"What are you doing?" Mother spoke up sharply.
"Just playing," I muttered, "In the dressing gowns"
"Stop fooling around and grow up!" She turned back to the rack of tasteless Christmas jumpers she was choosing for her boyfriend. She always said that. Grow up! How am I supposed to grow any faster? Maybe there's a pill someone's not telling me about. I turned away too and ran my hand up and down a velvet dress. Up and down my hand went, feeling the embroidery under my finger tips. Next was the jumpers, adorned with buttons and bobbles of wool. I giggled as i stoked my cheek across the fluffy pyjamas with paw prints crawling all over it. I loved clothes, but I had next to none. That's why I came on these trips with Mother. I caught sight of her again.
"Where have you been?", she hissed, "You DON'T know how lucky you are! you never appreciate me!" then, in a very low voice, she whispered, "Live every moment with me as if I was about to disappear..."
We trailed off to the next tedious department store, where she spent all her child support money on one coat.

"Mother?" I stood on tiptoes, trying to see over the crowds and rails of sale items. She had never left me before. "Mother?" my voice becoming higher, and more urgent. The last time I saw her, she told me to stand at the back of the shop and not come after her. This had seemed weird to me, but I obeyed. Now, I understood. She had always talked of leaving me since she got her new boyfriend, but I never thought she meant it, but I did suspect. Last night I overheard them, whispering, from the cupboard.

Only now do I realize that I am better without her. My Mother.