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Hermione Granger was all alone in the world on 19th September, 1989. Her tenth birthday had just arrived and Dr. and Dr. Granger were at the practice, leaving their ten year old daughter home, but little did they know, she wasn't alone.

Hermione's POV

I woke up to a soft hooting noise, but i thought i was going crazy. I read a book about owls, they only came out at night, because they were nocturnal. I felt a little funny, like i was being watched or something. But i shrugged it off, why would anyone want the little, bushy-haired bookworm known as Hermione Granger?

Walking Down the stairs the hooting noise continued and i saw a flash of light brown feathers in my view. Weird. I kept skipping down the hall, left, and into the warm, cozy little kitchen in the London home. I turned to grab the cheerios when i came face to face with a majestic brown owl. letting out a shriek, i crawled under the table to escape from the creature. When I saw that it had a paper around its ankle, i crawled stealthily behind it while it ate the spilled cheerios on the counter. I took the letter from its leg and it flew off with the grace i wish i had. The tiny scrap of paper folded out into a long letter with a moving photograph. i blinked. once. twice. it was still moving. The letter read,

"Dearest Hermione,

If you receive this letter on your 10th birthday, something has changed in your father and my life. You see, your name isn't Hermione Jean Granger, but Hermione Saphira Malfoy. Darling, just know we love you very much. When you were born a man by the name of Albus Dumbledore had turned a friend of your father and mine evil, trapping him inside of his own head and, in turn, driving him crazy with dark magic. Therefore creating the dark lord. He, Tom Riddle, made an army of wizards called Death Eaters, which started out as a group trying to keep a separation between muggle and wizard, but when Albus meddled, it became a pureblood hierarchy. Voldemort was looking in his ranks for young girls to court, and we didn't want that fate for you, so leaving you with a good family was our only option. If you are reading this, then it is safe for you to come home. To your family. If you want to leave the grangers and come into the wizarding world with us, be ready to go by 10:30 am, if you decline, we will understand.

Lots of love, your mum,

Narcissa Walburga Black nee Malfoy"

And with that, Hermione raced upstairs to her pink princess bedroom and packed all of her favorite things. But, there in the shadow of her kitchen was one Albus Dumbledore waiting to intercept the pureblooded princess.