Chapter 2:

So here is the next chapter….Since I am not really sure about the storyline in Downton Abbey while the Ladies are missing I would be thankful for reviews and maybe ideas!

„Milady forgive me but I simply cannot go on. I am very dizzy and me driving in this condition would be even more dangerous for you than being in a pub with radicalists!"

It was Sybill who spoke first. „Of course Branson how unthoughtful of us to let you drive this far in your condition but thank you for getting us out of trouble!" With these words she came tot he front and started treating the chauffeur. Branson himself could not have wished for anyone better helping him, he felt as if he were in seventh heaven.

„O yes Sybill you are right, I am very sorry about our ingnorance Branson. I hope it hurts not too much. Anyway now there is no point of you driving us in your condition any longe, I wonder how we will get home since there is no way of walking with Mary and Mr. Branson injured.", Cora pointed out looking frightened at Mary who was still unconscious.

„Oh Mama I could drive!", Edith stated, happy that she finally could do something to help.

„YOU?!", Cora exclaimed surprised. „How on earth would you know how to handle a car?"

„Well….I took some driving lessons at Mr. Branson's. And I was quite a good student wasn't I Branson?", Edith finally confessed the secret the chauffeur and she had shared. Branson did not really know what to say, so he just looked guilty and kept his mouth.

„You did what? Without asking neither your father or me for permission?"

„You know Edith I am already injured, I would like to get home alive", Mary groaned finally awakening.

„O nice Mary you are with us again and thanks for your trust!", Edith said but could not help smiling happily about her elder sister finally regaining consciosness.

„MARY, how are you feeling?", Cora and Sybill asekd at the same time.

„If you must know I have felt better these days", Mary grinned her head still leaning at her mother's chest. „My head hurts and I am a bit dizzy! So I would really love being in my bed right now."

„You know Mother, Mary and Mr. Branson could have a slight concussion, so they need to rest as soon as possible", Sybill said. „Maybe Edith should drive home…", she began but Cora interrupted her: „Mr. Branson what is your opinion about Edith's hidden talents? Don't be afraid, I will handle my husband and you won't be thrown out just because of teaching my daughter how to drive. I know how insistent not to say stubborn she can be"

„Milady to be honest she is very quick in understanding and learning. I think she is able to drive us this far." Branson exclaimed and taking the seat on the left side while Sybill returned to sit beside Cora.

„Well then it is settled. Edtih what are you waiting for!", Cora smiled at her daughter proudly.

„Thank you mother, thank you so much", Edith climbed behind the wheel but not before hugging her mother and giving a reassuring smile at Mr. Branson.

„So everybody hang on", Edith shouted as she started the car.

To Cora's surprise her daughter indeed did know how to handle a car but Branson admitted that Edith had never ever driven in the dark and darkness was falling now rapidly. Mary was sleeping again sometimes groaning in her sleep and Sybill also rested her head on her Mother's shoulder.

Despite the situation with Mary and Mr. Branson being injured the the darkness, she could not help the feeling of comfort and happiness when she looked at two of her grown up daughters snuggled against her and the third finally gaining self-confidence by driving a car.

Suddenly something jumped out onto the road and Edith screamed. She lost controll of the car when she tried to avoid a collision. As result of her snatching the wheel the car moved down a steep slope and finally stopped on the grass submontaned.