Sam and Tom arrived at work together on their bikes , they would have driven but Sam realised she hadn't exercised all day so Sam took her bike to toms and waited whilst he got his out then they raced each other to the ED , Sam won , she told Tom she would but he didn't believe her but then he realised she cycles to work every day!

They walked into the the department together and straight into the staff room where they both got some scrubs bottoms then went to their separate gender toilets , Tom was changed out of his trousers quickest so waited for Sam to come out. ' Gees you take ages to just take some trousers off and put some more on!' Tom joked and Sam couldn't help but laugh at him because he was currently wearing a polo shirt and scrubs bottoms! 'well at least I have fashion sense ' Sam teased Tom whilst looking him up and down. They were joking all the way back to the staff room .

When they arrived it was empty , Sam offered to go and get herself and Tom a scrub top each if he made her a hot chocolate and him what ever he wanted , after a bit of persuading Tom realised how much Sam wanted a hot chocolate so he agreed. Sam had got them each a scrub top and chucked tom's at him . 'Sam ... Did you get me an small on purpose ?' Sam couldn't stop laughing as tom stood there topless holding a scrub top that was meant to be for Sam! She then out the one on that she had and realised it was Tom's size!

'Sam that looks like such a nice dress!' Tom walked over to her and put her hot chocolate on the side and pulled her close. 'please may you remove your top so that I can wear it?' Tom whispered in her ear in a jokey voice . Sam thought of a quick reply ' If you want it you have to come and get it!' she whispered back then ran to the other side of the room .

Linda had been watching since Sam had got the scrub tops and was killing herself laughing , she realised Zoe was heading towards the staff room so quickly ran in to warn Sam and Tom . Linda started 'Sam , Tom Zoe is ...' the door opened and Zoe entered . 'What is going on here?' Zoe questioned totally confused ' Tom why does Sam seem to have your top on and Sam why are you standing on the sofa? ' Linda , Tom and Sam just all burst out laughing , ' I recommend you two get your correct scrubs on and then your shift starts in 15 minutes so you can either start early or wait in here for a while.' Zoe stated and then left the 3 of them just laughing. Linda left a few minutes later and decided to start work 10 minutes early so that she could have an extra 10 minute brake some time in her shift.

Sam and Tom were alone again. Tom still had no shirt on and was sat on the sofa , Sam drunk some of her hot chocolate then went and snuggled up next to him after taking his scrub top off and putting hers on , Tom just sat up a bit and put his on then stood up . He pulled Sam up using her hands and she tripped a bit and fell into tom , she looked up into his eyes and smiled , he did the same, they were slowly leaning in , the kiss was tender and slow , just how they both loved it! They pulled apart after about 20 seconds as they heard fletch coming but luckily they had pulled apart and fletch came In to see Sam drinking a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows! ' wow , where did you get all the stuff for the hot chocolate from?' fletch asked Sam , she replied ' My locker!' but she then got some out and gave some to fletch as long as he put it back.

Sam and Tom made their way to find Zoe 'Hey Zoe , where are we tonight?' , ' oh hey guys , I see you have the correct tops on,' Zoe joked ' Urmm you are both in cubicles but keep your pagers with you' Sam thanked Zoe and walked away with Tom smiling at her. 'what? Your staring at me! have I got something on my face?' Sam questioned Tom. ' no , you've got nothing on your face, but aren't I allowed to look and admire my beautiful girlfriend?' Tom replied , to that Sam just blushed and leant her head on toms arm whilst walking. She knew she never wanted to leave Tom , she loved him so much.

Tom felt so happy whilst walking to cubicles with Sam , he was with the love of his life and they were so happy together , and tom knew nothing could brake them apart! They were almost at cubicles when Tom suddenly stopped and pulled Sam towards him so their bodies were touching and spun her around so she was facing him. ' just wanted to say I love you ' Tom smiled , ' I love you to , tommy ' Sam smiled . They stood there kissing for a few moments then walked into cubicles.

Sam walked straight over to a pile of 6 patient files , it was a quiet night in cubicles so Sam walked out to Tom who was chatting with noel ' heyy tommy , do you want to treat a patient together because there are only 6 files out?' Sam asked. ' yeah sure , I've got work to do noel so can we chat later ?' Tom replied . ' yeah that's fine! ' Noel said whilst walking off.

Tom followed Sam to the patient files and they decided to treat a 2 year old boy called Daniel. 'hi , I'm Dr Kent call me Tom and this is Dr Nicholls... ' Tom started whilst entering cubicle 2 , 'You can call me Sam ' Sam added in quickly , Tom carried on ' we will be your sons doctors today , so what seems to be the problem? '

'Daniel fell down the stairs and can't seem to put weight on his right leg' his mum said worriedly. 'Okay , calm down' Tom said gently , 'we will send him off for some x-rays on his leg and they shouldn't be too long then we can take a look at them!' Sam told the mother in a soothing voice, Sam and Tom walked out.

Tom went and sat at the desk at the far end of the room with sam following him closely behind , she got a chair and pulled it up next to tom and rested her head on his shoulder , he slipped his arm around Sam's back and smiled at her. 'hey Sammy , what you thinking about? ' Tom asked inquisitively. Sam turned and smiled at him 'not much just life in general and how lucky I am to have you! ' once she finished he sentence she quickly kiss him on the lips after making sure no one was looking! Tom just smiled back, 'I'd better phone x-ray then for Daniel!'

"I loves how he doesn't just make a nurse call , he wants to show his patients that he cares" Sam thought to herself.