Jennifer is running on low. She hasn't eaten anything for days, and has only gotten a few hours of sleep. Still, she continues to walk through the woods, hoping to find somewhere to stay before it gets dark. Her body is aching all over, her stomach screaming in protest, but her legs continue to move. The only thing she has is her bag filled with a half dozen crackers, an empty bottle of water, a kitchen knife, and a wad of money.

She came from the highway. Her car had broken down, and she had no idea how to fix it. Marchers, which were what she called these things because they always traveled in a group, sort of like a parade, had taken over the highway and her only hope was to run into the woods. She wasn't cut out for all this running. She had been a secretary at a law firm for years. She had no idea how to survive.

Jen hears a rustling behind her, and doesn't stick around to find out what, or who, it was. She breaks off into a full sprint, using all the energy she had left to dodge bushes and maneuver through the trees. She bursts through a wall of trees into an opening with a stream flowing through the center. She looks behind her to see if anything is there, and there isn't, but that doesn't stop her from running.

When she whips her head back around, she loses her balance and falls face first into the stream. The force of the fall plus the fact that she hadn't eaten caused Jen to feel dizzy. She tried to move her legs, but they wouldn't move. She flips herself onto her back. The moon was the last thing she sees before she blacks out.