"Being Broke"

Characters: Tyra

Prompt: Cash

Disclaimer: Based on characters and situations created/owned by NBC Universal, Peter Berg, Jason Katims, Brian Grazer, etc. No harm intended.

A/N: First posted 3/9/09. Tyra as she is starting up a relationship with Cash, a cowboy she met recently.

Yes, I've made some mistakes. I have to believe this time it's REAL. Landry was long gone, and even Tim was looking good. Cash. Part of me says girl, he's a mistake! The other part of me says honey, take him to the bank. Just ask Mama: "Being alone is worse than being broke". Plus he is fine, so fine. Most cash doesn't come easy. Everybody loves a little cold, hard cash! It's heady, and necessary and evil and a golden ticket all at the same time. So I'll spend a littleā€¦since it feels so good. She grinned. Cash only.