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Here's the first chapter of "Of Allies and Enemies"

"Gibbs? Leroy Jethro Gibbs? It's Dean Winchester, I need your help."

It had been years and Gibbs had not heard a hint or whisper about any of the Winchesters. Currently, he was following up on a case on two escaped convicts, rumored to be in this area. So, naturally that was what was demanding the majority of his time.

He had been working on some furniture instead of a boat for a change, sipping bourbon when he could. He had just finished sanding the chair down when he heard his phone. Walking over to the table with all of his tools. He placed his bourbon to the side and reached for the jar at the top shelf. Tipping both nails and phone onto the cleanest surface he fished out his mobile and flicked it open, expecting a late night call to a crime scene.

So when Special Agent Gibbs, former marine and gifted investigator received a phone call from the eldest of the two Winchester brother's, it was rather surprising. Not to mention inconvenient.

There was a long pause on the line while Gibbs regained his ability to speak and process the words he had heard. Dean Winchester stayed abnormally quiet while he waited, hoping he wouldn't just hang up.

Finally he was able to reply (about 3 seconds later.. nothing stopped Gibbs), albeit gruffly. "You John Winchester's boy, right?"

"Yes.. Sir" Dean tacked on the last word reluctantly. He wouldn't have done it at all but this was a marine he was talking to and his dad had told Dean he had to treat Gibbs with utmost respect.

"How is he?" Gibbs asked although he dreaded the answer.

There was another short pause on the line.


Even though he expected it, he still couldn't help the sharp intake of breath that passed through his lips. He should have known something like this would happen eventually, especially after his last conversation with him. He wanted to push Dean or more information but he decided against it. That would only make Dean more reluctant to give away the secret Gibbs knew his family was hiding.

Instead he decided to address why an independent son of a marine, like Dean, would contact someone he didn't even know on the off chance that they could help, because if he was anything like John used to be, he wouldn't call for much.

He never got the chance to reply with his condolences or even question Dean. The words were just forming on his lips when Dean continued talking, he definitely didn't want to waste any time.

"Look Agent Gibbs... Dad told us you would help if we were ever in trouble, particularly with the law."

"Well he was right," Gibbs assured him. "Now tell me what's wrong so I can help."

"Okay, but first I need to know you won't tell anyone about this phone call, whether or not you can help us, especially any feds."

The Special Agent felt his suspicions rise but he forced them back down, trying to believe he was just being precautious. Taking a deep breath he reluctantly verbalized his agreement. His gut was telling him that he wasn't going to like whatever Winchester had to tell him, but for now he had to go along in order to try and help.

Dean breathed out a sigh o relief, one less problem burdening his shoulders. Running a hand through his hair he considered how to phrase what he was going to reveal first.

"You've heard of the two convicts in the area, right?" He began.

"Well yeah, my team and I are currently trying to track them down. Why do you care? Did they put some sort of hit out on you?" Gibbs fired several questions off quickly, subconsciously going back to his interrogation methods. Something wasn't adding up, he felt as if he was missing something.

Dean winced, knowing this conversation was going to get ugly real fast. "Not exactly."

"Well then why don't you tell me what the hells going on?" Gibbs yelled into the phone, his frustration with the lack of answers reaching its limit.

"Tell me the names of the two convicts." Dean said quietly.

The question through Gibbs for a minute, but he regained his ground quick. "What does that have to do with-"

"The names Agent Gibbs." Dean glared at the phone his voice hardening.

Clenching his fist in aggravation he walked over to his desk and pulled the case file on the convicts closer to him. It was one of the biggest he had ever seen. His team had gotten the call only today to begin search for them so he had planned on reading over their case file tonight.

Unbeknownest to him, on the other side of the line, Dean held his breath, wondering how this was going to play out after this.

Flipping it open to the beginning Gibbs scanned it until he found the names, not letting any of the emotions he felt building up inside of him show, he read it out loud.

"Dean and Sam Winchester."