Author's Note: Hello! It seems that I've been struck with another bout of inspiration! This will be a much different Twilight fanfic than my other stories, but I hope you will all enjoy it! There will be plenty of Darkward goodness for everyone. I will try to update as much as I can. Please leave me a review and let me know what you think!

It was the most unbelievably seductive fragrance that I ever experienced, and I knew that I had to have the source, no matter what the cost.

The strength of it was debilitating; coursing through every muscle in my being. Every single fucking atom. It carried my limbs with such simplicity that even I was a little surprised. But in all honestly, the rationale of it didn't matter to me in the slightest. Only the need for it. For the taste of it. I craved it like it was oxygen that anyone else would have depended on for survival. As for me, this was what I needed to survive.

I hated the crowds. The innate chatter crawled around my mind in waves, causing me to scowl the entire run. I could've cared less about the sacks of meat that surrounded me; they were keeping me from my prey. On any other natural occasion, I wouldn't have thrown myself into the public. I was much more gracious in my movements, in my seclusion. I traveled only when I needed to. I made my appearance known only to my prey, and watched their memories of my features fade along with the light in their eyes. Over time it grew beyond asinine, due to the repetitiveness of the hunt. Always the same expressions, the same pleas for mercy.

The irony of it all; asking me for mercy. It made me laugh each and every time.

Ambrosia and strawberries was the mixture invading my senses. It reminded me of a distant memory that wished to come to my attention, though I rejected the notion. There was no room in my consciousness to ponder the mysteries of my memories – not when there was such a delicious meal waiting for me.

I swiftly made my way away from the mass of bodies, wondering how odd it was for such a scent to draw me so. I'd have to look into it after it was over. Ignoring all the gasps and words of disdain from those around me, my head sharply took a turn towards the closest road. It was one I was mildly familiar with; used for service vehicles only and normally closed off. When my hastened pace slowed to a normal speed, my eyes picked up on the alluring smell. It was strong here, and gave me reason to believe that I would be feasting mightily this night. Crossing over the wooden barricade like it was mere tissue paper, I allowed my instincts to take me to my meal.

Twists and turns welcomed me. It made me curious as to how someone got this far on their own. It was cramped and reeked of mildew, rust, and decaying garbage. My hands grasped at the walls while I moved, mostly for sensory allocation. Even though I could see perfectly in the seeping darkness, I liked getting a better feel of my environment. It was mostly eroded brick with moisture from the weather that clung to the stone. My visage caught some dull lighting down the way, and the sweet aroma picked up in strength, almost crippling me with hunger. It was going to be a quick and dirty hunt, this I was sure of.

A single corner came to my passing, and there was a growl so deep from within my throat that I barely recognized myself. Paradise was waiting for me around that corner, and it made my lips curve upwards in what could have been a grotesque and haunting smile. When my body made the turn, and my eyes narrowed to the distinct source of the intoxicating scent, I was frozen in place. There was an invisible wall between me and my meal, it seemed, as I looked on with an expression of pure ecstasy mixed with agony.

There was just so much.

I first noticed the trail from the opposite end of the small clearing I was occupying, and it only served to make my throat burn. As my gaze traveled down the crimson velvet that coated the filthy granite, it took note of the milky peach flesh that shined like a winter's first snowfall under the slim moonlight. It was raining cinnamon and chocolate as elongated tresses of what looked like wavy hair cradled the head and neck of the creature before me. She was sprawled out in a fashion most people would consider disturbing; her thin but muscular thighs and legs contorted as if they had been sprained or broken. Her delectable hands were trembling so minutely, anyone else would have missed the movements entirely.

Miniscule lashes fluttered in the chill of the air around us, and I could see her rosy, bloated lips gaping open, with a cut so deep on the lower half that I wanted to dive in and taste it. However, I could also distinctly see the bruising around her large, chestnut eyes. Bruising which spread down her slender and enticing neckline, which clear markings of a hand forming against the skin. What attracted me most to the exquisite scene was the fact that her flippant idea of clothing was saturated in her flavor. My sight pinpointed in the fraction of a second where she had been injured. Two severe stab wounds at her left rib, jagged and sloppy in nature. A third was poorly attempted at her right hip. For some odd reason, I was enraged at the idea of such a beautiful creature being deformed in such a way.

A garbled moan sang from her mouth, pulling me from the folds of my visual investigation, and it caused my body to act. No longer could I hold back the need to take in every drop of incarnadine sweetness that she was bathing in, looking like a heavenly feast. I moved with precision, knowing from her damaged breathing pattern that she probably would have little awareness of my presence. All the easier for me to fulfill my task. My skilled, stone-cold hands roamed her tender body, maneuvering underneath her back to rest her upper half along my lap. There wasn't a fight, or even much of a flinch from her face as I prepared her for her final moments. Perhaps this would give her some odd sense of peace, while I drained her of her life.

Salvation, maybe? The idea roused my sense of humor and I snickered to myself. Again, what irony!

What I didn't count on was the way her eyes met mine while I brushed some of her feather-soft hair from her neck. Her hues were such a damning shade of hazelnut and milk chocolate that I nearly lost myself in them. They were frightened, confused, and pleading as she gaped at me with those eyes. Beautiful. While the pads of my fingers traced alongside the non-bruised side of her face and neck, I could feel the slowing pulse of her essence. My teeth ached to tear into the flesh, to taste the overwhelmingly sweet juice within. My chin lowered thusly, my lips brushing alongside her own to tease them with a preview.

A moan escaped both of us, and my spine resonated with a shudder. It was completely unheard of for me to react in such a way, and I stopped from moving further. I listened to the staggering breaths of her as she whimpered like a newborn kitten underneath me. Why had I stopped? Paradise personified was all around me, and I wasn't taking advantage of it! Something tickled my arm and my sight darted to the source, only to find her quivering fingers sliding along the smooth leather of my coat. Was she giving me permission to continue? Was she trying to stop me? I was more than perplexed by this creature, and I pulled back my face to get another look into those eyes. They seemed to be a key, and would surely give me the answers I was looking for in that moment. Instead, all I could see was pure, unyielding acceptance. As if she could see right into me, through my past and present and future.

My mouth hung open while my embrace tightened around her slim frame. In that instant, I knew I was forever lost.