The morning after the past events was awkward. They knew what happened between me and Iggy because Angel told them (hence the Angel-only-used-to-describe-wing-color thing). But nobody knew about my falling because after the whole Iggy thing we were all thinking of that. Only when James arrived did I think about it but only for a split second. Well, you guys probably think something spicy happened after I told Iggy I loved him. Nothing did happen I promise you absolutely nothing. If you want I could tell you what happened word for word. Okay so right now I just told Iggy I love him...

I looked into his pale blue eyes and watched as his face brightened slowly. I could see the smile in his eyes and how bright the blue irises look, captured in the smile. For Fang, this was the last straw. He literally pulled us apart and asked what the hell was going on. I looked away and blushed.

Come on Storm, really? Iggy? Now? Why?!

Well, Fang, now it's your turn to be annoyed by love.

Do you really feel that strongly about me and Max? I didn't answer him just to get him more antsy. Who knows I might get lucky and he'll leave her. I was once again going to fly off but feeling the sharp pain I hissed and screamed,

"How in the hell am I supposed to get back?! We must be at least two miles from wherever we left the flock!" Fang ran over to where I was kicking dents into houses and wrapped his arms around me, pinning my arms down. I struggled for a bit and then just fell limp.

"We could just wa-" Iggy started and stopped once I cast him the evil eye.

"I don't do walking." How could things go from love to small hate so fast?

"Oooooor I could carry you will we fly?" He suggested holding his arms out. I smiled a small and quick smile and walked over to him. He picked me up and we flew together. The flock greader us discreetly and I saw Nudge give a quick glance at Angel. Oh god, Angel told them everything. I have to tell her not to do things like that! I inched away from Iggy and thought to him that we should stay apart to let the thought sink in for the flock. He nodded and that's pretty much how the rest of the day went. See? Nothing er, sexual happened. When we woke up this morning it was to Gazzy yelling that James was back. At first I freaked out but then I remembered the night before, and our deal. Being as cool as I possibly could act, I followed Gazzy to where James was.

"Why hello Storm! Nice rest?" He said, a little too happy for my mood. You see, I'm not a morning person, more of a "midnight flyer." I scowled at him and walked towards Fang sleepily.

"You know James, it would be better if just shut up and let Storm wake up before you torment her. Just a thought." Fang said noticing my annoyance. Wait, scratch that, not noticing exactly... I guess we have a mutual feeling. I saw James slump and I huffed. I guess it's time to go, James will just have to adjust to life with us.

I found out that my wings were fine so we've been flying for a really long time and I admit I was getting a little tired. I sent the message to Fang that we should go down and find a place to sit when I fell. Again. I tried to scream but the wind got caught in my throat. I just stopped and convinced myself that this was the end and then I hit the ground. Or, I thought I did but then I heard Iggy's voice.
"Storm! What happened?! Why am I holding you?! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" I sighed with relief that I was caught instead of squished. I leaned on to him and felt the stinging behind my eyes. Oh god, I don't want to cry. Not now, not in front of the entire flock. I covered my eyes and tried to breathe deeply. He held me close and we tried to find a place to safely stay. When we found a small cave he said,
"Here I'll just set you down and everything will be fine." I clung to him and leaned into his ear and whispered,
"No, no, no, no please, please, stay with me." I was surprised at the urgency in my voice and he looked surprised too. He stopped trying to set me down and just held me while he sat in a corner in the cave. I slightly noticed him rocking me gently. I sat in his lap and he hummed to me, looking at my face and tracing my features with his finger. It felt so peaceful but it must have looked strange because when Nudge landed she became completely silent. I really didn't care though because I went through a drastic experience. I get to be cradled. She must have sat down because I couldn't hear her moving. Next, Angel and Gazzy came in followed by Fang with Max(from whom I heard a scowl) I just leaned in deeper and took a deep breath. Boy did Iggy smell good. After a while I assumed that I had scarred the children enough for one day so I got up and cleared my throat. Everybody looked up at me and I started.
"Well, it seems that I can't fly until we find out why my wings aren't working." That caused some commotion and I realized that I never told them. I told them everything that happened and they asked some questions. I really wanted to prove to them that I was fine so I stretched out my wings. Or tried to stretch out my wings. I moved them a millimeter and I screamed out in aggony Iggy immediately stood up and smoothed out my feathers and it calmed down my nerves. When I calmed down completely I hear Fang in my mind,


Woah Fang, calm down. I'm not screaming!

"S-Storm? You allowed James to come with us right?"

"Yes..." I answered,my stupid brain not registering where she was going with this.

"Well... Where is he?"