Daryl runs through the trees as fast as he can with Jennifer, cold in his arms. She is soaking wet, and it had seeped through the front of all his clothes. He bursts through the edge of the trees into the field in front of Hershel's house, his momentum continuing to push him. He sees that some people were awake at the camp, and he yells out to them.

"Hey!" he yells, "get Hershel!" He watches as Rick runs into the house just a few dozen feet in front of him. A few seconds later, Daryl is coming up the porch steps, and Hershel is running to the front door, Maggie, Beth, and Patricia following him.

"Bring her in!" says Hershel as he rushes to the bedroom. "Set her on the bed."

Daryl puts the unconscious Jen onto the bed, and Hershel immediately begins asking him questions. "What happened?" He asks as he checks her vitals.

"I don't know," Daryl replies. "I found her blacked out in the stream. Is she gonna be alright?"

"We have to get her out of these clothes. Maggie, go get her a change of clothes."

Maggie runs out of the room, and Hershel continues the questions. "Was she bitten?"

"I don't think so."

"Did you find anything that could tell us who she is? Anything?"

"I just found her bag," he says, holding up the bag. "All it's got is a few crackers, a empty bottle, a knife, and some money. No ID or driver's licence."

Just then, Maggie rushed into the room with a pile of clothes. Hershel turns to Daryl and says, "Come with me to get an IV while Maggie, Beth, and Patricia change her and search for bites." Daryl nods in agreement and follows Hershel out of the room.

After an hour, Jen is in stable condition. She is in dry clothes, and she has an IV giving her fluids. She has not woken up yet, and Daryl stands in the doorway watching over her. Carol walks up to him with a plate of food.

"You should eat," she says, holding the plate out to him.

"Not hungry."

"You have to eat something. You've had a long morning." Daryl gives in and takes the plate. "I hope she's going to be alright."

He slowly eats the food, and when he's done, he decides to take his mind off of it all by walking out to the camp. "How is she?" asks Lori, who is sitting next to the firepit.

"She hasn't woken up yet," he says as he walks past her into his tent. He flops down onto his bed and stares at the ceiling. He really needs some sleep, but he knows he won't get any until he knows if that girl is okay. He wasn't going to lose anyone on his account.

He could feel himself drifting off, but he has to stay awake. After god-knows-how-long, Daryl finally surrenders and lets himself get some sleep.

Suddenly, something jolts him awake. It's Maggie at the front of his tent. "Daryl? You in there?"

He sits up and collects himself. He unzips the door to find Maggie there with a smile on her face. Judging by the activity of everyone, it must have been late afternoon. "What's up?" he asks.

"It's her. She's awake."