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Amanda turned down Sam's offer to a drink as she had to walk ziggy. As soon as Amanda had walked off around the corner Sam walked as quickly as she could to the staff room and sat herself down on the sofa in the corner of the room.

She knew that she loved tom, but the hurt she saw on Dylan's face was devastating when he told her and Tom about seeing them kiss and made her feel as if she should cry . Sam knew she had ruined it for her and Dylan and knew it was her that walked out on him but she felt so annoyed with herself for making Dylan feel like that!

Sam was so deep in thought she didn't realise Tom had come and sat down next to her until he pulled her body into his chest. 'it's okay Sam, he would have found out sooner or later.'

Sam sat still and thought for a minute... Her and Tom weren't officially together , they had just kissed a lot and been out for dinner with eachother. They had never slept together or anything like that but she felt safe when her and Tom were close and never wanted that feeling to go. ' I know , but I was married to him and I feel as if I should have told him... But anyway let's just forget about it and later you have to make it up to me!' Tom just giggled and pulled Sam into a long embrace. After about 5 minutes he realised Sam was half asleep with her head resting on his chest, he gently stroked a piece of stray hair from her face behind her ear and gentle kissed her forehead. Sam's eye opened slowly and kissed him gently on the lips.

Tom got Sam up and told her they only had 20 minutes left of their shift then he wanted to speak to her in the staff room after. Sam wondered why but as she was walking to her last patient of the days' cubicle she saw Dylan , their eye contact was only briefs but long enough for Sam to show Dylan that they were over a long time ago and that she was happy how she was.

'hello Masie , how's your arm?' Sam asked as she ended a cubicle with a 6 year girl on the bed and her mother sitting next to her. 'the cast is heavy but it doesn't hurt anymore , can I go home now , I need to tell my teddies that I'm okay!?' Masie said this in such an innocent voice it made Sam realised how much she wanted a little child. ' yes ,you can go now' Sam replied with a smile and with that Sam left the cubicle and headed towards the staff room to find Tom.

Sam peered through the door and saw Tom just taking his scrubs top off to put his casual top on , she knew that he would be there now because she knows that after every shift he got to the men's to change his trousers then Changes his top in the staff room.

Tom didn't realise Sam was there until he felt her arms wrap around his body and a gentle kiss on his back, he turned around he wrapped his arms around her waist. 'You wanted to see me Dr Kent ?' Sam questioned trying not to laugh at the fact she was calling him by his work name even though they were standing in the staff room with their arms wrapped around each otherand also that Tom was wearing no shirt in the middle of where he worked.

' Yes I do indeed , firstly I think I should put my top on because it would be very awkward explaining to Zoe if she walked in why we were standing like this and especially as I don't have a top on! ,secondly I will tell you why I wanted to see you when I have put my top on!' and with that Tom kissed Sam gently on the lips then turned to put his top on!He then took sams hand and lead her to the sofa , Sam couldn't read his face expression so hoped for the best .

'Sooooo? What did u want to talk to me about?' Sam queried . Tom moved to the edge of the sofa so he could lean again the arm and then pulled Sam close to him , she was resting her head on his side then he started ' now that Dylan's has seen us kissing I was wondering if we could make us official ?' when Sam heard this she sat up and just smiled after a few seconds she replied 'of course! ' they both leant in at the same time , this kiss was slow and pationate it lasted a few minutes until they heard the door of the staff room close , they both looked up to see Linda just stood there smiling.

'Urmm ... Hi ' Linda stated awkwardly , she didn't know if what she saw was a vision on if it did really happen! ' hi , well this is awkward!' Sam joked , ' yep it is indeed! Urmm everyone is coming in in a few minutes because this is the staff room and their shifts have ended!' Linda told Sam and Tom. ' yeah I guessed , we were going to tell everyone today but we have only just decided ourselves that we wanted a relationship ! And to be honest we only decided that about 5 minutes ago !' tom said quite defensively , he finished his statement by saying ' to congratulate ourselves drinks are on us tonight!'

About 10 minutes later everyone was in the staff room and chatting amongst themselves when suddenly Tom stood up and asked for quiet ' I would like to say drinks are on us tonight!' people looked confused when he said us! ' by us I mean myself and my beautiful girlfriend ... Sam!' everyone cheered and you could also hear a few wolf whistles, Sam could feel she was blushing so stood up and added on 'so lets get going to the pub!' Sam and Tom walked out hand in hand leading the whole group.

After many congratulations Sam and Tom were finally alone huddled together on sofa by the fire in the pub. They were gazing into each others eyes finally Tom broke the silence , he leant forward to Sam's ear and whispered ' I love you ' and Sam simpily replied 'I love you to!' for the second time within a few hours they leant in at the same time , the kiss was just meant to be a little peck on the lips but it became slow and pationate , they were so lost in the moment they didn't hear everyone cheering behind. When they finally broke apart Tom offered to walk Sam home , she accepted this gratefully .

It was a nice evening , the air was crisp and the roads were empty , Sam and Tom were walking back to Sam's house , fingers intwined and Sam's head resting on toms shoulder! They arrived at sam's house , it was neatly furnished in a modern way , Tom has been there before but only when picking Sam up to go out for dinner; so he had only been in the lounge. Tom Shut the front door behind them and Sam turned around to face him , the kiss was slow at first but then they were both craving more of each other! Sam lead Tom to her bedroom and they had a perfect night!

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