Completely Unconditional

Author's Note: I've always wanted to write a Twilight FF since I read it in 2008. And since the new Breaking Dawn came out, I figured this will probably be the last time it's insanely popular and still has the following. I want people to love it forever though. Since I really loved the family dynamic between Edward, Bella, and Renesmee I wanted to do something like this, especially since the lack of cute father-daughter scenes in the movie. I hope you like this, and let me know if I should continue this. I would like to, but only if I have readers. This movie was the best one, and that makes me more sad now because it's over. It's been a big part of my life, and maybe that's lame but I just can't not love it. It's in my blood now, ha-ha no pun intended. But really I LOVE it, and #TeamEdward btw, just a warning. I've been like that since day one. I hope you enjoy this though! J

He knew she had made the right decision. He should have never underestimated her strength; she had pulled through the birth with a little help from his venom, injected and bitten in. All they could do now was wait as she lay on the surgical table. They had cleaned her up and she would wake up anew, completely different, but yet the same. She would be the ultimate version of herself. He knew waiting was all he could do at the moment; he needed to keep himself busy.

Edward strolled out of the room where Bella lay and entered the living room where his family was fussing over his half vampire, half human, daughter Renesmee. She was gorgeous and he already loved her immensely. He now understood why Bella was so against anything harming the child. She was perfect, she was his.

"How's Bella?" Jacob asked Edward, as he noticed him enter the room. Jacob knew that after what he did, he was going to have to be on his best behavior with Edward and the rest of the Cullens. Edward was not in the slightest thrilled, that Jacob, had in fact imprinted on his one and only, very newborn daughter. He knew he would have to allow it, but he sure as hell wasn't going to be happy about it or make it easy on Jacob.

"Stable. We just have to wait now." He had confidence the venom was working, or maybe it was false hope. But he had no other option other to believe that it did indeed would work out. He couldn't face the rest of his life without her now. They were one. But now he did have his daughter to think about. He loved her in the same capacity he loved Bella with, completely unconditional.

"Here Edward, she's getting whiney. I think she wants her father." Emmett said as he placed the fussy infant in his arms. You could see that the slightly more muscular vampire cared for the child; he just wanted to see his brother calm down and spend some time with the child. It had been a busy few days.

Edward took the child out of his brother's arms and into his own as the rest of the crown left the room, so he could be alone with the child. The two stared into each other's eyes for the longest time. She was so aware of her surroundings, far different from most newborn children. But that made her incredibly special. She placed her hand on his face and he was instantly shown a series of vivid images. It was as if the thoughts he was having weren't just words, but pictures. He had never been able to see images of thoughts really, just the ideas themselves. But now he was able to see. The images were of him, from her point of view.

In one image he could see himself slicing into Bella taking Renesmee out of the womb and caressing her in his arms. This must have been her first memory ever, and he felt good inside that it was of him. His magnificent daughter's first memory was of him. She showed him a few more snapshots of himself holding her at various times, family surrounding them. Then it the show was over and he just rocked her. This was the first time it had been calm and it had been just the two of them. He couldn't wait to watch her do all kinds of things, and to have Bella see and share in the beauty of the child they had created.

He never would have imagined himself a father after being turned a vampire. He still felt terrible for the pain that he had made his wife endure, more than any normal female would ever have to go to. But he was so glad she fought him over it and won. He couldn't imagine it any differently after watching the baby fall asleep in his arms.