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Tom woke to find himself with his arms wrapped around a very peaceful looking Sam. He smiled at the memory of last night and how much he had enjoyed it, hoping Sam had enjoyed it as much as him.
He heard a content groan leave Sams mouth and guessed she was waking up.

"Morning beautiful," he said as he kissed her cheek lightly.
"Morning tommy," Sam replied whilst rubbing her eyes to wake herself up a little more.
"If we dont get up now we are going to be late you know," Tom said catching sight of the clock.
"Can't we just phone in sick?" Sam asked not wanting leave Tom's comforting arms.
"Well we could..but we are not going to, it would cause to much suspicion," Tom raised his eyebrows as he said this knowing people were catching on to the fact him and Sam were together now.
"Urg..we best get up then," Sam groaned.

Slowy they both got up, niether of them wanting to leave eachothers embrace. Sam went to the bathroom to make herself look at least half awake, whereas Tom went downstairs to make them both a morning coffee.
Tom was just waiting for the coffee machine to finish when he saw Sam make her way down stairs. Sam finally reached the bottom and headed to the kitchen, where Tom was, she walked straight into his arms and they kissed passionatly, as if they hadn't seen each other for a long time even though it had only been a couple of minutes.

"I love you," were the words that left Sam's lips as they finally broke apart.
"I love you too," Tom replied handing her the finished coffee.
"Can we walk into work hand in hand today?" Sam queried after taking a sip of her coffee.
"I thought you wanted to tell Dylan first?" Tom asked supprised Sam had asked him the question, she was the one who said they should wait.
"I'm sick of revoling my life around him. I want to be happy and if that means upsetting him for a week or so, so be it." Sam replied firmly.
"Fine then, lets go get ready and then walk into work like a proper couple!" Tom said happily, knowing Sam must be proud to have him considering if he had asked her the same question a week ago she wouldn't of said yes but now it was her asking him! He loves her so much and she loves him as well.
They both got ready then heaed for work.

It took them both 30 minutes to get totally ready and waiting to enter the ED.
"You ready?" Tom said taking Sam's hand.
Sam replied with a nod and a loving smile, so with that they entered the ED hand in hand.

The looks on other members of staffs faces were hilairious and they couldn't help but laugh at them.
"Hey! Tom pulled Sam!" Fletch shouted as he caught sight of the couple, causing a couple of laughs and whispers.
Sam and Tom got to the staff room without saying a word and then once they had both gone over to the lockers they glanced around to see everyone still in shock by what they had just witnessed.
"Well that went well," Sam said sarcastically.
"It could of gone way worse though," Tom reminded Sam.
"Hmm, i suppose..anyway i have patients to treat. Drinks later?" Sam said taking a step closer to Tom.
"Of course." he replied, tenderly kissing her lips before she left, a huge smile on both their faces.

It was another quiet day at the ED. Most injuries being minor cuts and fractures with the occasional broken leg or arm. Most of the doctors were heading for a after work drink. Sam headed into the staff room to find Tom waiting for her.
"You ready?" he asked.
"Um, i was thinking could we maybe just go back to mine and have a movie night?" Sam asked, sllightly nervously but she didn't know why.
"Sounds great!" Tom relpied slightly thankful he didn't have to face loads of people asking him questions.
"Really? I thought you wanted to go for a drink?" Sam said suprised at Tom's answer.
"I did..but i'd rather sit cuddled up with you on the sofa watching movies," Tom said a she pulled her closer.
Sam pecked his lips, which he returned with another kiss.
"Lets go handsome." Sam said as she pulled Tom towards his car by his hand.

They got to Sam's and chose a romantic chick flick movie. Sam ran up stairs to put some PJ's on whilst Tom sorted out the DVD and got comfy on the sofa. She came back down then pretty much say on Tom, not being bothered he put his arms around her and pulled her closer stroking her hair as he did so, as he knew this made her relax.
Sam sighed with content and snuggled as close as she could to Tom.
"Never leave me.." she whispered to him.
"I will never leave you, it would be to hard. I love you to much," he whispered back.
"I love you so much." were Sam's last words as she couldnt keep her eyes open much longer.
"I love you too." Tom replied, allowing her fall asleep in his arms while he watched the movie.

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