WOW: thanks. Dean should know better than to mess with magic clothes.

Enkidu suggested that it would be nice to see the boys thanking each other ... I'm afraid my muse wasn't interested in being sweet and cuddly this week, and decided to put a very Dizzoesque twist on the word instead!

Disclaimer: don't own, just not fair.


"Hey Sammy, what d'y think?"

Sam looked up from his laptop … and promptly wished he hadn't.

Dean stood beside him, naked as a jaybird, admiring himself enthusiastically.

"Dude, what the hell?" Sam spluttered nauseously.

"Great aren't they?" Dean gestured expensively up and down his bare body.

"Great? W-what?" Sam didn't dare look where Dean was pointing.

"Great threads huh?"

Threads? All Sam could see was skin; waaaaaaay too much skin.

"I got 'em thanks to that Warlock we ganked; he had some real cool gear – some of it might fit you too!"

Sam sighed.

"I hate my life."