Nina yelled at Josh and stomped upstairs, I stood up.

"Leave my girlfriend alone." I snapped and ran upstairs into Nina's room. I went into her room.

"Nina. Are you ok?" I asked as I saw tears down her face. I moved her legs and sat down next to her.

"I just can't believe he came here. I hate him with passion." she stated. I kissed her passionately. We broke apart.

"I love you. Forever and always." I said.

"I love you to." she said and we kissed once more. We pulled apart and headed downstairs. I had my arm around Nina and when we walked in, Josh glared at me. We sat down next to Peddie.

Rebecca's POV:

Wow. I have been here for like a minute and there is already drama. My roommates Mara and Joy. I finished and we sat down.

"So Rebecca what do you like to do?" Joy asked.

"Well I like dancing, shopping, designer clothes, high heels, and reading." I explained.

"I love reading. What books do you read?" Mara asked.

"I read everything. I love historical fiction and mystery books. Those are my favorites!" I exclaimed.

"Oh my god same! I also am in love with romantic novels." Mara stated. I smiled. She is so nice.

"So do you have any nicknames or do you like to be called Rebecca?" Joy asked.

"Beca." I replied.

"Ok!" Joy exclaimed.

Allyson's POV:

I have been here for like an hour and there is already drama. Joy seems like a fake. I can tell. I meet a bunch of phonies before.

"So Allyson what do you like to do?" Joy asked.

"Well. I like hanging out with friends, reading and being myself." I smiled. Joy rolled her eyes and Mick elbowed her. Joy glared at Mick.

"I liked to be called Ally." I stated. I looked at the boy named Alfie. He is so cute. My cell rang and I looked at the caller Id. It was my ex-boyfriend Daniel. He got me pregnant and he has been dying to see my kid. I left her in the care of my older cousin Maria. I am defiantly not telling people here about this. I pressed ignored.

"Who was that?" Amber interrogated.

"Um my mom. I will call her back later." I replied. They don't need to know everything.

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