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Sam cycled into work, as she does most mornings. She had just got of her bike when she heard another bikes bell ring, it was Tom, she had wanted to smile but she remembered that she was supposed to annoyed at him for not coming round to her house, so she just turned around and gave him the most frightening look she could.

"Look, I know I should of called but Big Mac and Noel dragged me to the pub and I just lost track of time.." Tom said noticing the look on Sam's face.

"Yes, you should of called.." said replied trying to stay serious but realising how hard it was for her to stay angry at Tom's funny personality.

"I'm sorry," Tom mumbled trying to pull the most innocent face he could.

"Well its a good job I love you then isn't it?" Sam questioned, not realising she just told Tom she loved him, for the first time.

Tom just looked at her surprised then he pulled her towards himself giving her a massive bear hug. "You love me?" Tom asked her nervously.

"Of course I do! I just have never been brave enough to say it to your face," Sam answered him still in his arms.

"I love you too. And I'm glad you said it, I thought I was going to have to say it first," Tom said with a cheeky grin beginning to form on his lips.

Sam pulled away from him and looked into his eyes "Why don't you make it up to me tonight then?"

"Don't worry, I will!" Tom answered as they walked to the entrance of the ED.

"Sam?" Zoe said as she put her head around the staff room door.

"Yes Zoe," Sam replied to her name.

"RTC, you're needed." Zoe finished as she closed the staff room door.

"Comming..." Sam muttered as she made her way to resus.

On her way she saw Tom treating a small boy, she smiled to her self thinking how good a dad he would be and she began to daydream about him and her having a family and being totally happy. She was rudely awoken from her daydream by a very flustered Zoe yelling at her to stop staring into space, Sam quickly snapped out of it and ran after Zoe into resus but not before giving Tom a loving smile that he returned.

Her patient was a young man aged around 29, him, his wife and his young boy had all been involved in the RTC. He was fairly lucky only having a fractured leg and dislocated arm, it could of been a lot worse. His wife only had a sprained wrist and the young boy had been saved by his car seat so he was totally fine. Sam sorted out the treatment for the man and asked Linda to keep him under obs for a couple of hours just to make sure there wasn't anything else wrong with him though she was pretty sure he was going to be fine.

"Sam, sorry for being so blunt earlier. I'm not in the best of moods," Zoe told Sam after finishing up in resus.

"It's fine Zoe, It would take a lot more than you being blunt to annoy me today," Sam said sounding very happy.

"Are you alright?" Zoe asked concerned why Sam was so happy.

"Yeah, fine why?" sam questioned, did she not look alright?

"You seem...happy, well a lot happier than usual," Zoe answered trying not to sound suprised that Sam was happy.

"Can't a person be happy and have no reason for it?" Sam asked not waiting for a reply, she stormed of to the staff room to calm down a little.

"Sorry.." Zoe mumbled under her breath, not meaning to annoy her friend.

Sam found herself sat on the big comfy sofa in the corner of the room. She did feel a little tired so she decided to make herself a coffee.

"You alright Sam?" she turned to find Tom's worried face looking at her.

"Yeah, fine. Why do I not look alright?"

Tom shrugged "You just look.." he paused looking for the right word.

"Tired? Yeah i feel it too," finishing his sentence, they both laughed then leaned in for a tender kiss. They pulled apart, Sam looked up into Tom's eyes a smile plastered all over her face "Stop worrying".

"I can't help but worry about you, I know what you're like," he said cheekily.

Sam elbowed him gently, and he pretended she had hurt him by grabbing his tummy and wincing.

"Sorry Dr Kent but I have patients to treat." Sam said quickly before pecking him on the lips and returning to the busy ED reception to treat patients.

After a fairly quiet day in the ED Sam and Tom headed to the pub for a few drinks. They found a quiet corner of the pub and sat there together. Tom couldn't take his eyes of sama nd watched her every movement, she was so beautiful in his eyes and he wondered why Dylan had ever let her go. He would never let her go especially not without a fight.

"Tom," Sam said trying to get his attention.


"What are you staring at?" she asked.

"You," he answered causing Sam to blush "You are so beautiful,"

"Don't be silly Tom," Sam said not believing him.

"You are, I'm so lucky to have be honest I didn't think you liked me that way at first.."

"Shh, you are making me blush..why don't we go back to mine and finish a bottle of wine?" she askedswitch a slight sparkle in her eye.

Tom didn't need any convincing, he pretty much ran to the bar and paid for the drinks they had ordered anddulled Sam out of her seat by her hand.

"What's your rush? We have all night..." Sam said as she stopped him in his tracks and turned him round to face her.

Tom replied with a simple "I can't wait much longer..." as their lips crashed together passionately. They stayed like that for a few minutes but then silently made their way to the taxi that had just pulled up in front of them, they got in and told the the driver sam's address before carrying on where they were outside the pub.

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