"Let me tell you one thing Casey- this is going to hurt me more than you."

With that he pressed his lips on hers. He felt her astonishment, but squeezed his eyes shut. At this moment he knew he couldn't bear to see the shock and disgust that must be in her sapphire orbs.
After some moments the incredible happened: he felt her kissing back. And her passion wasn't something he was prepared for.
Heavily panting they broke apart.

Casey only looked him in the eye. "Since when?"
"That day you went down the stairs at school. Before I even realized who you were by then, I fell…and made you fall as well." he chuckled. All the tension he had felt seconds before was gone, vanished by the kiss.
"Took me some time longer…" She laid her arms around his neck.
"How much?"
"Mmm, the evening you asked me for help with our school- project."
"I could barely keep my hands by myself that evening, told myself it was just the new situation of learning clouding my mind with some silly things, but then…" he shrugged. "You caught me, I guess."
She smiled at him. "You know what? You were right with what you said to Ed. May I quote?" She tilted her head.
"Go on." he let his hands wander around her waist to her back. He'd missed her warmth before he even knew it.
"I'll never fall in love again." she whispered and leaned in to kiss him.

"I'll never fall in love again, huh?" Edwin was sitting on the stairs.

Derek smirked at him. "I was being honest: I'll never fall in love again. With no other girl."

Casey looked at Edwin. Suddenly she knew what he wanted. Yes, he was just a copy of his brother. "Maybe you should go and talk to Lizzy. Unless, you want to watch us…" She kissed Derek just to get rid of Edwin. Derek's mean side already rubbed off on her.
"Do whatever you guys want. But don't do it in front of me, 'kay?"
Not sure, if they heard him, he went upstairs and knocked on Lizzy's door. When she opened he took a deep breath: "I'll never fall in love again."


"So, you want to tell us, that we're not the only Venturi-MacDonald couple in this house?" Nora looked at her elder daughter.

"To be honest, no."

"Lizzy, let me answer." Casey hissed at her sister.

"So you and Edwin too?" George didn't know where to look.

"I guess you should've brought a MacDonald for Marti."
"What? Now we only have the Venturi-men convincing the MacDonald-women that we are the best." He leaned back and smirked. Casey face-palmed. Why did she fall for Derek again?
"I think, it's cute." Marti said into the silence. "And I was the first to know!"
"But now…" Edwin pointed a finger at her. "…we all will test your boyfriend even harder, because after all- he can't be family before he marries you."

"That's a good point, Edwin," Nora said. "So you Venturi-men", she made quotation marks with her fingers "hopefully make it better than we did. After all-you have it very easy: you can bring your women home and don't have to make your way home alone. You can bring her over every time for dinner and sleep-over and you won't make her unhappy without turning your whole family against you."
"Hey, what about "Venturi's keep their backs?" ", Edwin asked.

"That won't work, son, these ladies are way too good to be unhappy. So take care of Lizzy, if she's unhappy, we're unhappy."
"And you get kicked out of that house."
"Marti!" A six-voice canon exclaimed.
"What?! I'm right. I'm the only one without pink glasses."

"Not for long." Casey smirked at her little sister and took out some pink heart-shaped sunglasses.
In attempt to set them on her little sister's nose, she chased after her, while the rest of the family laughed. This was the chaos they lived in.


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