Author's Note:

Hello everyone. I'm sorry if you're expecting a special added chapter or something, but this is actually just a strong plea for help.

In January of this year, my fiancée of 6 years was told that he was suffering from heart failure. He was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy, which is a fancy way of saying he has an enlarged heart that pumps at 10% the rate of a normal healthy heart. We were told he has the heart of an 80-90 year old man.

Josh is only 24. And I very nearly lost him.

After living in the hospital for about a week predominantly in the ICU, we were told that as long as he kept his sodium levels down and took medications, there could be an improvement. However, since then, there has been next to no improvement and the medical bills continue to pile up weekly. He has to balance between two different cardiologists in two different areas and get constant testing done (i.e. bloodwork, stress tests), pay monthly for various medications and now we're working on finding out when he can have a chest MRI scheduled, which should be able to tell us if his heart condition can be reversed through medications and other treatment. Otherwise, he may need an ICD (an implantable cardioverter defibulator) or worse, a heart transplant.

The problem is that even with months of contact and payment planning, his medical bills keep piling up. There's no feasible way for him to get health insurance anytime soon, and even with the help of Charity Care services, he still owes $15,000 in medical bills as of right now. What's worse is that the MRI he needs is a $10,000 or more test. The ICD would be around $40,000.

My current full-time job ends at the end of June. Neither of us have had any luck so far in the job market despite our determined efforts, and our apartment lease runs out in 2 months. He and I have had to make some very hard decisions – one being to move back to where our friends and family live, since we are very isolated where we currently reside. He would also be closer to the hospital where his MRI and other tests and/or operations would be done, which would be great if anything should go wrong or if his health takes another nosedive. Unfortunately, if we move, he will have to quit his current job.

We don't have the money to move, but we also don't have the money to stay where we are, and the stress is overwhelming us, which is terrible for his heart. We've had to postpone wedding plans because of these sudden changes, with any money we could have put towards one going into his bills. He's even considered postponing the MRI or any other major operation like the ICD because we can't afford it, especially if we have to move. I don't want him delaying any important medical attention that could save his life because we don't have the money.

I don't want to lose him. He is my life.

So please, if you can donate even $5, it would be very helpful. Any money can help cover his medical bills or moving expenses and/or living expenses while we continue the job search. Both of us are in desperate need of stability. Any help would get us there.

To donate, please go here: go fund me dot com slash 9djvs8. Or you can message me to send donations via . We're desperate for help, and any amount at all would be wonderful. I hate to ask for more aid, but we don't know where else to turn. Thank you.