This just came to my mind, when I worked on our new project (being an actress also means singing sometimes). And because I like LwD so much, I wrote this little drabble for you.

italics: Lyrics of the song "I'll never fall in love again"
Takes place in season one.

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"What do you get, when you fall in love, Ms MacDonald?"

"Love is nothing more than chemistry in the brain. Some hormones give you the feeling that you can't breathe, eat or sleep without the person you saw in a moment, where your heart raced at a way too fast pace. You think, you're invincible and then you need more of that person. You get kind of addicted. But at some point you have to stop loving this person, because it gets unhealthy for you. Finally you suffer, again unable to breathe, eat or sleep without the person you lifted on a pedestal. In fact- love and drugs have the same effect on the mind."

Somewhere in the classroom someone cough "Frustrated keener". Casey ignored it and looked back on the pages of her book. Of course, she took this "drug" herself and now she was at the stage of suffering. Being the person she was, this meant snapping at everyone who dares to come near her for more than just passing by.

Even her best friend Emily. "Hey Casey! I haven't seen Derek-"

"Derek here, Derek there. Wake up and smell the womanizer! He is not the one you want, he can't give you a house and children! He is a guy with a pin to burst your bubble of dreams! He'll ruin everything!" She slammed her books in the locker and its door behind them. Then she stomped away to her literature-class.
Emily watched her friend, furrowed her brows and murmured perplexed: "I just wanted to ask if he's okay, not for a permission to marry him…" Sighing, she followed Casey.

At lunchtime Casey has cooled down. Her head laid on the table before her. She was desperate.

"I moved in with them, I fought for having my own room. And all my mother said was "You'll get used to it" and she bought me earplugs to keep the boys out." She sounded, as if she was going to cry any time soon.
"That's what you get for all your trouble? I really thought your mum would at least buy you something more than earplugs." She shoved some salad into her mouth.
"Why do you even admire Derek so much? I mean, I told you, how he is-"

"Good looking, popular, sporty- a living cliché, I know. Still, if I can't have him, I'll never fall in love again with any other guy."

Casey rolled her eyes. Why was Emily soo difficult?
And why were her words haunting Casey the rest of the day at school? "I'll never fall in love again…"


"Edwin, tell me-What do you get when you kiss a girl?"

"I don't know Derek, I never came to kiss Molly or Tonja, remember?"

"And we'll change that. A Venturi never meets a girl without kissing her, understand?"

"Guess so…but how to do?" Edwin sat at the dining table, listening to Derek's lesson in how-to-treat-a-girl-when-you're-a-Venturi. He admired his big brother, but sometimes it was just too much. Maybe a good fight with Casey distracted Derek. Luckily she walked through the door at this very moment.
"Easy." Edwin was pushed down into his seat as he tried to get up and away. "You spin her around, just like this…" He grabbed Casey by the waist and spun her towards him. Of course, she struggled to get free from his grip.
"…look her deep in the eyes…", he did with a smirk bigger than his ego, as Casey thought.

"…and then you kiss her." Derek leaned in and saw the shock in her eyes. Priceless.

"Of course, you have to kiss only the good ones. Never kiss a girl not worth it." He let go of his step-sister and turned to his brother. "Otherwise you get enough germs to catch pneumonia, and that means you don't get to kiss the hot girls. Is this clear?" Sure of himself he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Don't listen to him- girls like boys, who have brains and smell good." Casey shoved Derek away to get to the stairs. She had had a really hard day and the last thing she needed was him. "You ask her politely for a date and then give her your number."
"After you do, she'll never phone you", Derek chuckled as he looked at her.

"Then she probably isn't interested in you." She turned her gaze to the older step. "And you go to the next one, thinking not every one can resist your…,"she mustered him from head to toe then spit the word out. "…charms."
"Jealousy doesn't fit a keener like you, Case!" He called after her, only hearing her door shut.

"And first of all-don't fall in love. And if you do then swear yourself: I'll never fall in love again, over and over, I'll never fall in love again." Derek didn't look at his brother, when he said that, he said it to the stairs Casey had just went up.


"I'm sorry, Emily. I didn't mean to snap at you like that." Casey hung on the phone.
"It's okay, I guess my swooning for your brother-"


"Got it. For your step-brother was too much for you. But would you do me a favour? About your life with Derek…"
"Don't tell me what it's all about, 'cause I won't listen to it, so you can save your breath for something more useful."
"I'll try," Casey laughed.
"Then good night, Casey!"
With a "Good night, Emily" she hung up.

As if she'd waited outside, Marti stormed in.
"Casey! Let's play princesses!" She jumped on her sister's bed and it looked as if she wouldn't stop bouncing any time soon. Unless…
"What about hide and seek? You hide and I'll count to hundred and seek you."
"Yey!" Marti jumped off the bed and ran out. Casey sighed. Life is so easy, when you're a kid. Now on the other hand she was allowed to be on her own and stay up as long as she wanted. Every age had it's own problems, and she wouldn't go back to being a kid for all the money she could be offered. I've been there and I'm glad I'm out, out of those chains, those chains that bind you to someone who tells you what to do all the time, she thought to herself.
"Casey! You know, we play hide-and-seek, don't you?" Marti poked her head in the room again.
"Oh, I'm sorry Marti, I forgot-"

"That is why I'm here to remind you!" And she dashed off again. Casey closed her book. The Venturi-genes weren't so different when they were in a girl. In some way they always got you to do what they wanted, if you don't want to pick a fight with them. Which was sometimes very funny. Not with Marti, but with her brother…shaking her head, she got up and searched for the one of the two who are allowed to call her sister without sharing blood.


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