A/N: I always found writing drabbles (100 words based on a prompt) to be fun and challenging-the exercise of working to convey a story or message with the fewest words.

I hope you enjoy them!


Characters: Matt Saracen

Prompt: Gift horse

Disclaimer: Based on characters and situations created/owned by NBC Universal, Peter Berg, Jason Katims, Brian Grazer, etc. No harm intended.

A/N: Originally posted 6/18/07. Although Matt isn't a true freshman (sophomore right?) he is as green as they come - part of what I love about this character.

What did Coach Taylor mean? About "looking a gift horse in the mouth"? Was that kind of like that other saying "let sleeping dogs lie"? Why can't people just say what they mean? Why do people have to make things tougher than they have to be?

"Uh Coach, can I uh, ask you a question. About the horse part … I don't really know what you're tryin' to say, I don't know much about horses..."

"Shut up Saracen, you just concentrate on throwing that football. I'm saying throw the damn ball, son. Throw the hell out of it."