Chapter 1

St paddy's day morning, Annie woke to the her phone ringing, it was her Murphy asking was she going church with him, she couldn't do it today with was busy to work to make sure everything was ready for tonight. Annie arrived at her fathers pub Mcginty's in the south of Boston, she knew knew it was gonna be a busy night, st paddy's always is.

Upon arriving she noticed her da pulling down pictures on the wall, worrying she asked him "what was going on da" he slowly replied "d,d,d,dont't worry sweet heart just want to repaint" she nodded and took the pictures from him.

As she looked through the pictures one stood out more than the others it was her and the Macmanus brothers Connor and Murphy, the picture was at least four years old. it was Connor her and Murphy not long after they met, she was kissing Connor on the cheek to make Murphy jealous it must have worked they've been dating four years and they've been engaged a couple off weeks now. she let out a little giggle remembering the first time she met her boys.

Busy night at the bar, two new faces walked and Annie cant help but notice them. The two men look very similar but something drawn her to the younger looking one, his blue eyes sparkled the colour was so unnaturally beautiful, his eyes were the only thing she noticed in the dark mist if the bar. she was snapped out of the trance his eyes put on her by someone demanding another pint of Guinness, she roared back at him " give me a fuckin minute ye get ye fuckin pint when am ready now shut de fuck up" her reaction caught the of the two strangers who walked toward the bar.

"well scuse me lass is der any chance i could get two pints of Guinness please"

"shut it Connor shill bite ya head off"

they both started to laugh which made her smirk, as she handed over a pint she said " aye Connor is it and who de fuck might you be saying am gonna bite is ead of ya don't know me" Connor howled as the man next to him got shouted at. " well lass as ye know am Connor and dis ere is me little brother Murphy well i say me little brother es me twin but am de older twin" he smiled at her "fuck you we don't know dat since ma wont tell us" Murphy snapped back at his brother. They argued between themselves as she handed Murphy his pint.

"no fighting boys or you'll have me to deal with " robbing Connor recently lit cigarette. She started to walk away.

Connor shouted " hey wait up lass we didn't catch ye name"

smiling back at them " don't recall telling yr"

"well are ya" Murphy quickly asked,

"nope am not"

"fuck sake Annie Ware's me fucking pint"

"oh for fuck sake" she said to her self walking over handing him his pint

looking back over to the brothers smiling at her " Annie is it then lass" Murphy asked "aye boys tis"

She started smiling remembering that first night even though every night was like that with the twins around. Six thirty at night the bar was open and the twins finally show up. "bout time boys ye ad me worried" Murphy smiled and gave her a kiss "sorry love Connor got kicked in the balls at work and ma rang saying she ware gonna kill erself." the boys sat at the bar ordering drinks and waiting for Rocco.

"Hey, where's Roc?" I asked Murph.

Just as I asked, the door opened and in came our shaggy-haired, beard-faced friend. "Hey, Fuck-ass, get me a beer!" Everyone in the bar gave cheers and gave Rocco some affectionate hair ruffles.

About an hour later, we were all drunk and most of the bar was empty besides the row of guys at the bar. Id poured meself a pint and said "da am on fuckin brake" and with that I jumped over de bar to sit next to Murphy. We were all laughing at pretty much nothing and leaning heavily on the bar.

"Listen guys, I've got some bad news," Doc said, quieting the bar patrons. "I'm gonna have to close down th-th-th-the bar."

I felt my heart sink. This place was home, Da's life was ere how could they do this to my Da. It was like a little piece of Ireland right in the middle of South Boston. Apparently they were closing down lots of buildings all around here and weren't letting anyone renew their leases. Even Da

"Hey, lemme talk to my boss, maybe he can do something," Rocco said.

We all made disapproving sounds and Murphy reached over and smacked the back of his head. It was a stupid idea. Da pointed at Rocco and said, "Now I don't want anyone knowin'. So ya keep yer traps shut! Ya know what they say. People in glass houses sink sh-sh-ships." I laughed along with the men of the bar at his silly faux pas.

Rocco wheezed a laugh before saying, "Hey, Doc, I gotta buy you like a proverbs book or something. This mix and match shit's gotta go.". "A penny saved's worth two in the bush, innit?" Connor asked, looking blearily around through heavy-lidded eyes. Murphy smiled and leaned over on my shoulder. "And don't cross the road, if ya cant get outta the kitchen."

I giggled and playfully shoved him over onto Rocco. I was still laughing when the door banged open and three large men walked in. Everyone at the bar stood and turned to face them. I leaned grabbed hold of Murphy's arm,

The bald one in the middle started speaking in a Russian accent. "I am Ivan Checkov, and you vill be closing. Now."

I scowled.

Murphy smirked. "Checkov? Well this here's McCoy," he threw his arm around Rocco's neck. "We find a Spock and we got ourselves an away team."

Everyone his silly Star Trek reference amusing. except The Russians though. "I'm in no mood for discussion. You!" he pointed at Da. "You stay. The rest of you, go now."

There was mumbling heard throughout the rest of the bar, but I kept quiet, silently sizing up these thugs.

"Why don't you make like a tree… and get the fuck out!" Da stuttered from behind the bar. "I rather like that one," I mumbled, making Murphy and Connor smirk.

Connor stepped up. "Ya know he's got till the week's end, right? Ya don't have to be hard-asses, do ya?". "Yeah, its St. Patty's Day, everyone's Irish tonight," Murphy said. He put a cigarette in his mouth and let it hang limply between his lips as he continued, "Why don't ye just pull up a stool and have a drink with us?"

Ivan flipped the fuck out. He smacked the glasses from Connor and Murphy's hands and growled, "This is no game! If you won't go, we will make you go."

Oooh that was a fuckin stupid move Ivan. You don't knock an Irishman's drink out is hand. Especially if its Murphy and Conner

Connor glared up at him. "Listen, if ya want to fight, ya can see yer outnumbered here. We're tryin' to be civil so I suggest ya take our offer."

"I make the offers," Ivan said, glaring down the line of drunks.

Rocco stepped forward, starting to talk. I really hoped it wasn't something that was going to land him a shiner. Roc had that effect on people. "Hey, Borris! What if told you your pinko commie mother sucked so much dick her face looked like an egg?"

Oh Roc, I thought as Ivan leaped forward and punched Rocco out.

"Fuck you!" Murphy yelled at Ivan. Connor and Murphy started speaking to the three men in Russian, one of the many languages the two boys knew. Each MacManus gulped down a shot of Jack, then threw the punch that started everything.

Murphy and Conner practically tipped the men up and broke pretty much everything in the bar, I couldn't help but think fuck ill have to clean this shit tomorrow. Suddenly I was grabbed by one of the Russians "don't even fuckin think bout it" I said elbowing him in the face and knocking him to the ground. " ah dat's me girl" I could hear the smile in Murphy's voice as he said it. Then Murphy was pushed into the corner, as people tried to help I herd Conner's stern voice " stay away he can take care of emself" . Before I had chance to turn around Murphy had smashed the guy in the head with two bottles of wine. They then tied the fat one to the bar I handed Conner the bottle of shite whisky noone drank he poured it over irvins arse then I dropped my ciggie on it. We all smirked as he screamed in pain. The Russians were then dragged out the bar.

I felt arms rap around me as Murphy whispered in me ear " we best be goin if we wanna av some fun before Conner gets home he's staying ta help ye da clean up" I smiled widely before turning round to face him " oh Murph ye such a romantic" .

" aye don't ye know it" he said before giving me a kiss.

We walked to the apartment hand in hand laughing and joking while the city of Boston slept. (though we didn't share an apartment together we very rarely spent a night apart) .

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