Hello People! So this fic series is a teensy bit experimental. I'm basically going to tell a story in backwards order. This would be the final installment of a four part series, and the 'prequels' that will follow would be the original stories. No worries! It still makes sense in this order, but some people will still be alive and some aspects that seem strange will be explained in this fic, or the fics that follow. As a final not before we start, yes, my Shep is African. PLEEEEASE no hate comments, it's not necessary! Since she is African, there will be short quips in French, but I'll always translate at the bottom. It's pretty self explanatory in this chapter, but it will get more 'busy' in the later chapters. So let's begin!

Chapter 1: And So It Begins…


A low groan was the only answer.


Little hands poked and prodded at their parent's side.



"I'm hungwy. Make me some food."

"What's the magic word?"

"ummmmm, now bitch?"

In the dark of the large bedroom, a loud 'thunk!' reverberated off of the walls. The lights snapped on as a very pissed off and sleepy Aluna Shepard - now Aluna Vakarian - glared down at the hysterical turian on the floor.

"That's not funny Garrus! She only knows that kind of language because of you!"

"Riiiight," Garrus said after finally calming down and getting back into bed, "because Jack, Grunt, and Joker have nothing to do with it."

"Zut alors, Garrus."

Shepard sighed and climbed down from the bed, getting down to eye level with her daughter. Even in the dark Shepard could make out her features. She was the same dark brown tone as her mother. The same pouted lips adorned her face, green eyes framed by the thin veins of silver that wound through her face, disappearing by her temples. The metal lines wound down her neck to her arms and legs, hugging the bones of her fingers and toes, which had short, talon-like nails. Long black hair covered the slight protrusion of the arch that curved from one shoulder to the other- the tiny carapace the hybrid had been born with due to her half turian nature. The veins of steel on her body glittered like little tattoos in the darkness as her mother began to speak.

"Mercury Fury Vakarian, what did Mommy tell you about you using naughty words?"

Guilt ran over the turian-human hybrid's face.

"Naughty words are for naughty children?"


"Naughty children get adopted by Krogan-vorcha people?"

"Good girl. Now let's go get you some food."

After defeating the reapers and having the now four year old Mercury (or 'Fury', as she preferred to be called her middle name), Shepard and Garrus decided to take a break from their lives of fighting the good fight, and left the military just long enough to make sure their daughter had a solid ground to stand on. In the mean time, the Alliance military set them up with a very nice home just outside the Citadel on Bekenstein.

The same mansion that once belonged to Donovan Hock.

Shepard was apprehensive at first and immediately asked Kasumi what she thought of it. Kasumi took no time in telling her that no one deserved the home more, and that she would work on 'buying' her some artwork to put in the gallery, as everything that used to adorn the space had been confiscated by Alliance Command.

The home on Bekenstein was not the only home Shepard and Garrus owned. A mansion overlooking a lake was given to her on Thessia for her actions during the war, Palaven control permanently reserved the penthouse in their finest hotel, as did Illium with Azure. Even Tuchanka, Sur'Kesh, and Kahje were willing to reserve homes for her. More touching than that however, were the buildings that adorned her and her crew's names. Huerta Memorial was now Krios Memorial, The Monastery on Lessus now adorned both Shepard and Samara's names, and best of all, a blooming city on Rannoch bore the name Aluna'Zorah, as well as its sister city Legion. Even one of the female camps of Tuchanka was renamed Solusara. It was more than any of them could've asked for

In the downstairs area of the large house, a figure in a glowing holo-chair sat reading a datapad, humming to himself.

"Drell and krogan offspring have a tendency toward violence and da di da dum di da dum di da da dum doo doo doo..."


Fury took no time in flinging herself over the aging geneticist and situating herself in his lap.

"Good morning, Fury. Would suggest lowering voice. Parents are probably still sleeping at this hour."

"S'alright Mordin, I'm awake. Little punk needs me to get her Blasto Flakes."

Mordin had been running tests early one morning when everything suddenly went black. Upon waking up in a hospital he was told he had only a year left to live. With no family left after the war, he made a decision that surprised even himself:

He called Shepard.

She was more than happy to allow him to stay with them for the remainder of his time, and he was instrumental in keeping Fury's health in check, as she had been sickly since birth. Eight months had passed since his joining the Vakarian family, and he was now holo-chair bound, but still a great help.

"Mommy, I could get Bwasto Fwakes on my own. Can't you cook?"

Shepard groaned but obliged, pulling out a pan and eggs.

"Would you like assistance, Shepard? Could make bacon or sausage?"

"Nah, I got it, Mordin. Just keep her entertained, merci."

Mordin happily obliged, spinning in the holo-chair until they were both blissfully dizzy.

"Mommy, who's coming today?"

Shepard smiled as she plated breakfast for the four of them. She had invited all of her friends and crew mates over to celebrate Christmas. There was more than enough room to house those who wanted to stay, and Bekenstein boasted some of the nicest hotels in council space for those who wanted more privacy. Most of her friends agreed, with very few exceptions:

Jacob wanted to stay home with Brie and their son Jarred for the holidays, Kelly had just reunited with her family, Ken and Gabby wanted to spend their first Christmas as a married couple alone, Chakwas was ill and not up for travelling, and Traynor and Steve already made plans.

Other than that, the rest of the crew seemed eager. James hadn't been able to do much since his induction into the N7 program and was happy to join in the festivities, Joker was boasting a new girlfriend since EDI's passing, Zaeed had a few new war stories to share, Kolyat was interested in the human custom, Tali had some huge announcement to make and agreed to come, Jack was always willing to cause trouble, Kasumi went wherever James went while he was on leave after they announced they were dating, Grunt and Wrex simply wanted to taint Fury's mind, Miranda and her sister were also living on Bekenstein and agreed to come, Kaidan was game for anything, and Liara, Samara, and Falere were more than willing to join in the fun. There was a lot to be done as far as decorating went, but all the guests agreed to help. Today, the first few people were on their way.

"Miranda and Oriana are coming today. So are Tali, Jack, Zaeed and Joker. My asari friends will come tomorrow as well as Kaidan and James. Pourqoui?"

"Parce que I wanna know who's coming!"

Shepard shook her head at her over eager daughter just as Garrus entered the room.

"Oh now you're awake!"Shepard grumbled.

"I smelled food. My man instincts told me I should wake up and find the food."

"Yeah, well my woman instincts are telling me to break a foot off in your steely ass"

"Oh NOW who's teaching our daughter foul language?"

"Shut up Garrus."

Shepard dealt out the levo and dextro food accordingly and left to go take a shower, asking that Garrus make sure he and Fury did the same. They had only two hours before the first guests would arrive, and everything needed to be in order.

Not that all hell wasn't going to break loose anyway.

And so it begins indeed! This chapter will probably be the shortest. The French in order is 'gosh darn it' 'why' and 'because' in case you didn't know. I'm open to requests and of course, PLEASE review! I hope to have this completed by Christmas (fingers crossed!)