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Okay, so I bet you think you know everything about Max and the flock because you read all of James' books huh? The flock only has six members right? Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel? Well, that's where you're wrong. What you don't know is that there is an seventh, forgotten member of the flock, that he just so happened to forget about in his stories. Me. Storm.

I'm the one that guides the flock, knows the flock, can distinctly tell you every single detail of each and every flock member. I have a brother and a not so secret admirer. I take care of the flock while Max sweet talks my brother. Yes, you guessed it, Fang. I have beautiful wings that are purple near the shoulders and turn blue near the middle before turning midnight black on the bottoms with white tips.

Now is the time I tell you about the other members and what they REALLY look like.

Iggy. Yes, he is still blind. He still has creamy wings, not as light as Angel's but not darker than Gazzy's. But he thinks he has a secret crush.

Nudge. She is quite attractive but talks too much when she's nervous. She always seems to side with Iggy who sides with me.

Gasman. Still really bad when he let's one rip but not as bad as JP let's one believe. His wings are creamy color, but darker than Iggy's.

Angel. The name isn't true. Not one member of the flock thinks that Angel is an angel. I think we only call her Angel to describe her wings, so white that it's almost blinding.

Fang. If I weren't his sister I would called him hot, but... I have to admit he is attractive. I don't blame Max for staring at him constantly. Midnight wings that could easily blend in with the night sky, if it weren't so full of stars.

Max. If I hated her guts I would say her wings are the color of puke, but I don't, so, what they really are is exactly like a hawks. Brown on the shoulders and in the middle, and the white all the way down. She's shorter than me but she still seems to get Fang's attention. I know that if I were Fang I would have a permanent crick in the neck from looking down at her. Jeez.

Now that you know how things really go, let's continue to the important stuff...