He liked to watch her sometimes. Oh, how she had grown. When they had first met, she was just short of fifteen, not yet ready to take on the weight of the world. Or even Nova, for that matter. With her father by her side, she really was naïve.

But not anymore. She was unstoppable. A magic wielding Queen with far too much knowledge of… everything. Nobody stood a chance. Yet, even though she could kill anyone with the snap of a finger, she rarely did. She didn't believe in violence, only in the most dire situations. It fascinated him.

And she had become so… beautiful. More than often he would find men looking at her, nobles and commoners alike. It made him angry. She was his wife, after all. His property. But she always reassured him, with her hand in his, promising to never leave his side.

At first it would make him laugh, he always thought of himself much too good for her anyway, so why would she even consider the thought of leaving him? But over the years, he found himself accepting the reassurance. He was happy with her, he realised.

Who would of thought? Even on their wedding day they were glaring at each other as they walked down the aisle, and they were regularly found in some sort of dispute as newly weds.

But now, as he watched her, preparing for the latest battle in all her glory, he couldn't help but wonder what life would be like without her.

He only ever wanted to be King...