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Harry Potter was dead. He knew this was true, because he could clearly remember going to see Voldemort in the forest. He remembers turning the resurrection stone, remembers seeing his family, being told he'll never be alone. He can remember the blast of green light, and so he knows he's dead. Except, his eyes are open, and it seems he is breathing, which is what he doesn't understand, since he's supposed to be dead. How could he be dead, but breathing? How could his eyes be open? How could everything around him be so damn bright, and lonely, when he figured his family would be waiting for him?

"Well, this sucks." He mutters, shrugging and then running his fingers through his hair.

"Yeah, tell me about it," Someone says from behind him, causing him to turn around immediately and raise his wand.

"Who are you?" He questions, his eyebrow in an arch and his heartbeat speeding up. The person in front of him is tall, almost seven feet tall. He has black hair, wild in a way that it reminds Harry of Hagrid, which just causes the young man to feel a pain in his heart that he definitely won't look into.

"I suppose you wouldn't know who I am, would you?" The man says which causes Harry to arch his eyebrow even more than before and tilt his head in confusion.

"No, but am I supposed to?" He questions, his mouth dry.

"Yes. And no."

"And no?"

"That's right, no. I shouldn't need to be talking to you right now, because you shouldn't even be dead." The guy says, shaking his head. Harry looks on, more confused than previously, before he decides to sit on the ground.

"And why shouldn't I be dead?" He questions, not understanding anything this guy is saying.

"Because Potter, you shouldn't have even faced the Dark Lord!" The person –if he's even that – snaps. Harry scrunches his face up, more confused than ever before.

"What do you mean, I shouldn't have even faced Voldemort?" He questions. He can feel his heartbeat go faster, has no idea what this guy means, isn't sure if he even wants to know, either.

"I mean, if it wasn't for that old coot Dumbledore, you wouldn't have been killed by Voldemort, because you wouldn't have been battling him alone."

"What does Dumbledore have to do with this?" Harry asks, his voice laced with his confusion and he hears the guy sigh.

"Listen closely Harry, and listen well," The guy starts with another sigh, "Albus Dumbledore is an incredibly manipulative bastard," He finishes, causing Harry to take in a deep breath of surprise.

"You're probably wondering how, which isn't really surprising." The guy states, and Harry flinches, not wanting to believe that someone so close to him is a manipulative b-.

"Merlin, of course I'm wondering how!" Harry nearly shouts, his fists clenched in anger.

"No need to scream, I'm going to tell you. Let's start at the very beginning shall we." The guy says and Harry can feel himself calming down, despite not wanting to be calm over such accusations.

"Ok, then let's start at the beginning," Harry says, his eyes wide when he suddenly feels himself being pulled, like he's apparating.

When he opens his eyes next, he can see himself in Dumbledore's office. He doesn't know what he's doing back here and he looks wildly around, not surprised at all to see the guy next to him.

"What's your name?" He mumbles, still a little confused.

"Scomparsa," The man says, and Harry nods briefly, before looking around the office. It's clear that this is many years in the past, as there aren't nearly as many things in the office as there were before his death. Not only that, but the Albus Dumbledore that is sitting at the desk in front of him looks much younger, his hair only beginning to turn white.

Harry's about to open his mouth to speak, but he's interrupted.

"He won't hear you, Potter. No one in these past visions will." Harry slumps slightly before he nods his head and then runs his fingers through his hair. Suddenly, the door is thrown open and Harry is surprised to see Pettigrew rushing through the door.

"I did it, Albus, I've done it!" He exclaims, his fists pumped and his eyes full of exhilaration. Harry has a bad feeling about this, but doesn't do anything other than look at Scomparsa.

"Sirius has convinced me to be the Potter's secret keeper!" Peter shouts, smiling in his happiness. Harry watches as Albus smiles back, a small twinkle in his eyes, and the bad feeling Harry had in his stomach returns.

"And no one knows you're the spy?" Albus questions, while the twinkle in his eyes completely gone now as his face sets into a serious frown. Harry also turns his face into a complete frown. His heart has speeded up and his palms have started to sweat.

"He… he knew. He knew about Sirius being innocent and he knew—" Harry starts, only to stop suddenly when he feels the sudden pull of being apparated. Within seconds, he suddenly finds himself in an openly lit room, bright and noisy. The walls around him are a lightly colored blue with scattered splotches of dark blue painted on top. He can immediately see that he's in a kitchen, and while it's a little messy, that's not what has his attention. What does catch his attention is the little boy in the blue jumper in the white crib a little ways away.

There's a baby in the crib with jet black hair that's a complete mess and bright green eyes that Harry knows as very familiar. The baby gurgles a few times and right before Harry breaks out into a wide grin a tall man comes out and picks the baby up. Harry can feel his breath being taken away from him, recognizing the messy black hair and glasses over eyes.

"Oh, you are such a perfect little baby boy aren't you Prongslet?" He hears the man, his father, whisper, and Harry smiles as he watches a younger version of himself giggle.

"Pa foo!" The younger version of him gurgles, causing his dad to let out a chuckle that's laced with darkness.

"Sorry, prongslet. Padfoot won't be coming by for a while."

"Pa foo?" Baby Harry gurgles, no longer smiling and Harry hears his father sigh.

"Yeah, I miss him too, buddy. But he can't come over, because he's not our secret keeper. Wormtail is." His dad says before Baby Harry starts crying his eyes out. He watches as his dad flinches and then runs his fingers through his hair, so very reminiscent of what Harry does that it makes his breath leave him.

"Oh, c'mon Prongslet, don't cry." James pleads, rocking his son back and forth in a jumping motion to try and have him quiet down slightly.

"James? What did you do now?" Harry hears and when he turns around, his breath leaves him one more time at the sight of his mother. Her auburn colored hair is held up in a fashionable bun by chopsticks, and she's wearing track pants and, oddly enough, a hooded sweater. She smiles when she looks at her husband and baby boy before she takes the young baby out of her husband's hands.

"I said W-" James starts, only to stop when he sees his son start to pout.

"P—" James tries one more time before Lily nods her head in understanding. James and Lily, and even Sirius and Remus never understood why Harry never liked Peter but they didn't question it either, knowing that whatever reason Harry had, he had it. Finally, Harry stops looking like he's going to cry and gurgles one more time, grabbing a handful of his mother's hair, causing her to smile.

"You are such a good –" She begins only to stop suddenly when she hears the door blast open. She looks up at her husband fearfully, her green eyes wide with fear, her heart beating a thousand miles a minute.

"But, Peter." Harry hears James whisper as his mother seems frozen. He watches as his dad shakes himself out of it, his eyes equally wide but filled with a steely look in them.

"Lily, it's him. Take Harry upstairs. Go!" James shouts and before Harry can see anymore he feels the now familiar tug of being apparated and sighs, not wanting to add seeing his parent's death fully alongside hearing it.

When he finally opens his eyes once more after recognizing the fact that he's apparating, he sees himself at the home of the Weasley's. His eyes go wide in slight confusion, having no idea why he's here so suddenly, especially if Scomparsa is showing him what Albus has done to apparently, completely fuck up his life.

He gets a sense of foreboding, not wanting to see this, not wanting to see anything else. However, he couldn't look away when he recognizes Molly Weasley come out of an adjoining room with a smile on her face and a small baby in her arms. Harry recognizes this immediately as Ron and his bad feeling grows even larger than before.

Ron is his best friend. Ron has always been there for him. Well, okay, not always, but well enough. Harry didn't want Ron to be in this room, with this man, and that thought alone scared the hell out of him.

"Molly, how are you?" Albus question, while Harry jumped nearly a mile high, forgetting that a conversation would be taking place.

"I'm alright Albus. What business do you have to be here?" Molly smiled, and Harry could tell instantly, and rather disgustingly, if you asked him, that Molly was trying to flirt with the Headmaster. It almost seemed as the Headmaster could recognize this trait himself, as he smiled slightly before he looked around the room. Harry, wondering what Albus could find so interesting, also looked around the room, before his eyes landed on the infamous clock that Mrs. Weasley had. Surprisingly enough, the clock had the same amount of names on it as what he was used to, though upon closer inspection, Ginny's name was mostly faded, like she hadn't been born yet, which made Harry snap his attention back to the mother.

"I take it you're having a daughter, then?" Albus smiled. Molly nodded her head enthusiastically, a grin appearing on her face.

"I've always wanted a daughter, and after six boys, well, I'm finally getting one!" She says, clapping her hands in excitement, having put Ron down in a chair.

"Molly, what would you do if I told you I could have your daughter married to a wonderful man when she's older, your youngest son best friends with said man and your family very, very rich?" Albus interrupted her chatter, obviously wanting to get to the point. Harry watched as Molly's eyes grew wide and she herself suddenly grew silent, her mouth doing a fabulous rendition of a fish out of water.

"But, but, how?" She muttered, her hand clutching her heart as she suddenly sat down. Harry sits down also, with Scomparsa standing next to him and he watches Albus closely, looking for any sign of what's going to come next.

"Love potions – and an arranged marriage to one Harry James Potter." Albus states while Harry's eyes widen and his mouth opens. His fists become clenched and begin to turn white over how tightly he's clenching them.

"Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived?" Molly states as she tries her hardest not to stutter over the name and the atrocious nickname. Harry can't help but flinch and, at the same time, close his eyes in sadness.

"Yes, the one and only." Albus states and Harry knows without even looking up that the Headmaster is nodding his head.

"Of course, more will be discussed when the time has come for Harry to go to Hogwarts but know that your daughter will be Mrs. Potter and you will be paid generously for it." Albus said while standing up.

"Where will the money come from, Albus?"

"The Potter Vault of course." Albus grins before leaving. Harry doesn't immediately feel the tug of being apparated away and looks towards Scomparsa, his face red with anger and his eyes wet with tears.

"Please tell me she didn't take that offer?" He whispers trying his hardest not to look down at the ground. When Scomparsa remains silent, Harry looks up, his eyes betraying the anger he feels within himself.

"Is what I felt for Ginny even real?" He questions.

"No. Molly and Ginny used love potions on you every time you ate at the Weasley house. When you were at Grimmauld they had to slow down the amount of potions because your godfather was onto them but before he could truly do anything, he was killed." Scomparsa mutters and Harry just wants to scream, not impressed with anything in the moment. Very suddenly, Harry can feel the familiar tug of being apparated, and sighs, falling to the floor. When he looks around himself, he recognizes that he's in Gringotts, but he has no idea where he is in the large wizarding bank. After a few minutes, he immediately recognizes Dumbledore and can feel a deep burn within him, his anger nearly coming out completely.

"What can I do for you?" Someone says and Harry looks up to see a Goblin in front of Dumbledore, and sighs, wondering what the old fool has done now.

"Yes, I'm here to collect money out of this vault," He states and Harry watches as the Goblin nods his head before taking the key that Dumbledore put on the countertop. Harry recognizes the key immediately as his own and his anger flares even more than before, wondering how the old wizard could have gotten his keys.

"Scomparsa, how?"

"He created one for himself and never told anyone. Then, when you'd be getting ready for Hogwarts, he recreated that key, put some money in a smaller vault and somehow managed to trick the goblins into redirecting the key over to which vault it opened."

"Essentially, I would never have known about my actual vault?"

"Yes." Scomparsa says and Harry feels more angry than he did before he asked the question but he isn't sure what to do. Within minutes, Harry is at his vault and when the doors open, he feels more surprised than anything. His vault is huge, much larger than Bellatrix's, and probably much bigger than the Great Hall itself. Inside it are many trinkets and gold, but what really catches Harry's eyes is the invisibility cloak and the Marauders Map.


"Watch," Scomparsa says and Harry nods his head, deciding he's going to have to watch a lot if he wants to truly understand what's going on. He watches as Dumbledore picks up his father's cloak and tucks it away in his robe. He watches as Dumbledore picks up the map and chuckles before putting that in his own cloak.

"We'll put that in Filch's cupboards for the Weasley twins to find when they come to the school." He mutters and Harry clenches his fists some more, a question on his mind.

"No, the Twins were never involved in manipulating you through any way. If anything, the two of them plus Bill and Charlie are the only Weasley's you can trust." Scomparsa mutters and Harry nods quickly, thankful for that. Before he can see what else Albus takes though, the two of them are moving once more, the tug of being apparated so many times making Harry queasy. When they landed, Harry looked up to see Dumbledore sitting at a table with Molly in front of him, this time with a much older version of Ron and Ginny next to her, both sitting to her side and eating happily away at something.

"You will be going to Hogwarts in a month," Albus states towards Ron, who nods his head happily while Ginny pouts at not being able to go. Albus smiles at the duo, thankful that Molly had decided to accept the offer he gave her so many years ago.

"Now, Molly, this part is extremely important, okay?" Albus questions as the twinkle in his eyes completely gone, forcing Molly to nod her head sincerely. Harry sighed before he pulled up a chair and listened to Dumbledore explain to Molly what she would need to do come September 1st.

"You need to talk really loudly, Molly. You need to question where the platform is, like you don't know. I made sure not to remind Hagrid to mention it to Harry, so the fact that he's at the platform, with a bundle of stuff, without any idea where to go will lead you right to him when he hears you say the platform number. And in turn, he'll become best friends with little Ronald here, and after his fifth year, you can amp up the doses on the love potion and he'll fall for Miss Ginevra," Dumbledore finishes, smiling as Molly grins and Harry begins feeling stick in his stomach.

"That's a wonderful plan, but how can you be sure that Harry and my little Ronald will become best friends?" Molly questions. Harry watches as Dumbledore smiles and can't help but feel sick at the old man he once thought of as family.

"A little compulsion charm, that's for sure." Dumbledore says and it's the last thing Harry hears before he's apparating again and thank god for that. However, he suddenly lands in an all too familiar house and can't help but wonder if Dumbledore knew the trouble his aunt and uncle put him through. Unfortunately, he had a feeling this trip would answer him. Out of nowhere he could hear a baby crying. No, that wasn't exactly the right word. He could hear a baby screeching and wailing. Harry had stood there for a good fifteen minutes before he heard something else, something that made his blood run cold.

"Shut up, you mangy mongrel!" Was said next to a very loud slap that could be heard reverberating throughout the room. This had made the baby cry much louder than previously. Harry, flinching, slowly walked towards the room in which he was sure he was crying in and peeked in hesitantly. He wasn't at all surprised to see his aunt, but he was definitely surprised to see Albus Dumbledore in the room with her, his wand pointed at Harry.

"What I'm about to do Petunia cannot be repeated to anyone, do you understand?" Harry watched as Petunia nodded his head, before he was surprised by Dumbledore speaking Latin.

"Deligati puerum, et magicis . Puer, infirmus facile tractantur. Ne magna core intra puer." Harry scrunches up his face as he watches Dumbledore finish the spell, and sees a bright combination of lights fly out of his wand. There's purple, blue, red, orange. Nearly every color Harry can imagine is coming out of Dumbledore's wand and going into Harry.

"Scomparsa, what was that spell?" He asks hesitantly, not really wanting to know.

"Bound boy, bound magic. Boy, the weak, easily manipulated. Not a core within the child," Scomparsa says without any emotion in his voice. Harry's wand starts sending out black sparks as he's unable to control his anger.

"He bound my magic?"

"And much more, kid." Scomparsa mutters and Harry sees himself back in the room of white. He has to blink a few times to get his sight back but within minutes, he can see just as fine and turns towards the ghostly figure.

"What else?"

"Do you mind if I tell you everything? Even the stuff you've already seen?" Harry nods his head, needing to hear it out loud other than just seeing it.

"Okay, so Albus convinced Peter to become a spy for Voldemort, and then put the idea in Sirius' head to change secret keepers to Peter. He basically let Sirius rot in Azkaban for twelve years," Scomparsa mutters, causing Harry to clench his fists in anger.

"Then, he paid off Molly to make Ron be best friends with you, and poisoned you with Love Potions to make you fall in love with the youngest Weasley girl, despite the fact that your soulmate is Hermione. Then there's-"

"Wait, wait, woah, what?" Harry interrupts, his eyes wide as his wand nearly slips from his grasp. Scomparsa stops speaking suddenly, his eyebrows arched at the same time, extremely close to one another, before he sighs and shakes his head.

"Yeah, I s'pose you wouldn't know. Don't you remember the constant normal pull you had towards Hermione? The fact that you always enjoyed spending time with her, always wanted her safe and then, once you got older, couldn't imagine your life without her?" Harry opened and closed his mouth a few times, before he nodded his head in understanding.

"Okay, but I thought those were feelings of sisterly and brotherly love?" Harry questions while Scomparsa snorts out his amusement.

"No. Because of the old coot giving you a love potion, you got the emotions you have for the two females mixed up. You felt in love with Ginny and sisterly love with Hermione, when it should've been the opposite way." Scomparsa finishes, his fist slamming down on a table that suddenly arrived and left just as fast when he was finished.

"Ok." Harry says gently, not wanting to get Scomparsa mad for some reason.

"What else has he done?" Harry finishes, watching as Scomparsa sighs and looks down at his feet.

"He's stolen money and heirlooms from your vault, not told you about your family history and the fact that you come from a noble house, blocked and bonded your core so you wouldn't be good at magic because he knew you would become extremely powerful if he didn't do so, he knew your aunt and uncle abused you and decided to leave you there, even when Mrs. Figg expressed worry about your situation. He made sure to bring the Philosopher's Stone to Hogwarts to make you face Voldemort and he himself gave Lucius Malfoy the diary of Voldemort. Then he made that precious godfather of yours nearly get kissed, despite the fact that he was on the Wizengamot and could've easily gotten a trial. But no, he made Sirius go on the run so Sirius wouldn't be able to help you out. And when Sirius did try to help you, Dumbledore charmed him to do otherwise. Sirius tried to fight it but after spending many years in Azkaban, he barely could. He suggested to do the Triwizard Tournament and suggest to bring it to Hogwarts, planning a way to make your name go into the cup anyways. Then there was fifth year. Albus knew what Dolores was doing the whole time and just didn't care. He also knew that Snape wasn't actually helping you learn occulmency. How could he, when he knew Snape was still a Death Eater? Then there was making you go through the horcrux hunt, poisoning you with a Love Potion, using compulsion on you with a spell, alongside Hermione, because boy did she fight the potion, pretending to die, telling you you were a horcrux. Hijacking your parents spot where they were supposed to meet you when you originally died, " Scomparsa all but shouts, while Harry's eyes are as wide as saucers.

"Anything else?" He whispers while he tries his hardest not to shake his head in disbelief. Everything that Scomparsa has said has slowly sunk into his brain, and he's trying so hard to absorb everything, but he finds it incredibly hard.

"I'm sure there's plenty more, Harry but right now, I honestly cannot remember." Scomparsa mutters and Harry nods his head, accepting that comment. The two of them are silent for the next fifteen minutes until Harry moves to sit down on a couch that has just arrived.

"So. What now?" He questions, playing with his hands out of nervousness, "Why did you bring me here, instead of just letting me die? What was the point of bringing me here? What is it you want me to do?" Harry rushes, nearly sounding like Hermione.

"I want to send you back in time." Scomparsa says straightforward. Harry sucks in a deep breath when he says it, and can feel his heart begin to pound in his chest.

"Don't freak out, Potter."

"How am I not supposed to freak out?" Harry grits through, trying his hardest to calm down before something happens to him or his magic.

"You listen, that's how." Scomparsa says firmly and after a few minutes, Harry nods his head, taking as many deep breaths as he can to allow himself to remain calm.

"I'm going to send you back to the week of your eleventh birthday. You can choose to go along with Hagrid or you can do what you want, when you want it. You'll remember your memories of the current life you lived, but you will be eleven again in mind, body and soul. It will be up to you on how you change things around, Potter." Scomparsa says and Harry nods, taking in a deep breath.

"I'll do it."

"Good." He says, nodding his head slightly and putting his hands in his pockets, reminding Harry of Sirius.

"Can I save people that died?" He questions suddenly, his eyes wide at the prospect. He watches as Scomparsa hints at a smile, before he shakes his head.

"If you do things right, yes, you can." He says as he turns to face Harry completely. "Will you do it?" He asks and Harry slowly nods his head, a little hesitant but wanting to be able to save so many people.

"Okay. When I'm done, there will be a blue and red light that surrounds you. Don't be afraid of it. Let it pull you away, okay?" Scomparsa says and Harry nods. Before he can finish the charm though, Harry speaks quickly.

"What do I do about Dumbledore? And Molly?"

"Try to evade them. Don't let them know that you know what they've done. And whatever happens Potter, make sure you can trust the right people. Only a certain amount of people can know the truth, so be careful of whom you tell." Scomparsa says and Harry nods his head before he sees the blue and red light that Scomparsa talked about form a circle and surround him. Harry can feel himself slightly panic before he forces himself to calm down and make things easier for the process.

As the light encircles Harry, he can feel certain warmth spread through his body, blood and if he focuses hard enough, his veins. He looks around, but all he can see his blue and red light with no gaps in between. As the minutes go by, the lights get brighter and brighter and Harry nearly shields his eyes from the light. They remind him of flames that lick your skin in a sick and twisted embrace, but these have no heat or coldness to them, and they don't flicker, but remain steady throughout the whole time.

Within minutes, the lights are finally gone and Harry finds himself slowly opening his eyes. It takes him a couple of minutes, but he finally recognizes that he is back in the cupboard, and he lets out a slow sigh. He moves his hands in search of his glasses and after a couple of minutes, finally finds them and puts them on his face.

The cupboard looks the same, with the same spider web up in the corner, the coinciding spider on his sock just chilling and the green toy soldiers on the ledge. Harry sighs once more and briefly closes his eyes. He knows he needs a plan. He needs to figure out if he's going to go with Hagrid, or do things his own way. Hell, maybe he'll do both. Either way, he needs a plan, and he needs one soon.

He gets up slowly and while it takes him a much longer time than he would've liked, he finally finds some paper and something to write with. He thinks awhile before he starts his first list.

People to Save, he thinks, chewing on his lower lip, his eyes wide.

Cedric, can't there be.

Sirius, won't let him go.

Albus? Does he even deserve to live after everything he's put me through?

Hedwig. Moody. Remus and Tonks. Fred.

Harry looked over his list, and while he knew there were many others he could save, it would all come down to whether or not the war went the same way as before. He puts his list away before taking out another piece of paper and starting that list.

Things to Do: He has to go to Gringotts, that's for sure. If Dumbledore is stealing from him, he wants to know just how much has been stolen, and just what else has been stolen other than the cloak and the map. While he's at Gringotts, he'll probably check to see if his magical core is indeed blocked and while he doesn't want to think about it, he'll need to know for sure, and he's pretty sure goblins can check stuff like that.

He'll also have to find a way to see how badly Hermione is affected without causing her to be suspicious. Which would bring telling her the truth. He knows he could trust Hermione – he's always trusted her, no matter what the reason was. But would she be able to trust him and what he says? That was the question that really got to him.

Then there was finding a way to free his godfather because there was no way he was going to let his godfather rot in Azkaban.

Yes, Harry Potter had a small plan. Now, to put it in action.