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Chapter 4

As we entered the hospital Murphy took the bag he handed to me early and went with Connor straight down to A&E. I was left with nurse who lead me to a cubical in ward A. "Whats your name please" the elderly nurse said with a concerned smile "Annie Mcginty" i replied softly "okay and your date of birth Annie" "15/06/1973" "thank you, so can you tell me what happened here please" "no can you just check me over and make sure everything okay please" i shouted at the nurse i was to worried to care what she thought of me and how this happen. She started to clean my face where the fat bastard Ivan punched me, that filthy Russian had what was coming to him, Connor could be seriously injured because he was a pussy and couldn't take losing the bar fight. My mind was still wondering about okay Connor was he okay? what did he do? What was the damage? Is he ever gonna wake up? Is Murphy going to be okay?I wasn't sure if the nurse was talking to me to be honest i couldn't care if she was, i just wanted to be with Murphy i needed to make sure he was okay.

The next thing i remember was Murphy screaming around ward looking for me "ANNIE WHERE ARE YE" "Murphy I'm here" the look of relief swiped across his face "Annie sweetheart ye okay" his hand rubbed the cut on my face "Murphy I'm fine honestly, Connor is he okay what happened" Murphy took his hand from my face and sat on the bed with me "he's still unconscious and they've moved him to the church ward as i requested he should be there" "what happened to him please tell me how did he end up there" Murphy really looked upset his crystal blue eyes filled with water " okay Annie you should know, as far as i know he jumped from the roof, but not before he throw a toilet on top of Ivan, that's why i jumped on top of you to keep you safe" i gasped i didn't expected what I've just heard, Connor risked his life to save his brother, and now he might come around "i want to see him" i asked but Murphy didn't want me to see Connor like that " ill take ye to the church ward but no lass your not seeing him ye understand me" i didn't reply i was hoping he'd change his mind "Annie do ye understand me" "yes Murphy i understand" as he stood he took my hand and pulled me up with him And started to lead me to the door. as we headed though the hospital towards the church ward it was in complete silence i didn't know what to say to him after all these years i still could comfort him, i did truly feel useless at this moment in time.

We stopped outside the prayer room "lass I'm going in here ye promise me ye stay put of Connors room" "i promise Murph" he turned and started to walk in the prayer room "Murphy" he stopped and turned and faced me "i love you Murphy" he always smiled when i said that to him "i love ye too Annie I'm glad you are safe and not hurt much" Murphy walked back towards me and genteelly kissed my lips and and pulled me towards him, as he pulled me towards him he wrapped me up in his arms and continued to kiss me. I reached my hand up to his head and ran my fingers though his hair, Murphy bite my bottom lip and pushed me against a wall he brushed a small piece of hair out of my face, tucking it behind my ear "ye so beautiful lass" "what have i told you about lying" Murphy laughed at my reply and went back to kissing me. Murphy dropped his hand to my waist slowly pushing his hand though my coat. "Excuse me" Murphy froze as three nuns stood in front of us. "sorry" we both said to together, he kissed me again and went in the prayer room.

I paced up and down the corridor outside of Connors room, for half an hour, before i realized, my da didn't know what happened and he would be wondering where i was. i reached in my pocket and pulled out the coins i had and went to the phone. i punched in the bars number and hope da would answer "Fuck Ass" i was grated with down the phone "Da its Annie there been an accident Connor Murphy and myself are at the hospital could you please come down and bring me some clothes" "of course Annie s,s,sweetheart i w,w,w,be there as soon as fuck ass, is everything okay" "yeah ill explain later and okay thank you da" "no worries Annie dear see ye soon" "bye da" the phone line went dead and i hung up the phone. Murphy was stood behind me when i turned around, he had the biggest smile on his face "Connor is awake lass" i sighed with relief my boys are okay and the Russians are dead, .

The nuns from before were huddled together on a bench a little up the hallway and there was Connor talking to a small boy sitting on a cot. myself and Murphy walked up towards them.

Murphy was sitting next to him, Connor standing in front of him, and I was leaning against the wall beside throw his arms around me and kissed my check " at least god was on your side this time Connor you might not be as lucky next time"i said while still in his arms "I'm sorry lass i needed to save you and Murphy, it wont happen again i promise" i kissed his check and sat on a cot near the boy and watched as Connor would let the boy put his hands palm-down on his own hands and tell him to look up. Then Murphy would tap his hand and Connor would pretend it had been him and he was just so fast he couldn't even feel his hand move.

I laughed at their antics, but I was chewing on my nails the whole time, waiting for Da to get there. I was staring at the wall opposite us when a hand came up and pulled my fingernails out of my mouth. Murphy was stood there looking at me with my hand wrapped in his " thats no good for ye lass" before i could say anything back the door at the end of the hall opened and Da came in. Connor began moving toward me and murphy leaning against the cot for support. Da Handed me some pants and a t shirts, which i changed into behind Murphy while the boys talked to him.

"Thanks for comin' Doc," Murphy said, hopping off the bed to stand beside me."Jesus Christ," Doc said in a low voice, pointing at the boys' bloody bathrobes and the blood that had seeped through my shirt from where Ivan had kicked me. "What the fuck happened? Are you b-b-boys alright?" I cocked a brow at him. He grinned. "And you A,Annie?" "We're alive," Connor said, putting his arm around my shoulders to rest his hand on Murphy's shoulder. "An FBI agent came by the bar," Doc said, reaching into his pockets. "He gave me his c,c,ca… He left me his c,c,c, Oh he fuckin' gave me this," he handed Connor a card with a phone number on it and the name Paul Smecker at the top. "FUCK! ASS!" Doc yelled, making the nuns jump and gasp. "What are you gonna do?"

"We're gonna turn ourselves in," Connor said, handing the card to Murphy. "Tell 'em it was self-defense." "Yeah, yeah," Doc said. "That's what he said." "How the fuck's he know that? We haven't spoken to anyone yet," Murphy asked, looking over at Connor. "D,d,don't know, he di,di,didn't say." We all stared down at the card for a moment longer and then Murphy looked up and cleared his throat. "Alright. Listen, Doc, we need you to do us a favor." Connor bent and retrieved the green paper bag from the floor. "Anything," Doc assured us. "Just hold onto this for us," Connor put the bag into Doc's hands. "We're gonna come for it when we get back." "Right," Doc said, nodding and beginning to walk back down the hallway to the door. On his way down, he yelled, "FUCK! ASS!" Connor went back over to the little boy on the cot and said, "None of that cursin' was directed at you. He's, uh- he's a bit," he held a finger up to his head to indicate just how crazy our friend was. " hey that my Da ye talking about like that" Connor smirk and me and Murphy kiss my forehead

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