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summary: Sora, Donald, and Goofy have just meet Ash, Pikachu and his friends, but the problem is now the heartless are starting to show up everywhere around town and Sora team up with Ash as they fought those heartless.

Chapter 2: The heartless are coming!

Sora was running around like crazy, he had never seen so many odd creature in one forest

"wow, this place is so cool i wish Kairi could see this..."Sora said as Ash walked torward him

"who's Kairi? "Ash said with confusion

"is she your girlfriend?!"Misty added with a little giggle fallowed by Donald, Goofy and Brock laughing a little

Sora blushes and stated"she's not...she's just a friend"he said scratching the back of his head

"then why is your face all red?"Brock asked as the others continued laughing

Sora pad his face trying to hid it "it is not" he said embarrassed

they continue walking until they reach a town. A really beautiful town with many old buildings surrounded by trees"wow"Sora and Ash gasp"what a town"ash said "with many unusual Pokemons"Sora added. they walked around the town until they herd someone screaming in terror"what was that"Ash turned around to see what " let's go see"Sora and Ash ran to the sound"HEY WAIT FOR US"Donald yealled but Sora and Ash ignored it and go right to the sound

there they spotted a little black creature with spiky horns and Sora knew just what to do

"what kind of pokemons are those"Ash took out his pokedex which said that it's unidentified

"those are not pokemons, those are HEARTLESS" Sora took out his keyblade and start slashing them

"PIKACHU LET'S HELP" Ash looked at pikachu as he gets ready"ALRIGHT PIKACHU USE THUNDER BOLD"Ash commanded pikachu uses his power and kill so many heartless

"wow nice shoot"Sora said to pikachu and Ash. the heartless keep on multiplying Sora just couldn't keep up, Pikachu is exausted from using to much of it's power and Ash stop him

"there's to many of them"Donald gasp

"GUYS GET IN HERE IT'S SAVE INSIDE"Misty said to Sora and Ash from inside of an old house, Sora nodded to Ash and he nodded back they ran in and was save from the heartless

in the old house Ash and Sora was gasping for air as they both collapses on the ground

"just..just what are those things"Ash asked Sora

"heartless, they take peoples heart or collect them or something"Sora explained

"gak, i never seen so many in one place" Donald said exausted

"h-yuk there so many of them" Goofy looked out the window

"well we'll just have to stay here tonight"Misty said

"NO WAY!"Sora ad Ash screamed looking up to Misty

"we can't just sit here and do nothing, we have to find a way to erase all those heartless"Sora took out his keyblade

"YEAH, and beside, we need to go to the pokemon center and my next gym battle"Ash stood up

Sora headed for the door fallowed by Ash "you guys just stay here we'll be find"Sora turned around to see Donald and Goofy

"but you need our help don't ya?"Goofy ask with concern "you'll just get wiped"Donald added

"don't worry guys i'll be back before you know it Sora took a last look at them and walked out

"ASH!" Brock trow his pokemons to him"take them you'll needed"he smiled at him"yeah, thanks"Ash said" don't hurt your self"Misty said with concern "Don't worry i won't" Ash walked out the door.

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