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Chapter 4: Warning: Plot Twist!

-Pauleen's POV-

Who does that girl think she is, digadig?! Calling me weak? Well, she's the weak one. I thought.

Pauleen, she was just being mean. Don't let that get to you. Omias said.

But that was still completely uncalled for, digadig! I mean, why'd she say all that?!

First, you're right. That was uncalled for. Second, how am I supposed to know that?

I diga-don't know! But I did end up losing to her really quickly... Maybe she was right, digadig.

Pauleen, don't let her get to you. She was just trying to be mean. You know I don't like it when you make me repeat things.


Pauleen, just calm down. Sure, you, Todd, Dina, Princess Pooch, and Rupert were the only great Fighters in the Cup, but that there wasn't any other good Fighters. Not to mention Cole was pretty good.

Well, yeah, but-

Also, that girl was just trying to be mean.

You've said that already, digadig.

I don't care. I just need you to listen to me. DON'T LET IT GET TO YOU!

Okay, okay. Did you really have to yell, digadig?

Yes. Now, Pauleen-

Just then, I think I hear something, digadig.

Hold on, digadig. Did you hear something?

No. Why? Did you?

No. I'm just asking if you heard something even though I diga-didn't hear anything.

No need to be sarcastic...

That time, I know I hear a noise and before I know it, two BB goons have me.

"H-Hey! Let me go, digadig!" I yelled.

"Quit squirming, kid." One of the guys said.

"Why do you even want me?!"

"First, the boss needs as little competition as possible." The other BB goon said, diga. "Not to mention we've got plans for you, girl. Big plans.

"L-Like what, digadig?"

"Yeah, like we'd tell ya." BB Guy #1 Said. "You'll just have to see for yourself. But trust me, it's good. REAL good. No one will see it coming."

"Quit. We don't want anyone to hear us." BB #2 said. "Let's just get her back to base before anyone can stop us."

The other guy nods and they started to take me to where they had come from, digadig. But before they could, Todd walks out of the Fighter Station.

"TODD! HELP!" I yelled, causing him to notice what was going on, digadig.

"PAULEEN! I'M COMING!" Todd yelled as he started running over.

"Dang it! We've been caught!" BB #1 said.

"No matter. We're at the pickup spot." BB #2 said. "Just get her in the boat. He won't be able to catch us then.

The other guy nodded and drags me into the boat, which takes off almost immediately after, digadig.

-Todd's POV-

I... I can't believe they took Pauleen... I thought after the boat took off. I was currently standing at the edge of the shore. The boat was fast, and had disappeared almost as soon as it had taken off.

Well, there's nothing much to do now other than tell everyone and try to find the BB Base. Barbaros says.

Yeah... All right! Let's go tell everyone and find that base! I said.

After that little conversation, I run into the Fighter Station and told everyone what I had seen. Everyone looked shocked, and I heard Dina say something like "Pauleen got kidnapped AGAIN? Well, she's still doing better than Rosie..."

"So, you're saying Pauleen just got kidnapped by some BBs?" Holt asked.

"Yes. I wouldn't be lying about something like this." I said. "The only problem is that we have no clue where their base is. So, right now we need to focus on finding their base."

"Todd's right. At the moment, we must focus on finding their base, then we'll plan an attack to get Hunter and Pauleen back." Rupert said.

"But how?" Vivian asked. "We have absolutely no clues on where their base could be, and we know they won't give that type of information out willingly."

"That's it!" Dina randomly yelled, (which I think has become a habit to her) causing us to look at her weirdly. "All we have to do is wait 'till they come after us, and we defeat them, and we force 'em to tell us where their base is! It's foolproof!"

"What if they still refuse?" Dynal asked. "We can't hold them hostage, because if we do, we wouldn't be any better than them."

"Well, we could always hold out the fight until that Bullwort guy shows up. Maybe we can make him tell us where the base is." Raptin said.

"He wouldn't tell us anything." Snivels said. "So that won't work. Maybe we can put something stick all over the ground. That way, they're stuck until they tell us!"

"That's a horrible idea." Vivian said.

"Well, we can always turn the ocean into jelly so they're stuck in their boats!" Lester said.

"Well, we can always distract them with really cool video games, and maybe they'll let the location of their base slip!" Cole said.

"Well, we could always, like, shut down their boats so they can't leave until they tell us where the base is." Lola said.

"We should just force them, like Dina said." Vivian said.

"We should follow them back when they leave!" Dino said.

"Okay, everyone, calm down." Rupert said. "The only one of those ideas that would work is Lola's. I think that while we're in the battle, we'll have a couple of people sneak over to the boat, and shut it down. Then, we'll tell them we won't fix it until they tell us where their base is. If their smart, they'll agree and tell us where the base is."

"Great idea, Rupert!" I said. "Oh, and you too, Lola."

"Hey! How come you guys like Lola's idea, but not mine?!" Cole asked, upset.

"Because, out of the three of you, she comes up with the best plan." Dina said. "Think about it. There was kidnapping girls and treating them well, turning a hot spring to jelly, then shutting down the parks by stealing the things that power them. Do I really need to say which was best?"


"And, your second plan was to distract Fighters with electronics, while Lester's was to turn the hot spring into chocolate pudding. Lola didn't really have a plan for that, but you get my point."

"I know, but-'"

"And just now you said distract them with electronics and Lester's was turning the ocean into jelly, while Lola's was to shut down their boats. Do I really need to continue with this?"

"... No. But, my plan to kidnap girls was great!"

"Whatever you say, Colio."

"Colio? What's that supposed to mean?!"

"Like it? It's my new nickname for ya. Hope you like it, Colio."

"Just stop calling me Colio, Diny."

"Wow. That's just pathetic, Colio. Surely you can come up with something better than Diny."

"How's 'Psycho' sound?"

"Psycho? That would match YOU, Mr. Hipster."

"I am not a psycho Blue Girl!"

"Whatever you say, Coliolo."

"That's even worse than Colio, Ms. I love Rupert!"

"Oh you did not just go there."

"Oh yes I did."

"Well, you know I know who you like, so, if you don't say I won, I'll tell everyone."

"You wouldn't do that!"

"Oh really? Hey, everyone! Cole likes-'

'fine! You win! Happy now?"


"So, is someone going to go tell Rosie what's going on or are we just going to stand around and watch Dina and Cole yell at each other?" Dino asked after he managed to stop laughing.

"Right." I said. "So, who's going to go tell Rosie?"

"I will." Mr. Richmond said before he left.

"So, who do you have a crush on, Colio?" Lester asked.

"Seriously Lester? Seriously?"

-Rosie's POV-

So, this Pauleen girl got kidnapped? Well, she was annoying and evil anyway. I think after the Patrol Team explained what happened.

Rosie, do you know how mean that sounds? Siamo said.

Well, it's true! I said back.

Well, that doesn't change the fact she got kidnapped. Nychus said.

I know. That poor girl... Maia said.

Well, it's her fault! She should have been able to defend herself! It was only a few BB goons. I said.

Well, you got kidnapped by BB goons as well, Rosie. Don't forget that. Siamo said.

Well I wasn't expecting it!

So Pauleen was? Nychus asked.

Well... I don't know. But she should have known better than going out at a time like this! So overall it's her fault!

Well, you know, since she and Hunter are both officially kidnapped, they may be being kept in the same area if not room. Siamo said.


What if they start to like each other?

Siamo, that won't happen. Hunter's got me and Pauleen's got Todd, so why would they like each other?

Well, who knows how long it will take for them to be rescued. It may take a while, so you never know.

... Well, we need to find them right away! We got to stop that from happening!

Siamo laughed before saying, That's more like it.

Unknown Location

-Hunter's POV-

I was just sitting in the room they had me in thinking about what Captain Bullwort had said yesterday, when I heard some noise from outside.

"Come on, quit struggling, kid."

"You can't tell me what to do!"

"And what can you do?"


"Told you."

"Would you two just be quite? We're here."

The door opens, and I see two BB Bandit members standing there, each holding an arm of a very angry looking girl. At that point, they push her in before starting to close the door.

"You can't do this, digadig! Just wait till my friends find out!" The girl yells angrily.

"Yeah, whatever, kid. You'll be lucky if they even manage to find our base! Ha!" One of the guards said before closing the door.

"Hey, you alright?" I asked the girl.

"Yeah, I'm fine digadig." The girl said before looking at me an getting a surprised look. "Hey, you're Hunter, aren't you?"

"Yep. The one and only. You are?" I asked.

"Oh. My name's Pauleen, digadig."

"Pauleen... I recognize that name... Have we met before?"

"Yes. In the Digadig Village, remember?"

I think for a second before I remember where I had seen her before.


I was at the Digadig Village in Knotwood Forest, and I was walking to go visit the Digadig Cheiftain, when I bump into a girl who's about two years older than me, making her about thirteen. She looked like a Digadig version of Rosie, but with green eyes and the tips of her hair were yellow.

"Hey, sorry about bumping into you." I said.

The girl just looked at me, before running off.

"Huh? What was that about?" I asked no one in particular.

"That was Pauleen, digadig." The Digadig Cheiftain said as he walked over to me.

"Who's Pauleen?" I asked.

"That girl you bumped into, digadig." The Digadig Cheiftain said.

"Oh. Guess I probably should've known that..."

Yes, you should have. Spike, my Spinax said.

"So, do you know this girl?" I asked the Cheiftain, ignoring Spike's comment.

"Of course, digadig. She's my granddaughter."

That caught me off guard.

"You have a granddaughter? How come I haven't seen her 'til now?"

"She's... Very shy, digadig. She doesn't really talk to anyone except me, digadig. So she was probably hiding or something when you've been here before."

"Why is she so shy that she can't talk to people?"

"Well, she wasn't like this when she was younger, digadig."

"What happened?"

"When she was very young, something happened to her that greatly embarrassed her, digadig. After that happened, whenever she would walk by people, they would laugh at her. She'd been shy since, digadig. A few years later another girl brought it up again in front of everyone, digadig. Pauleen got extremely embarrassed, and after that only started talking to me and her family, digadig."

"... Wow, that's pretty sad."

"It is, digadig."

After a minute of awkward silence, I said, "So, anything else interesting about Pauleen?"

"Well, she's into Fossil Battles, digadig."

"She is? Cool. Dos she have any Vivosaurs yet?"

"Yes. I think it's called an Amargo, digadig."

"That's cool. Anyway, I think I have to go meet Rosie, so bye. See you later."

"Bye, digadig."

And after that, I left, still pretty interested in this Pauleen girl.

-End of flashback-

"Oh, you're that girl I bumped into that day." I said aster remembering that day.

"Really, digadig? I diga-didn't know that." Pauleen said sarcasticly.

"Hey, I thought you couldn't talk to people. What happened?" I asked.

"I got over it, digadig." Pauleen said simply.

"Oh really? You just got over it?" I asked, crossing my arms and raising an eyebrow.

"I diga-don't have to tell you everything."

"Fine. But I will find a way to make you."

"Go ahead and try."

"So, how did you overcome your shyness?"

"Great way to make me, digadig." Pauleen said while sweatdropping.

"Are you going to tell me or am I going to have to make you?"

"And how will you diga-do that?"

"Wow, you're stubborn."

"So are you."

"Okay, if I tell you how I got trapped here and tell you something very important, will you tell me about how you got here and how you overcame your shyness?"

Pauleen was silent for a moment before saying, "Fine, digadig. Why don't I tell you about my shyness, then you tell me how you got here, then I'll tell you how I got here, digadig?"

"Sounds fine to me. So, go ahead."

"Well, it started when I took this mask that gives whoever wears it more confidence from my village, digadig."

"So you stole it?"

"No! I diga-didn't!"

"So you asked for it?"

"... No."

"Then you stole it."

"I diga-didn't!"

"Whatever. Just continue with your story."

"Well, after I stole-I mean borrowed, the mask, I entered the Caliosteo Cup, digadig. I won all my matches quickly, digadig. People also referred to me as 'the mysterious masked Fighter.' I met Dina and Todd, and we all became friend, digadig. Although Todd and I were about half and half friends and enemies. We had to fight the BB Brigade, one of which kidnapped me. You see, I lost my mask, so I was looking for it, digadig. Todd and Dina showed up, with Todd completely not recognizing me, but Dina did. After Todd failing a pick up line on me, they asked if they could help me, digadig."

"What'd he say?"

"He said, 'Someone must've dropped an angel because I can see myself in your eyes.'"

I just looked at her for a moment, before laughing for about two minutes straight, causing Pauleen to sweatdrop.

"Um... I know it's funny, digadig, but why are you laughing so hard?"

"I-I'm sorry, but that's the biggest fail I've ever heard. Okay, Dina and Todd offered to help you, got it. You know, no need to tell the entire story. Just get to the part where you overcame your shyness."

"... Wow, you have no patience, diga-do you?"

"Nope." I said, smiling proudly.

"Riiiiight... Anyway, after a bunch of stuff happened, Rupert stood up to hid dad, so I thought that;d be a good time to take of my mask, digadig. But it turns out that if you wear the mask too long, it takes control, digadig. When I tried to take the mask off, nothing happened. I freaked out, then ran off and hid somewhere, digadig. The mask was starting to take over, but luckily Dina arrived and stopped it before anything too bad happened, digadig."

"... Wow. Talk about freaky."

"Yeah. After that I just stopped wearing the mask and stopped being so shy around people, digadig."

"That's really good, Pauleen."

"Thanks. Now, how diga-did you get here?"

"Well, it was a normal day for us, when we heard something going on outside. We all went out and found a bunch of BB Bandits wrecking everything. So we all naturally went to fight them. we managed to take them all out, but someone came and kidnapped me. I don't really remember much other than the person grapping me before ending up here."

"... Wow."

"Yeah, so are you ready to tell how you got here?"

"... I guess... Anyway, it all started after we got to Vivosaur Island, digadig. We all diga-didn't like each from the start. We all started to have practice battles, you know, to test each other's strength. I got paired up with Rosie, and when we battled, she crushed me, digadig. Something seemed off with her. I mean, she kept saying she wanted to prove everyone from the Caliosteo Islands weren't near as strong as you guys, digadig. After all the battles were over, Rosie and Dina kept comparing what happened in our respective adventures. Then Rosie called my grandfather evil, so I got in an argument with her that ended with Rosie insulting my skills as a Fighter, digadig. So, after that she left and I went outside of the Fossil Center and then before I knew it the BB Bandits had gotten me, digadig."

"So that's what happened. That didn't sound like Rosie though... Anyway, sorry about what she said."

"It's okay, digadig. So you said you'd also tell me something important. So what is it, digadig?"

"Well, the BB Bandit goons keep talking about three revivals. So, I think I've figured what they are. I just hope I'm wrong..."

"What are they?"

I tell her, and she paled and looked at me with a kinda of scared look.

"I hope you're wrong, digadig..."

"Yeah. But if I'm not, things are about to get pretty bad."

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