Chapter 1

John Lennon was in his hotel room in Venezuela after a concert with Paul, George, and Ringo, but he was bored out of his mind. Paul kept suggesting they go to the fair or the carnival, but George and Ringo said they were to tired to move. this started a full blown argument on who was more tired; George or Ringo.

John took a deep breath and calmly told them to shut up, but they didn't here him because they both got up out of their chairs and started to wrestle around on the floor; playfully of course. this defeated the purpose of the argument, but they didn't notice or even care really.

John rolled his eye at them before getting up and walking out of the hotel room. none of his band mates noticed him leave. He didn't care either as he walked down the hall and into the elevator. As the doors shut, he caught a glimpse of a pretty girl walking out of her room.

He tried to get the doors to open again for her as she ran to the elevator, but they wouldn't stay open. he called an apology as the doors closed her off. He looked at the floor as he was taken downstairs to the lobby. He had a half a thought to wait and see if the girl came on the next elevator, but he lost interest as he crossed the lobby.

He was fully surprised there weren't any screaming girls outside hoping a Beatles would step out for them to attack. John chuckled at the thought. Why on Earth would one of think about going out there, knowing they'd be ripped to pieces?

He opened the door hesitantly at first and looked around for any hidden girls. When he was sure he was safe he walked out into the brisk air and took a deep breath. He'd never admit it to anybody, but he liked the cool fresh air on his face and in his lungs.

He took a couple more deep breaths as he walked down the street keeping a close eye out in case he suddenly had to make a bolt for his life. he walked by a couple of clothing stores and didn't find any reason to go in any of them.

just when he thought he might freeze to death, he came across a record store. he entered and looked at all the instruments and records, avoiding anything with his or any of the other Beatle's faces on it.

This was hard to do, since the store was evidently have a Beatles sale while they were in town. he went to look at a random record when a hand took the record before he could get his hands on it.

he looked at whoever rudely took the record and saw it was the girl from the elevator. When he saw her up close, she seemed prettier than before. he bit back a rude comment and went to look at another record.

He didn't know why he did it, but he found he had no reason to say anything to this girl. he noticed her watching him as he looked through all the records, avoiding anything Beatle related.

"Um," she said suddenly clearing her throat, "You look very familiar,"

John looked at her and cocked an eyebrow. once again he bit back a snarky comment and grinned at the chance to have a civilized conversation with someone other than his band mates, "My name's John." he said holding his hand out to her.

She looked at him and smiled a very pretty smile, "My name's Ebony." she responded in an American accent, shaking his hand.

he grinned, "You're American?" he asked as she picked up the Beatle's latest album. He noticed her looking between John and the photo on the record and John felt a sense of dread over come him.

"I suppose you could say that," she responded as she continued to look closely at him, "I moved her about a year ago with my aunt. I'm originally from Colorado."

John nodded and waited for her to start her screaming and chasing him about, but it never happened. she seemed to make up her mind about him and walked off to pay for the records in her hands.

John followed her almost wanting her to chase him now, and watched her pay for the records and she grinned at him before she walked off.

John followed her and called after her. she looked as if she sighed and turned around to face him with an aggravated expression.

"What?" she asked clutching her new records to her chest.

"Well, I was just wondering..." he stopped at not knowing what to say. what did he wonder?

She cocked an eyebrow at him and walked up to him, "John, if you're wondering why I didn't attack you like a crazy fan-girl, it's because I'm not crazy, nor do I find it a necessity to obsess over someone i'll never meet again."

John frowned and nodded then shook his head, "how do you know we wont meet again?" he asked slyly.

She giggled lightly and stepped closer to whisper in his ear, "Because you're a Beatles and I'm just a girl who bought a record at the right time." she pulled back and smiled sweetly at him before leaving him standing in the middle of the sidewalk.

"Well maybe I'll meet you again doing something else at the right time!" he called to her back.

"Maybe!" she called over her shoulder as she walked, "or maybe I could scream to the world I just Met John Lennon."

John grinned and left her alone, just in case she was serious. He kept walking for a bit and he found another record store that didn't sell as much of the all famous Beatles as the last. Once again he just browse the shelves and on his way out he bumped into a little old lady who looked like she could beat anybody she wanted to a pulp if you got her mad enough.

For John, at that very second, it wasn't a good idea to bump into and make her drop all her things. she already looked to be mad, and John making her drop her stuff only made it worse.

"Why don't you young people ever watch where you're going?!" she screeched. John looked at her and started to apologize, but she started to let out a strand of curses on him.

John suddenly felt woozy and he started to stumble as he saw the old lady grinning triumphantly. He stumbled back into one of the shelves and he felt like everything was spinning. he looked at his hands for something to focus on and saw them fading in and out. He was about to panic when he passed out on the floor and was oblivious to everything for what seemed like a long time.

Ok, that was the first chapter to my new story. I hope you liked it, so tell me what you think of it and I'll be SUPER happy...