Author's Notes: So I decided I just wanted to continue on with this. This won't be like a chronological story or anything but just for when I'm in the mood for some Twilight fluff. I really just live cute little stories so hopefully this will fulfill me. And I am making Renesmee grow at a fast pace, maybe just not as fast as she would in the book. I just saw a commercial for BDP2 and almost died, I get to see it again on Saturday and I am so pumped! Anyways if you like this and what I'm doing, please review so I know it's worth my time! :)

Renesmee was a pretty content child, able to express things with her mind that most children couldn't but for some reason she was being unnaturally fussy on this particular night. Edward was in the small cottage kitchen making his growing daughter a bottle to satiate her hunger. He wasn't sold for feeding his daughter fresh blood from a bottle, he opted for simple formula until she exhibited signs that she needed blood to satisfy her thirst. Hunger had been the only thing that she needed to have fulfilled, he was honestly a little glad, not having to worry about feeding his half human daughter blood.

"Edward could you please hurry, she's beginning to get unruly." Bella called from her daughter's room. She was only a month old but looked about three; it was going to be a fast few years for the three of them, as well as the rest of the family. He entered the room, bottle in hand and handed his daughter's meal to his wife.

"Maybe she'll calm down after she's fed." Edward suggested. Bella struggled to get the child to take the food, she just wouldn't give in. "Here you take her, maybe she'll do better for you." She said handing the small child to Edward who was sitting in the chair next to her crib.

"There you go, see its good." He said cooing to the baby while Bella sat on the day bed her daughter would be needing sooner than most young children. Renesmee almost immediately stopped her whimpers when Edward had her in his arms.

"I think she just wanted her daddy." Bella whispered to Edward who had a large smile plastered across his pale face. "She really likes you, Edward. She knows how important you are, and how safe you're going to keep her and me."

"You can protect her too now Bella." He put simply, not wanting to make her role any less significant.

"I know, but there's something nice about knowing that her dad is there to take care of her. And me I like the idea of you still protecting me too." Edward nodded with a smile still on his face. He liked the idea of being able to protect his family too, now that Bella was immortal though, it was more about keeping Renesmee safe. She was the top priority to both of them now.

Edward was mesmerized by her, as he was every day. She was adorable, especially at this hour or right before she was drifting off to sleep. She fought sleep but yet was most comfortable in content in the arms of her family, especially her parents, and almost especially Edward. He was in utter awe of her every time he saw her. Those brown eyes like her mother, and hair color like his own.

She fell asleep as she finished the bottle. "Um Edward I think she's done eating, and asleep." Bella said watching her husband watching their daughter.

"I know, but I don't want to put her down, she's just too beautiful."

"I know, I can't believe she's ours."

"I'm so glad you didn't let me do anything to hurt her, I'm just sorry you got hurt in the process." He said looking into Bella's crimson eyes.

"I'm glad you let me, despite what you thought. But I knew you loved her when you heard her thoughts. It just feels so perfect."

"Exactly. Let's go lay down in our room, and she can come with us." Edward stated looking down at sleeping the bundle in his arms. "I want to make the most of every moment we have with her." Bella couldn't agree more as the three of them left the nursery and went into the master bedroom to lay in the bed, Renesmee fast asleep in Edward's strong arms.