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Chapter One: Vivosaur Island

Dina's POV

The rest of the Patrol Team and I were on a helicopter heading towards Vivosaur Island. As a quick recap, Capt. Bullwort, the man who woke the legendary vivosaur, Frigi, escaped from jail. What's worse is that Hunter, the boy who beat him before, got kidnapped by him. So they rest of the Caliosteo Patrol Team, or just the Patrol Team, are going to Vivosaur Island to team up with everyone who helped beat him before, and the BB Brigade, to stop him.

Incase you didn't know, my name is Dina. I was the one who stopped Zongazonga, an ancient sorceror who could force his head into the body of someone else, taking over their body. A while ago, Joe Wildwest, the owner of the Caliosteo Fossil Park, got his body taken over by Zongazonga. And, blah blah blah, a bunch of stuff happened and we got his body back.

Anyway, I have golden blonde hair pulled into a side ponytail with some of my hair hanging out the side and my bangs hanging down, and light brown eyes. I'm wearing a blue shirt that stops by my elbows, and a light blue zip-up shirt over it. I have light blue pants that puff out at the end, and have darker blue stripes on the sides. I also have blue and white boots, and black fingerless gloves with a white cugg with a light blue stripe in the middle of the cuff. My current Vivosaur team is Tro, my Lugmos and starter Vivo, Cera, my Heracles, Anubis, my Krypto, Typhoon, my Nycto Ace, and Bert, my Berto.

Then there's Dino, or as I call him, the psychotic Dina and Hunter fanboy. He has spick blue hair thats held up by red goggles, and brown eyes. He has a outfit similar to mine, only in different colors. His shirt is black and red stripped instead of blue, his jacket is light brown, his pants are light and dark brown, his boots are red and white, and the cuff on his gloves has a orange stripe. His Vivosaur team is Aero, his Teffla and starter, Morph, his Dimorph Ace, Kai, his Kaishin, Mapu, his Mapo, and Tyrant, his T-Rex.

Next is Rupert, and, techincally, my boyfriend. Anyway, he has shoulder-length silver hair and gold eyes. He wears a long red jacket that has two tail things sticking out at the end with blue at the collar and wrists. He also has white pants that puff out at his knees with red on both sides of his legs, brown boots, and black fingerless gloves. Hie current team is his Mapo King, and two Mapos.

Then there's Pauleen. She has pink hair with yellow at the end pulled into to VERY PUFFY pigtails, and green eyes. She's wearing a green leaf-like skirt, a short red tank top with white polka dots, yellow cloth-like stuff tied around her upper legs and lower arms, a gold bracelet on on each wrist, red fingerless gloves, a gold chocker, a necklace with beads and feathers on it, and sandals. She's Todd's girlfriend, and the grandaughter of the Digadig Cheiftain from Vivosaur Island, so she's pretty excited about going back. Her current team is her Omias, a U-Raptor, and a Berto.

Next is Todd, who's been my friend for years. He has messy, snady brown hair that's mostly covered by a tan archeologist hat, and blue eyes. He's wearing a yellow shirt with a black collar that's covered up by a light green short-sleeved jacket that has a large white stripe in the middle that has a dark green stripe in the middle of it. He also has greens pants that stop by his knees that has a darker green stripe on either side of his legs and a white cuff with a black stripe in the middle, a green belt, green boots with a dark green stripe in the middle, and a red pin with a yellow dinosaur footprint in the middle. His current team is his Barbaros, a Spinax, and a Goyle.

"Hey! I can see Vivosaur Island now!" Dino says after a while of sitting in silence. "Man, I can't wait to get there!"

"Yeah, but we're not excactly going for fun." Rupert says.

"Don't be such a downer, Rupert." Dino says. "Just because we're going to save Hunter and stop Capt. Bullwort, doesn't mean we can't have any fun."

"Dino's right." Todd says. "This is Vivosaur Island we're talking about! That place is amazing! I've always wanted to go there!"

"And I get to show you around where I live, digadig." Pauleen says.

"They're right, Rupert." I say. "Try to have some fun."

"...Okay." He says after a minute.

After a minute we arrive on Vivosaur Island. So, Todd and Dino looked like they may go insane, while Pauleen looked happy. And Rupert, being Rupert, looked serious, and Joe did too.

It looked a lot different from the Caliosteo Islands. There was a hotel on my right, a dome-shaped building in the middle, and a arena like-thing on the left.

Two women walk over to us. They were wearing the excact same outfit, except in different colors. One has red hair and is wearing a turquise long-sleeved shirt, a pink vest, and a pink skirt. The other has sandy brown hair, a yellow long-sleeved shirt, and a dark periwinkle vest and skirt.

"Hello. I'm Sue." The one with red hair says.

"And I'm Beth" the other one says. "You must be the Patrol Team. Everyone is waiting for you in the Fossil Center, which is the dome-shaped building in the back."

"Thank you." Rupert says. "Where are they in the Fossil Center?"

"They should be waiting for you in the lobby, and they'll most likely take you to a place in there that's a secret, so you'll see." Sue says.

"Well, I guess we should get going." I say.

Everyone nods and we head toward the Fossil Center and head in.

-Rupert's POV-

When we get in, we see quite a few people.

One is a girl about a year younger than me. She has pink hair pulled into two pig tails, and pink eyes. She's wearing a pink tank top with a collar that covers her neck and has a green stone on it, a short, pink skirt, a brown belt, long pink socks, green shoes, white gloves, and a light pink archeologist hat with a green stripe on it.

Then there was a boy who was about the same age as the girl. He has messy dark blonde hair, blue eyes, and is wearing a black archeologist hat with yellow sides and a red band, a black short-sleeved shirt with yellow sleeves, black pants with yellow pockets that puff out when they reach his red and dark blue shoes, a red belt, yellow gloves, and a red bandana around his neck.

Then there was a man with dark skin and turquiose eyes and turquiose hair that's in some type of mini afro. He's wearing a Hawaiian shirt, red shorts, a white lab coat, glasses, and red sneakers.

Next was a pretty old short and kinda fat guy with white hair, a white beard and mustache, and blue eyes. He's wearing a light blue suit with a purple shirt, pink tie, and tan shoes.

Hey, look. It's some weird version of Prof. Weirdo. My Mapo King says.

It's Prof. Scatterly, and he kinda does. I say.

Then there was two groups who, and I never thought I'd say this, could rival the BB Brigade trio in weirdness. One was a trio a lot like the BB Brigade trio, and a trio of aliens. The trio that was similar to the BB Brigade trio had a woman probably in her early or mid twenties, a man about the same age, but probably a year or two older, and Then the other group had a man, a boy, and a girl, byt they were clearly aliens.

The woman from the first group (or the group similar to the BB Brigade) has long, light green or turquiose hair that the sides are pulled into a ponytail, and green eyes. She's wearing a purple shirt that stops a couple inches above her knees that has two white bands that don't go all the way around her arms on both arms, and two green Bs back to back in the middle. She also has purple and white stripped pants, dark pink gloves, and dark pink boots.

The man has yellow hair in a weird haircut, but its some weird shade or orange on the bottom part of his head, orange circles under his eyes, dark eyes that were probably black, and the longest nose I have ever seen, He's wearing a shirt like the woman's, only shorter. He also has a white belt with a yellow circle in the middle, purple pants, and blue boots and glove.

Finally, and personally the one I find the weirdest, the dog. It looked like it was some type of bulldog, and was standing on both legs. he has light grey fur, that's darker on his ears and snout, and pale redish-pink under his eyes, a red nose, and black eyes. He was wearing an outfit identical to the man's, only with a hat similar to one you would wear in the winter. The hat was purple, with a white band at the bottom and the fluffy thing at the top was white.

First out of the alien trio was the girl. She has pink hair, a pink tripe on either side of her face, and yellow eyes. She has pale blue skin on her face and body. She has slightly long pointed ears, and a tail. her skin is pink around her chest, and dark blue on her legs and arms.

Next is the boy. He has spikey blue hair, a purple strip on either side of his face, and yellow eyes. He has light blue skin around his face, purple on his neck, wrist, knees and waist, light green on his body, dark blue on his legs and arms, and he has the same ears and tail, only his ears are shorter.

Finally, there was the man. He has long white hair, pink lines on either side of his face, yellow eyes that are surrounded by black skin, two red horns coming from his head, and light blue wings with orange dots on them. And he's mostly covered by a dark blue robe.

Then there was the BB Brigade trio, who got sent here by Joe yesterday.

First there was Cole, who, to me, is the weirdest of the group. He has messy black hair with red hair dye through it with some of it in a spike, and blue eyes. He's wearing a white jacket with small black flames on the bottom and a skull (or the symbol of the BB Brigade) on the back, white pants that are black at the top and knees, a black shirt, black lace-up boots, black fingerless gloves, red glasses (even though he probably doesn't even need them), black face paint in the shape of a star over his left eye, and a black spiked dog collar around his neck.

Then there was Lester. He's short and fat, but has a pretty good amount of muscle on him. He has a giant neon lime green mohawk, and black eyes that have black eyeliner around them. He's wearing a black vest, a white shirt that's WAY too small for him with a skull on the front (another symbol of the BB Brigade), white pants, black boots, black arm bands, and a black spiked dog collar.

Last, there's Lola. She has long, orange hair that's pulled into a huge twist that's being held up by a white skull with a crown (another symbol for the BB Brigade), but with her bangs and some hair on the sides hanging out, and green eyes. She's wearing a black shirt with a white stripe going down the front and back of it, a short, white skirt, long, white socks with three black stripes at the top that go about halway up her thighs, black shoes, a black wrist band on her left wrist, something white that, even though we've known her for a while, we can't figure out what it is on her white arm, and a black chocker. And, as always, she's chewing bubble gum.

Even with all these weird people here, the BB Brigade still stands out. Mapo King says.

Yes, they do. And the three of them look uncomfortable. I say.

Are you sure Lester is? 'Cause he's probably hungry... One of my Mapos says.

"Well, looks like there are a lot of introductions needed to be done." I say.

"Yeah, well let's get started. I'm Dina, the awesome Fighter who beat ZZ!" Dina says, causing all of us to sweatdrop.

"My name's Rupert."

"I'm Todd."

"I'm Pauleen, digadig."

"The name's Dino!"

"I'm Joe Wildwest."

"NIce to meet you all. I'm Dr. Diggins." The man with dark skin says.

"Hiya! I'm Holt!' The boy with dark blonde hair says.

"I'm Rosie." The girl with pink hair said.

"I'm Mr. Richmond, the owner of this island." The old man says. Without warning, Dino randomly ran up to him.

"Wow! So, you're the guy who owns Vivosaur Island? You have no idea how awesome it is to meet you!" He said, before Dina walked over and dragged him away.

"Calm down, fanboy." She told him. "Anyway, let's get back to the intros."

"...Right. I'm Snivels." The man with the long nose says. He points to the dog before saying, "And this is Rex."

"I'm Vivian." The woman says.

"I'm Duna." The alien girl says.

"I'm Raptin." The alien boy says.

"And I'm King Dynal, but just call me Dynal." The alien man says.

"Everyone already knows this, but I'm Cole." Cole says. "And-"

"You guys don't need to introduce yourselves." Dina says.


"So, first of all, what's with the matching outfits?" Dina asks Snivels, Rex and Vivian.

"We're all ex-BB Bandits." Vivian answers.

"Why'd you quit?" Todd asks.

"It's because your boss started to treat you like normal members after Frigi, right?" Dino says before any of the could answer, causing everyone to look at him weirdly.

"What?" Dino asks when he noticed how he was being looked at. "Am I the only one who knows this stuff?"

"Anyway, what about the alien people?" Dina asks.

"We're Dinaurians, not aliens. And I would be careful around us. We eat people." Raptin says, causing Duna to elbow him.

"Just ignore him." Duna says. "We don't eat people."

"Anyway, like Raptin said, we're Dinaurians." Dynal says. "We're descended from dinosaurs. Our planet, Dinauria, was destroyed by the alien monster Guhnash. So, as a result, we tried to make Earth our home, but it got stopped by Hunter, and I think you know the rest."

"So...Now what?" Dina asks after a minute of silence.

"I guess we should tell ou what we know happened." Dr. Diggins says. "You see, a few weeks ago, Capt. Bullwort escaped from jail. He also managed to kidnap Hunter, and took him to his new base, which we don't know where it is."

"Well, could it be at the old BB Bandit base?" Todd asks.

"Capt. Bullwort may not be the smartest person around, but he's not that dumb." Vivian says, lookin at him.

"And there's no way he could get to the BB Brigade base, in case anyone cares." Cole says.

"What's up with you?" I ask.

"I don't like being ignored."

Lester and pretty much everyone else sweatdropped when he said that, and Lola facepalmed.

"Uh...yeaaaah..." Dina says. "So, all we know is he escaped from jail and kidnapped Hunter. Great."

"Well, we'll stop him." I say. "There's no way we'll let him win."

Everyone nods and Pauleen asks, "What now, digadig?"

"Can we get food?" Lester asks, causing everyone to look at him and sweatdropping and facepalming (In Cole and Lola's case).

-Some random place-

-Hunter's POV-

I'm currently at some place that I don't know where it is. Capt. Bullwort came into the room after a moment.

"What do you want?" I ask him.

"Just came to tell you something." He says as he bends down next to me. "You will not be able to win this time. We have two revivals going on, and now a third."

"What are they?" I ask.

"I won't tell you much, but I will give you hints." He says. "The first two are both giant threats that were defeated by some people. That's all I'll say. And the third one has the power to freeze everything. Well, I should go now. Have fun being held captive." He laughs and leaves.

After a minute, I think I figure out what he was talking about. And if I'm right, we're in a TON of trouble.

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